SILICA homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of SILICA…


      Offensive axillae and especially feet, with or without sweat, sweat makes feet sore, even raw, on walking, great irritability of mind and body, like Nux vomica, constantly restless.


      Dread; embarrassed. Yielding, like Pulsatilla, but irritable and irascible when aroused. Peevish. Sensitive and anxious, especially from noise; marked susceptibility, aggravation touch. Child obstinate, self-willed, headstrong, cries when spoken to. Excited; nervous. Head sweats, body dry, reverse of Rhus. Intense photophobia in all eye complaints. Thirst. Desire cold things. Abdomen hard, tense; large of child. Chilly. Sweat offensive, like Pet. Weak, desire to lie down. Discharge from mucus membranes apt to be thick and curdy. Aggravation: change of weather to damp, especially cold; extremes of heat and cold; motion (pain); night; cold; after a bath; lying on painful side. Amelioration warm wraps.



      Confused, aggravation conversation; prostrated after writing; remorse about trifles; unconscious after taking cold. (L): Anxiety from noise. Yield faint hearted, weak, nervous, give up, reverse of Pic-ac., mental and physical grit gone; professional speakers who, from an imaginary fear, dread to appear in public, here Lycopodium is similar and has a real knowledge of real inability; dread of failure, like Anacardium and Lycopodium, as in final examinations, yet goes through with them all right. Sluggishness contra indicates Silicea Chronic effects of fright and nervous shock, like Ph-ac. Mild, gentle, tearful women, like Pulsatilla Not suitable to the irritability and exhaustion of business men, but to that of professional speakers and brain workers.


      Comes up back. From nape of neck, aggravation looking up, like Phosphorus and Pulsatilla As of living things whirling about in head.


      Eruption of scales, aggravation winter; chilly with pain; waves of pain, occiput to forehead; pain, occipital protuberance aggravation pressure of hat and heat; bursting pain in vertex during day, amelioration binding head up; pains cut, dart, stab, before a storm. (L): Eruption, moist, occiput, pustules; nodes; pain from draught of air amelioration closing eyes, feet cold; pain after carriage ride or false step. Forehead cold, warms if lightly covered. Large, of child, fontanelles open, copious sweat over head and face, sour odor, in first sleep, averse to mother’s milk, vomits it, face pale, abdomen swollen, hot. Disproportionately large to rest of body. Ache: all the aches are amelioration warm wraps and are usually occipital; occiput to over eyes, Sanguinaria right, Spigelia left side; amelioration wrapping up warmly, like Mag-m., indoors and rest, Mag-m. amelioration indoors and exercise; amelioration copious urination, like Gelsemium; very sensitive to cold and to external impressions, especially noise which makes one anxious, like Borax, and to light, like Belladonna, flickering before vision; from nervous exhaustion; small lumps or nodes on scalp, like Still.; while pressing at stool. Takes cold readily from exposure of head or feet. Resounding concussion in brain on treading strongly or knocking foot against anything. Painful parts sweat profusely, wants them well wrapped up. Eruption, occiput, offensive, ulcerates, scabs, like Hepar Sweat only on, runs down face, reverse of Rhus. Neuralgia over eyes, amelioration pressure and heat, copious sweat on head, cold and clammy on forehead.


      Cataract after suppressed footsweat; boils; corneal fistula; cornea opaque after smallpox; vision dim after headache or suppressed footsweat. (L): Stricture, lachrymal duct. Symptoms alternate eyes to eyes, like Lac-c. Vision: motes, persistent specks before left side, Sulphur right, Macrot. a.m. Intense photophobia in all eye complaints. Caries, orbit Inflamed lachrymal sac, region of swells also gland. Fistula. Tumor, lid. Cornea: ulcerates; cicatrix. Cataract, senile, from suppressed footsweat, ciliary neuralgia. Letters run together, appear pale. Boils around, and on lids. Amaurosis after diphtheria. Affects angles, Graphites outer, Zincum met. inner.


      Bores finger in, during sleep; roaring in, feet cold; pain in, on rising from a seat after sitting long; stop, open with loud report; hearing impaired from changing clothes, amelioration coughing. (L): Discharge cheesy; tearing pain behind. Discharge curdy, ichorous. Sensitive to loud sound. Inflame: acute, chronic, middle, especially chronic suppuration; after a bath; leaves deafness; hissing. Caries, mastoid, like Aurum and Caps. Scabs behind, crusts form on. As of a sudden stoppage, amelioration gaping or swallowing, hearing returns with a snap. Parotids indurate with ears trouble.


      Dry coryza a.m., fluent during day; dry after suppressed footsweat; rays-like pain to brain; ulcers pain. (L): Discharge dry, hard, a.m.; dry sense; pus obstructs; pains gnaw. Catarrh: offensive pus or bloody discharge, especially involves Eustachian tubes; syphilitic, phagedenic, like Arsenicum, Hepar and Merc-c. which are the principal remedies. Hay fever. Loss of smell, like Pulsatilla Tetter, Calcarea failing. Bloody discharge of infants, like Calcarea Little crusts like epithelioma form on wings, when pinched off leave raw surface, do not tend to head.


      Abscess, antrum; pain on exposure to cold, amelioration heat of stove; glands of jaw hard, pain, swell. Lips: pimples and vesicles on red edges; tumor; rough, crack, peel. Anaemic, silky, tired, waxy. Submaxillaries swell, pain on touch. Sweat only on, on exertion, reverse of Rhus. Neuralgia amelioration warm room and hot drinks. Jaw necrosed. Sore painful spots below septum of nose, stick on touch. Fissure, angle of mouth, indurates.


