SULPHUR homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of SULPHUR…


      Extremely red orifices, especially lips, as if painted, excoriated by acrid secretions, sore.


      Empty, gone, faint, hungry sense at pit of stomach around 11 a.m. Offensive odor of body despite frequent washing. Aversion to bathing, it aggravation. Burning heat on top of head, of palms, and especially of soles at night in bed, must put feet out of bed to cool them off. Easily angered, fault finding, irritable, restless and quarrelsome. Is aggravation: bathing and has a positive dislike for it; night; in bed; near hot fire; and especially standing. Is amelioration moving affected part; walking; must sit. Fluids all burn parts over which they pass.



      Anxiety, from pressure on chest; rags seem beautiful and fine as silk; foolish happiness and pride; indifference to personal appearance and to others; restless, amelioration sweat; expressions and words heard recur persistently to one’s mind; inclines to weep at 11 a.m. (L): Anxiety, night on waking; ailments from embarrassment; indifferent to external things; indolence, evening; restless before menses. Hates to either work or be washed. Selfish; absence of gratitude. Always theorizing; the ragged or false philosopher; the inventive genius.


      Walking on an elevation. Dares not stoop or look down.


      Congestion to Head while lying on back; itching of occiput morning; movements of Head on nodding it; hammering pain from vivacious talking with nervous pain on nodding Head; pain from shopping; pressing pain as from a light hat, in occiput at night, and on vertex, must draw eyes together and wrinkled forehead; tearing pain as with a saw; as though brain was striking against skull on nodding Head. (L): Eruption on margin of hair posteriorly; pain in Winter, or, in forehead at noon, amelioration cold applications. Sense of heat on top of Head feet cold; if heat on top of Head alone, think of Calcarea or Phosphorus Brain remains clear in fevers. Sunday Head aches of workmen. Tendency to hydrocephalus in children, stupor, suppressed urine and diarrhoea. Severe itching o forehead.


      Cortical cataract of left Eye; dry morning after lachrymation; granular lids aggravation water; inflamed, aggravation washing; itch forenoon; dryness of lids with pain aggravation bathing; pain as from a foreign body morning and evening; vision of light as if in a rainbow circle, or, dazzling when looking long, or, dim 11 a.m. (L): Lids bleed and itch during day; burning pain in edges of lids, lids red, a.m.; styes recur, like Puls; foggy vision p.m. Tendency of cold to settle in Eyes. With all the eye troubles there are photophobia, aggravation at night, sharp stinging pains like splinters of glass.


      Sour odor of discharge; discharge every 7th day; ringing during dinner; pain, to head; tearing pain aggravation noise; stopped while eating. (L): Noises evening in bed; roaring evening, on lying; hearing impaired, aggravation eating. Red, even when body is normal in color, often a forerunner of ears ache and erysipelas. Splashing as of water.


      Dry, forenoon and in open air, also at 3 p.m., with epistaxis; itches after menses; lipoma; pain in bones during day; smell acute to stool. (L): Freckles; smell acute to unpleasant odors; sneezing p.m. Takes cold after every bath.


      Comedones on forehead; eczema at margins of hair, or, painful evening on chin; flashes of heat with shivering; pain aggravation tea (L): Lips red; painful eruption on chin; itching of chin. Blotched red, at times spotted. Neuralgia at night, or at midnight. Upper lip swells.


      Stitching pain in tongue, during motion; sweet saliva at night; saliva nauseates. Mouth dry, thirst, reverse Pulsatilla Taste sourish, like vinegar, or, bitter though food tastes good.


      Pain in open air and after washing in cold water, or, from least draft.


      As of a hair, afternoon. The purplish color in tonsillar troubles is especially a sulphur color. Burning, upward in throat, with sour eructations.


      Eructations from pressing on Stomach, or, of food a.m.; as if hanging down relaxed; heartburn before menses; as of a lump in stomach while lying on back; nausea from odor of one’s own body; trembling of stomach at noon. (L): Appetite increased at 11 a.m., or, vanishes at sight of food, or, wanting at sight of food, with thirst; desires raw food; empty, weak gone, faint, hungry sense 11 morning, before dinner. Craves sweets which disagree. Child grasps everything and thrusts it in its mouth. Eats little, drink much, reverse of Bryonia Very thirsty, always drinking, though one loathes food. Takes only th simplest and lightest things though one gets faint and hungry around 11 a.m., cannot wait for noon lunch. Dyspepsia, especially from milk. Child clutches at food as if starving to death. After eating pressure in stomach, abdomen feels full and breathing oppressed. Nausea every a.m.


      Fullness at sight of food; itching after dinner; pain after every draft of air; pain during menses amelioration exercise, or, at navel region at 4 p.m.; cramping pain in inguinal region on rubbing; sore pain in forenoon on every step; stitching pain in spleen while lying; rumbling at night before stool. (L): Itching at night; pain in navel region afternoon and evening; cutting pain during diarrhoeic stool; dragging, bearing down pain at night in bed; tension in navel region. Sore, aching along transverse colon, aggravation bending forward. Flatus accumulates in sigmoid flexure; Lycopodium and Momordica, in splenoid flexure. Inguinal hernia, crushing, bruising pain.


