THLASPI BURSA PASTORIS symptoms of the homeopathy remedy from Plain Talks on Materia Medica with Comparisons by W.I. Pierce. What THLASPI BURSA PASTORIS can be used for? Indications and personality of THLASPI BURSA PASTORIS…



      (Thlaspi, a kind of cress; bursa, a purse).

Thlaspi will be found under this heading in most of our materia medical, but is called Nurse-pastoris by Millspaugh, who says: “I use the specific name, which should always distinguish this plant in medicine, to avoid confusion in synonyms. this plant was formerly classed with the genus Thlaspi, from which it was removed on account of its wingless valves.”

This weed, which has never had a thorough proving, has, in consequence of our lack of knowledge concerning it, been praised and condemned in haemorrhages.


      We can think of it for profuse passive haemorrhages from all parts of the body, the blood being dark and clotted. This will include as prominent conditions, epistaxis (142), haematuria (85), especially from gravel (123), and haemorrhage from the uterus, either due to menstruation or after confinement (152).

The menstrual flow is too profuse, dark and clotted (136) and may be fetid (137), and is preceded and followed by Leucorrhoea (136).

I have used Thlaspi only in the tincture.

Willard Ide Pierce
Willard Ide Pierce, author of Plain Talks on Materia Medica (1911) and Repertory of Cough, Better and Worse (1907). Dr. Willard Ide Pierce was a Director and Professor of Clinical Medicine at Kent's post-graduate school in Philadelphia.