VINCA Medicine

VINCA symptoms of the homeopathy remedy from Plain Talks on Materia Medica with Comparisons by W.I. Pierce. What VINCA can be used for? Indications and personality of VINCA…



      Vinca minor, a creeping evergreen, was first proved for us by Dr. Rosenburg, of Germany, who reported the effects on four people who took from 20 to 60 drops of the tincture.


      Vinca has long been used with success, for eczema of the scalp of infants, with matting of the hair (88), moist, offensive odor and frequently with vermin. There is a good deal of itching, which is especially worse at night.

Passive hyperaemia of the surface tissues of the head and face is noticed and a symptom that should be of value is that the tip of the nose becomes red (145) from the slightest cause, or on becoming angry.

The menstrual flow is excessive in Vinca, especially at or following the climacteric (33) with a passive or continuous flow (138). It is also to be thought of in haemorrhages from fibroid tumors (202). I have used Vinca 1st.

Willard Ide Pierce
Willard Ide Pierce, author of Plain Talks on Materia Medica (1911) and Repertory of Cough, Better and Worse (1907). Dr. Willard Ide Pierce was a Director and Professor of Clinical Medicine at Kent's post-graduate school in Philadelphia.