      Formication of anus on sitting; involuntary stool on laughing;itching during day, also after discharge of moisture, and of perineum during stool. (L): Diarrhoea a.m.; driving one out of bed; urging on waking, 5 a.m.; during after beer, or, from suppressed eruptions, and aggravation standing; flatus p.m. and night; piles aggravation night and from beer; voluptuous itching burning aggravation scratching; anus red. Excoriation about anus, moist about genitals. Odor of stool follows one around as if one had soiled oneself. Urging to stool drives one out of bed, especially 5 a.m. Said to prevent cholera when placed in stockings. When Mercurius fails in dysentery; or, when Aloes has been used as a purgative.


      Tough. Mucus, threadlike streaks of blood.


      Painful shoots with coldness in urethra. (L): Paralytic weakness of bladder, urging a.m., on rising; emissions of prostatic fluid after stool or urination; burning pain in urethra after coition, or. during emissions, at meatus; stitching pain in anterior part of urethra; urine copious after midnight, and at night with threadlike streaks of blood; forcible urging, sudden imperative and if not attended to passes involuntarily. When every cold settles in bladder, and Dulcamara apparently indicated fails to hold. Chronic nephritis.


      Hair falls from male Genitalia, from offensive sweat; scrotum relaxed, evening, in bed; seminal discharge before intermission; menses odor of semen; bearing down pain in uterus, night in bed. (L): Offensive sweat on male genitalia; seminal discharge painful. Abortion where Apis, Belladonna and Sabin. fail to hold. Sepia and Sulph. are suitable to the most violent cases of dysmenorrhoea in girls. Always study Sulph. closely in suppression of lochia in preference to any other drug, for it fits just such states, it goes to the very root of it; if there is continuous intermingling of little chilliness and little quiverings throughout the body and the pulse an temperature have lost their relationship, it is here that Pyrog. comes in and must be administered; or, if there is a purple appearance of the body, a cold sweat all over, remittent or intermittent chills, with thirst during chill and at no other time, you must give Ferrum; or, if one side of the body is hot, the other cold, tearful, trembling with fear, nervous excitement and restless, give Pulsatilla Has not been well since miscarriage.


      Cold inspiration, hot expiration. Dry, rough, scrapy soreness in Larynx and trachea and posterior nares, but especially around epiglottis, like Hydrast. Aphonia, the more chronic, the more Sulph.


      Catching breathing with the stitches in piles; difficult breathing on bending arm back and on turning to left side, amelioration sitting up; impeded breathing with thrusts in left side toward heart. (L): Difficult breathing, p.m. Whenever a cold ends in asthma, and Dulcamara apparently indicated fails to clear it up, give Sulph.; Calcarea bears a similar relationship in some cases.


      P.m., before menses, amelioration sitting up in bed. (L): Dry at night, loose during, aggravation waking from sleep, before sleep, and disturbing sleep. Said to kill whooping Cough, if burned in house.


      Mucus, p.m.


      Anxiety while lying on back; constriction from bringing arms together in front; cramp in warm room; moist itching eruption on nipples; flushes of heat, to face; oppression after bending arm back; palpitation from first movement of child. (L): Fullness before menses; itching in axilla; pain in heart, to left scapula; palpitation aggravation motion o arms; sweat has odor of garlic; weak from loud talking. Early stages of phthisis only. Follows and antidotes Arsenicum in desperate cases of pneumonia, unless there is violent thirst for ice cold water, then think of Phosphorus Valuable in the later stages of pneumonia when the inflammatory stage fails to resolve, the lung continues dull, the cough dry, the patient begins to have fever at night, hands, feet and head hot, a few doses of Sulph. will generally cause the cough to loosen and the hepatization to resolve. Follows Bryonia well in hydrothorax. Pungent odor in axilla. Useful after Bryonia in pneumonia, if symptoms agree; and in later stages when inflammatory process fails to resolve, lung continues dull, cough dry, begins to have fever at night, feet, hands and head hot, or, after attack cough lingers, chilly, has never felt well since attack.


      Coldness in sacral region, upward; heat rash in cervical region, nights in bed; aching in lumbar region on sneezing, amelioration walking bent; dragging pain in groin and testes, aggravation walking or rising from a seat; stiffness in cervical region on coughing. (L): Pain in left side on stooping; pain in sacrum, to groin during menses. Lumbar region stiff, sudden loss of power on attempting to move. Spine weak, walks stooped. Pain in or above sacrum; pain drawing.


      Cold sense in feet, though warm to touch; epileptic convulsions starting from upper limbs; cramp in calf from dancing or stepping, also in soles at night during cholera; periodical vesicles on upper limbs every 4 to 6 weeks; red pustules on hand evening; erysipelatous inflammation of lower limbs; sweat on hands after stool. (L): Corns pain; soles cramp at night; herpes on knees; restless feet after beer; ulcers on feet from blisters. Sailors, who are very prone to rheumatism, are remarkably free when ship’s cargo consists of sulphur. Emaciated, abdomen distended. Thick red chilblain on fingers, itch severely in heat. Hang nails and paronychia on fingers. Dry heat in thighs and sacrum, back cold. Cramp in sole at every step. toes itch as if frozen, like Agaricus and Pulsatilla corns ache as from tight shoes frequent violent shooting in corns.


