Keynote symptoms of homeopathy medicine Calcarea Ostrearum, described by A. L. Monroe in his book, Method of Memorizing the Materia Medica, published in 1882…….


Child fat and fair and large as to head,

Abdomen too is as round as a bowl,

“Like an inverted saucer,” as authors have said,

Calcareous skin, light eyes, hair, and stool,

And sour sweat on head during sleep we will find,

Remembering that fontanelles too as unclosed,

Eyes, Ears, or Lymphatics affected may be,

And during Dentition it is frequently used;

On women its action is prominent quite,

Suppressing the menses of fleshy young girls,

Traced to wet feet, with whites that are white,

Rush of blood to the head, which in vertigo whirls-

Either that or the menses too frequent will be,

Absorbing the strength in the blood that departs-

resulting discharge being so very free-

Until Leucocythaemia new terrors imparts,

Making sad work till Calcarea’s influence starts.

A.L. Monroe
Dr Andrew Leight MONROE (1856-1935)
American homeopath - Louisville.
Chair of materia medica at Pulte College in Cincinnati.