URANIUM NITRICUM symptoms of the homeopathy remedy from Plain Talks on Materia Medica with Comparisons by W.I. Pierce. What URANIUM NITRICUM can be used for? Indications and personality of URANIUM NITRICUM…



      Uranium nit, was first proved by Dr. Blake, of England, in 1871.

The attention of homoeopaths “was first called to it as a medicine by a statement in the British and foreign Medico- Chirurgical Review for 1871, that “Laconte always found sugar in the urine of dogs poisoned by small doses of nitrate of uranium” (Hughes).


      Uranium nit. presents for us two special points of interest; one in reference to the stomach, the other in reference to glycosuria.

In the stomach we have dyspeptic symptoms, with” intermittent attacks of pain” (Hering); there is vomiting of food, with agonizing burning pain in the stomach (178) and soreness, apparently from an ulcer; and numerous cases of ulcer of the stomach 9181) have been cured with Uranium nit.

There is in Uranium nit, enormous appetite and excessive thirst but in spite of it the patient grows emaciated; along with this there is a greatly increased flow of urine and perhaps tympanitis (13). This is the state of affairs where you would expect to find sugar in the urine and with the above symptoms many cases of diabetes mellitus have been reported as cured by this remedy (56). Hughes considers it as best suited “to those cases of diabetes originating in dyspepsia or assimilative derangement.”

I use Uranium nit, 3rd.

Willard Ide Pierce
Willard Ide Pierce, author of Plain Talks on Materia Medica (1911) and Repertory of Cough, Better and Worse (1907). Dr. Willard Ide Pierce was a Director and Professor of Clinical Medicine at Kent's post-graduate school in Philadelphia.