      Dreams that one would be crushed, or that fire comes down from heaven; sleepy after sitting a work; sleepless 1 to 2 a.m. (L): Nightmare, lying on back; unpleasant dreams; sleepless after 4 and 5 a.m., Sleep unrefreshing; wakes 5 morning with urging to stool, or, from dreams, or, frequent waking, after midnight. Sleep in catnaps, and when aroused is wide awake and cannot go to sleep again. Is like Nux. in the sleep, but does not sleep into an aggravation in the second sleep, as does Nux. If sleepless Sulph. may be given at night; but if one sleep well Sulph. is best given in the a.m. as it may disturb sleep if given at night; Nux at night, Sulph a.m. when there is a complimentary action desired.


      10 a.m., to 5 p.m. (L): Predominating at noon. Thirst before chill; can only drink before chill and in apyrexia: Cimex. Frequent internal chilliness, without subsequent heat or thirst. Chilly in back; or constant creeps from sacrum up back. Genitals icy cold.


      (L): At night, chilly; puerperal fever from suppressed lochia. Surgical fever, flushes of heat and steaming sweat. Workers in sulphur mines are said to be remarkably free from malaria. Palms and soles burn. Orgasms of blood.


      Copious a.m., on waking; at night, sleepless. Scanty, or only partial, then offensive, sour or musty. On least motion or manual labor; on least exertion or mental efforts: Sepia Copious when walking.


      Itching patches, bleed when scratching; rash, Skin excoriated; prickling while walking in open air, or when warm in bed. (L): Eruption bleeds when scratching, crusty, fetid, discharge corrosive, suppressed itch, vesicles ulcerate; spots itch voluptuously; pain in spots, after scratching; rough, dry, pimply, harsh. often can only wear silk or cotton next to skin. Abscesses that open slowly. In old cases of syphilis when psora is uppermost; when the syphilitic state is uppermost give Mercurius Called for in suppression of eruption, or to develop them; Bryonia if to develop eruptive fevers. Measles that come out with a purplish color are said to need Sulph.; Pulsatilla and Sulph., with an occasional Aconite or Euphr., will about cover all cases of measles. The Sulph. erysipelas comes slowly, while that of Apis, Arsenicum, and Rhus comes rapidly; Apis and Arsenicum burn like fire, while Rhus has blisters on the erysipelatous patches. All the abscesses, boils, pimples, pustules, vesicles and other eruptions burn and sting. Had been used as a most powerful specific against itch; is a potent antiseptic and one of the most certain destroyers of the acarus of the itch; it is better however to use other means for this purpose; oil of lavender being recommended.


      Aggravation touching warm things. (L): Aggravation 11 morning; chorea from suppressed eruptions; weak afternoon, Bryonia, forenoon. Burning like fire in affected parts, aggravation drinking. Desires an even temperature; often one’s complaints come on from heat of bed. Midday complaints. Takes cold from every bath; dreads bathing. A general broad antidote, like Nux. Redness of orifices often with soreness and burning. DIseases alternating with some form of skin trouble, with disagreeable odor, aggravation bathing and with an aversion to it. Always red and dirty looking. Walks stoop shouldered. Discharges fetid, excoriate parts over which they pass and burn. Complaints that come especially once a week. Should not be given before Lycopodium The mainstay in the treatment of the negro. Powder dusted on open cancer said to kill the cells; or when carried about the person or worm in the stockings said to prevent cholera; or when burned in camps said to prevent both smallpox and cholera. The fumes from a sulphur factory are said to prevent consumption. Supposed to arouse reaction of the systemic powers when what was supposed to be the carefully selected drug, but unfortunately not indicated, failed to act or to hold, especially in acute diseases; Psorinum in chronic diseases. In personal particularliness Sulph. is th opposite of Arsenicum Silicea and Sulph. high are dangerous drugs to give when there is structural disease in organs that are vital. Especially useful if there is a paucity of symptoms to prescribe on in any disease. Those who work in Pennsylvania coal mines are said to often need Sulph.; high are dangerous drugs to give when there is structural disease in organs that are vital. Especially useful if there is a paucity of symptoms to prescribe on in any disease. Those who work in Pennsylvania coal mines are said to often need Sulph.; while those who grind kaolin are said to need Calcarea or Silicea The generals always rule the particulars; but the direct primary pathogenesis that alone touches the constitution of both patient and his disease overrules them all, and must be reckoned with if a radical cure is to be obtained. Go to Sulph. at once in septic states; it may not always be the right drug at the time, but it will simplify the case and not spoil it. Selenium is aggravation tea; Sulph., coffee. Is the chronic of Aconite, Nux and Pulsatilla

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.