Keynote symptoms of homeopathy medicine Arsenicum Album, described by A. L. Monroe in his book, Method of Memorizing the Materia Medica, published in 1882….


Anxiety, Asthma, Asthenia, All-

restlessness great, fears Death’s cruel call,

Small draughts, oft repeated, the thirst will assuage,

Each symptom at night, more powerful rage.

Neuralgia with pains that unceasingly burn,

Intermittents which, quinia suppressed, still return;

Cold food or bad meat Gastralgia will cause-

Up comes food ingested with scarcely a pause;

Much burning complained of in all parts involved,

And often by warmth are the pains all dissolved.

Long-standing diseases with tissue-destruction,

Brittle, scaly, and dry, is cutaneous eruption,

Used in Diarrhea, with burning tenesmus,

Many nervous diseases, Dropsies, Ulcers, Marasmus.

A.L. Monroe
Dr Andrew Leight MONROE (1856-1935)
American homeopath - Louisville.
Chair of materia medica at Pulte College in Cincinnati.