Sore pain in the left scapula, when at rest. [Gn.]

In the region of the right scapula, an internal drawing sensation, as if the nerves and vessels were stretched. [Hbg.]

165. From the right side of the neck to down over the scapula, severe pain, as if the nerves were forcibly opened out and tugged, or as if bruised. [Hbg.]

A drawing pain, like a violent concraction in the left sternocleidomastoideus muscles, when at rest; on moving and walking it extends towards the back part and goes off entirely (aft. ½ h.). [Stf.]

Stiffness of the left side of the neck, painful on moving. [Hbg.]

Severe drawing, sharp pain in the left cervical muscles, still more severe on movement (aft. 1 h.). [Hbg.]

Painful drawing in the nape, even when at rest; soon afterwards stiffness of the nape, which is painful even without movement, but most so on turning the head. [Hbg.]

170. In the nape, towards the protuberance of the occipital bone, a feeling as if a heavy pressing weight lay across it, as acute when turning the head as when at rest. [Hbg.]

Sensation behind the right scapula, as if the arms were sprained when at rest and when moving. [Hbg.]

A suppurating boil in the glands of the axilla. [KOLPIN, in Hufel, Journ., iii, p. 575. (Critical phenomena in a rheumatic paralysis getting well under colocynth.) ]

Prickling burning pain in the right upper arm, when moving. [Gn.]

Occasional stitches in the arms, here and there (aft. 4 h.). [L. Rkt.]

175. Fine, itching stitch in the bend of the right elbow, when at rest. [Gn.]

Paralytic pain, as if bruised, in the arms, occasionally (aft. 5 d.). [L. Rkt.]

Aching, drawing pain in the shafts of the arm-bones, when at rest, especially under the head of the humerous and above the wrist-joint, where it pains as if in the periosteum on raising the arm.

Tensive pain in the right forearm (aft. 27 h.). [Gn.]

Violent drawing pains in the thumb of the right hand, feeling as if in the tendons, which commenced in the ball and terminated in the tip of the thumb (aft. 5 h.). [Lr.]

180. Spasmodic pain in the right palm, so that he could only open the fingers with difficulty; the pain was more severe when at rest than when moving. [Gn.]

A burning painful point in the right middle finger. [Hbg.]

In the gluteal (Gesichtmuskulen,” in place of “Gesassmuskeln” in original. This mistake is corrected in Chr. Kr.) muscles of the left side, a tickling itching when sitting. [Hbg.]

On the right thigh a drawing tension.

Only when walking, pain in the right thigh, as if the psoas muscle that raises it were too short; on standing it ceased, but on walking it returned (aft. 32 h.). [Gn.]

185. Shooting tearing pain in the right thigh, when standing and sitting (aft. 2 d.). [L. Rkt.]

In the muscles of the thigh tearing stitches when sitting. [L. Rkt.]

Trembling of the feet, as after a severe fright, with rigor for a quarter of an hour (aft. 1 h.). [Fr.H-n.]

(Cold sensation on the knees, which, however, are warm. )

Paralytic pain in the knee when walking, as if the joint were tightly bound.

190. Only when moving, painslike needle-pricks in the left hough, which at length changed into itching pricking. [Gn.]

In the evening a violent itching in the left hough, which compelled him to scratch; after scratching there ensued a smarting sensation (aft. 14 h.). [Lr.]

Tensive pressure on the tibiae, even when sitting. [L. Rkt.]

Itching prick in the right tibia, most severe when at rest (aft. 2.1/2 h.). [Gn.]

Itching prick in the right leg, continuing also when moving. [Gn.]

195. Weakness, chiefly of the legs, as from fatigue.

Pain in the hitherto painless varicose knots of the right leg. [Gn.]

Quivering in the right calf, when at rest, which went off on movement. [Gn.]

In the calves sometimes a tearing pain, when sitting and standing. [L.Rkt.]

200. Itching prick in the right calf, which was not removed by rubbing. [Gn.]

Aching tearing pain in the ankle-joint, when sitting. [L. Rkt.]

Going to sleep of the left foot [Hbg.] – when at rest. [Gn.]

Aching boring prick on the dorsum of the left foot upwards (aft. 4 h.). [Lr.]

