Keynote symptoms of homeopathy medicine Natrum Muriaticum, described by A. L. Monroe in his book, Method of Memorizing the Materia Medica, published in 1882….


Next to Quinine in fame Chills and Fever to quell,

After Quinine’s abuse often serves us quite well;

The chill will appear at eleven each day,

Raging thirst being present that naught can allay;

Urticaria and headache together will rage,

Made better at last by a long sweating stage;

Menses late and quite scanty, or fail to appear,

Uterus so heavy prolapsus they fear,

Relief oft obtained from this trying condition

In pressure on back and reclining position

“Aversion to bread, of which she once ate”,

Tongue “mapped,” throbbing headache; all well indicate;

In Cholera Infantum with neck very thin;

Chlorosis accompanied by dead, dirty skin;

Urethral pains “cut” after each urination;

Much effort, stool crumbles, is “wores consolation.

A.L. Monroe