TRILLIUM symptoms of the homeopathy remedy from Plain Talks on Materia Medica with Comparisons by W.I. Pierce. What TRILLIUM can be used for? Indications and personality of TRILLIUM…



      (Trillium-trilix, triple, the parts of the plant being in threes.)

This little herb has a single flower, usually with three outer green segments and three inner colored segments., each stem surrounded by three broad green leaves.

It has not been proved and is not to be found in Allen’s Encyclop., but in his handbook he speaks of it as Trillium pendulum Ait. Millspaugh takes exception to his name, and says: “On account of its wide range, prolific growth, acridity and evident strength, I deem Trillium erectum, Linn., the common purple Trillium, the proper species for homoeopathic use. In this I am upheld by Dr.T.F.Allen and others of our most thorough botanically educated physicians. I am assured also that our most important pharmacies in the East use this species, under the label T. pendulum; one pharmacy only using T. pendulum, Ait.”.


      Trillium is of value for a haemorrhagic diathesis, with especial reference to women who are subject to too frequent and too profuse menstruation (135), and the blood, whether from the nose (142), kidneys (85), rectum or uterus is generally dark and clotted, although hering speaks of it to the contrary, as “usually bright-red.”

It is of value in uterine haemorrhage, passive, or in gushes (137) on the least movement (134), with a sensation as though the hips and back were falling to pieces and relief from tight, bandages;’ for threatened abortion (13) and post-partum haemorrhage’ and for haemorrhages due to fibroid tumors (202).

i use Trillium 6th.

Willard Ide Pierce
Willard Ide Pierce, author of Plain Talks on Materia Medica (1911) and Repertory of Cough, Better and Worse (1907). Dr. Willard Ide Pierce was a Director and Professor of Clinical Medicine at Kent's post-graduate school in Philadelphia.