205. Tearing pain in the sole of the right foot, most violent when at rest (aft. 35 h.). [Gn.]

Twitching of some muscular parts of the limbs. [J. M. HOFFMANN, l. c.]

All the limbs are drawn together, so that he resembles a hedgehog. [STALPAART, l. c.]

Tearing stitches lengthways on the whole body, on the forehead, temples, back, upper and lower extremitites, side of the abdomen, and chest (aft. 6 h.). [Lr.]

An itch-like eruption. [KOLPIN, l. c.]

210. In the evening in bed a smarting itching here and there on the body, which is removed only momentarily by scratching, and at last develops into a restlessness, during which he must constantly move the limbs, and is unable to get to sleep (aft. 32 h.).

Troublesome itching, in the afternoon and evening, followed by perspiration. [KOLPIN, l. c.]

In the morning, on waking and after rising, a violent itching, as after profuse perspiration all over the body, but especially on the chest and abdomen (aft. 26 h.). [Lr.]

The skin of the whole body desquamates. [SALMUTH, Obs., Cent. iii, Obs. 2. (Poisoning. This desquamation occurred during convalescence.) ]

Forces completely sunk. [HOYER, l. c.]

215. Syncope. [VALENTINI, in Eph. Nat. Cur., Ann. 3, Obs. 78. (Not found.) ]

Syncopes, with coldness of the external parts. [HOFFMANN, l. c.]

Fatal syncope. [HOYER, l. c.]

When walking in the open air weariness of all the limbs, as after a long journey on foot; in the lower extremities he felt as if he had to drag a great weight along with them, and, especially in the right leg, a trembling, so that the perspiration broke out all over his body (aft. 11 h.). [Lr.]

Drowsiness and disinclination for intellectual work. [Gn.]

220. Restless sleep, he tosses from one side to the other (aft. 20 h.). [Hbg.]

Very vivid, anxious dreams.

Extremely vivid that he wakes up with them.

At night sleep disturbed by many dreams (aft. 29 h.). [Lr.]

He dreams much, and of many dreams (aft. 29 h.). [Lr.]

225. When lying on the back lascivious dreams and emission of semen, without erection of the penis. [Gn.]

At night sleep interrupted by voluptuous dreams, without pollution (aft. 20 h.). [Lr.]

Lascivious dreams, with uncontrollable erection of penis, without seminal emission. [Gn.]

Voluptuous dreams and seminal emission (aft. 8 h.). [Hbg.]

In his sleep he lies almost always on his back, with one hand under the occiput, and the other arm laid above the head.

230. When he lies still he feels the beating of his heart and arteris through the whole body. [L. Rkt.]

Slow, but full pulse, from the commencement until the tenth hour. [Hbg.]

Quick, full pulse. [SCHNEIDER, l. c.]

Violent thirst. [HOFFMANN, l. c. – Bresl. Samml., l. c.]

Violent chill (aft. 5 h.). [Fr.H-n.]

235. In the morning, after rising, shivering through the whole body, with cold hands, whilst the face and the rest of the body were hot, without thirst (aft. ½ h.). [Lr.]

(Feeling of icy coldness in the soles of the feet, though they are not cold.)

Coldness of the whole body.

Feeling of warmth rapidly rushing over the whole body, but soon passing off, without thirst (aft. 2 h.). [L. Rkt.]

At night profuse sweat on the head, hands, legs, and feet, of a urinous smell.

240. In the morning, on waking, he found himself perspiring no the legs (aft. 24 h.). [Lr.]

Night-sweat. [Fr.H-n.]

Sensation of heat in the interior of the whole body, and also externally warm to the touch (aft. 10 h.). [Hbg.]

In the morning after rising, warmth of the face, whist the hands and especially the tips of the fingers were cold (aft. ¾ h.). [Lr.]

Febrile heat. [HOFFMANN, l. c.]

245. Palpitation of the heart. [SCHNEIDER, l. c.]

Great anxiety. [HOYER, – and Bresl. Samml, l. c.]

All day long, disinclination to speak. [Lr.]

Dejected, joyless, not inclined to speak. [Gn.]

Discomfort; he wishes and asks for many things. [L. Rkt.]

250. Morose disposition; he takes everything in bad part and does not answer willingly. [L. Rkt.]

Samuel Hahnemann
Samuel Hahnemann