Keynote symptoms of homeopathy medicine Sepiae Succus, described by A. L. Monroe in his book, Method of Memorizing the Materia Medica, published in 1882….


Sad and dejected, vehement withal,

Eruptions and spots mark the fine yellow skin;

Pregnant, Prolapsed or Parturient the womb;

Indifferent and feeble, Dyspeptic and thin,

Amenorrhea or else Dysmenorrhea,

Early, profuse or else scanty and late;

Stomach and bowels feel weak, empty, gone;

Uterus threatening to gravitate;

Crossing the nose is a saddle quite yellow.

Chronic Catarrh, Hysteria and Gleet;

urine is fetid, deposits light yellow;

Stasis in veins of her troubles the seat.

A.L. Monroe
Dr Andrew Leight MONROE (1856-1935)
American homeopath - Louisville.
Chair of materia medica at Pulte College in Cincinnati.