PALLADIUM symptoms of the homeopathy remedy from Plain Talks on Materia Medica with Comparisons by W.I. Pierce. What PALLADIUM can be used for? Indications and personality of PALLADIUM…


      While first proved by Hering in 1850, and with quite an extensive pathogenesis, this metal has received but scant attention.


      It seems to be a remedy especially adapted to women. It is similar, in some respects, to Plat and mentally, while it has much less self-esteem, it has the same desire to “shine” in society and to be thought well of.

The headaches of the remedy are across the top of the head and extend from one ear to the other (105), with a sensation as if the head were being swung to and fro, from behind forward, shaking the brain (91).

The r. ovary is especially affected in Palladium (147), and it is useful in ovarian neuralgia (147), with shooting pains down the r. thigh and relieved by lying down, and associated with painful micturition and sensation as if the uterus were prolapsed (203). There is soreness and induration of the r. ovary (147), with shooting pains up to breast or down to pelvis on the r. side.

In uterine displacements we have constants pains in the back and hips and cold extremities.

The leucorrhoea, which is transparent and jelly-like, is worse before and following the menses (126).

I have used Palladium 3rd.

Willard Ide Pierce
Willard Ide Pierce, author of Plain Talks on Materia Medica (1911) and Repertory of Cough, Better and Worse (1907). Dr. Willard Ide Pierce was a Director and Professor of Clinical Medicine at Kent's post-graduate school in Philadelphia.