      As of a hair, anterior part of tongue; pain in tongue amelioration heat; taste bloody a.m.; tumor in place of bicuspid. (L): Gum boil; as of a hair on tongue; gums suppurate, vesicles form. Gums: swell, pain, sensitive to cold water; inflame. Taste: lost; rancid; oily; acid of anything taken. Tongue inflamed, gouty, fills whole mouth, threatens abscess, pains tear, rend, aggravation night, amelioration heat. Dry.


      Pain after suppressed footsweat. All the aches amelioration warm room and hot drinks. Yellow. Break down, lose their enamel. Roots abscess, like Hepar and Mercurius, gums and face hot. Dentition difficult, gums sensitive, blister, grasps gums often, child scrofulous, copious saliva, worms, head hot, stool recedes, copious sour smelling sweat, large head, gums protrude.


      Recurrent fibroid tumor on sides. (L): Inflamed pharynx, chronic. Tonsils: like Baryta carb., Lachesis and Psorinum, breaks up tendency to inflame and quinsy; inflame, suppurate, refuse to heal; pus continues to flow, it gets thinner and less laudable, darker and more fetid, especially in rachitic children. As of a hair or pin, or as if one swallowed over a sore spot. Inveterate sore throat, competes with Natr -m.


      Appetite increased, or vanishes on attempting to eat, reverse of Lycopodium; loud and uncontrollable eructations with chilliness; pylorus indurated; loathes food on attempting to eat; nausea after vaccination. (L): Averse to mother’s milk, vomits it. Appetite: averse to warm food, like Graphites, Phosphorus and Pulsatilla, to fat food, to mother’s milk, cannot digest it, vomits and diarrhoea whenever taking it, here Silicea is the chronic of Aethusa; desires cold things like ice cream, ice water, etc., which makes the stomach more comfortable, prefers cold sliced ham; hot fluids cause sweat on face and head and hot flushes. Vomit sour, sour curds appear in stool, like Natr-c. Retches on attempt to expectorate. Dyspepsia, chronic, chronic vomiting, especially averse to hot food and meat, cannot take milk.


      Surface cracks; camp in hypochondria, across back; sore bruised pain in sides below floating ribs from straining at stool. (L): Foetal movement pains; stitching pain in hypochondria. Tense, hard, like Baryta carb. and Calcarea, hot, distended. Emaciation, except abdomen, big bellied child, limbs shrink, eyes sink, face pinched, old looking and restricted growth, like Baryta carb. amelioration heat. Growls, grumbles, like Lycopodium Liver: abscess, indurates, ulcerative pain.


      Constipation, ineffectual urging p.m.; diarrhoea amelioration wrapping up warmly; as of a lump in, during menses. (L): Diarrhoea of emaciated people, amelioration warm bed; piles suppurate, ulcerate; tension. Diarrhoea: from milk, like Aethusa and Natr-c.; cadaverous stool, aggravation cold air, offensive cold sweat on head becoming warm when lightly covered, offensive sweat on feet making them sore. Constipation: sphincter ani irritable; especially if stool slips back when partially expelled, like Sanicula; constant ineffectual desire, like Nux vomica, or frequent but only mucus passes; stool dry, constriction during, burns after, it remains long in rectum, chilly; before and during menses. Chronic diarrhoea of soldiers, like Natr-m. and Natr-s. Moisture, like Ant-c. which is yellow. Piles sensitive, intense pain, spasms of sphincter, constriction during stool. Fissure and fistula ani. Tapeworm.


      Sour curds after milk, like Natr-c.


      Prostate gland suppurates; sediment yellow sand, Lycopodium red, Sarsaparilla white. Prostate: discharge at stool; inflamed, suppurates, thick fetid pus from urethra. Albuminuria and diabetes with above IDENTIFICATION. Eneuresis, night, especially from worms, like Cina. Gonorrhoea, chronic, discharge thick, purulent, fetid.


      Spots moist, itch, on male and scrotum; male desire increased in paralytic diseases; ovaries feel enlarged before menses; lochia or metrorrhagia when child nurses, sharp pain in uterus. (L): Uterus pains on nursing child, also afterpains; cyst in vagina. Sore bruised pain all over after emission. Menses: flow when child nurses, Calcarea during lactation but not when child nurses; copious, like Calcarea Vagina: cyst, no other symptoms, like Rhododendron, like hickory nuts ground together. Strong erections night. Leucorrhoea: pain smarts; chronic, purulent; acrid, excoriates, or milky discharge, paroxysmal; gushes. Elephantiasis scrotum. Abscess, labial, tends to fistulous opening. Hydrocele: men, and scrofulous child. Coition exhausts, like Agaricus Copious sweat. Hydro-pyosalpynx, copious watery discharge from womb.


      Roughness of air passages while walking in open air; voice husky a.m. (L): Rawness a.m. As of a hair in, or trachea.


      Asthmatic breathing from taking cold while heated, aggravation draught of air, or catching cold during fever. (L): Catching breathing. Asthma: old sycotics or their children, competes with Natr-s., pale, waxy, anaemic, great prostration and thirst; when colds settle in chest.


      Dry, from cold drinks, irritation; laryngeal a.m.; on uncovering feet or head. On taking cold, tickles, from cold drinks or speaking, aggravation night on lying down, may end in vomiting of mucus, retching dreadful. Sickly child, night sweat. Bronchorrhoea, aged, offensive sputa.


      Granular, offensive. Purulent; offensive; thick, lumpy; yellow; greasy taste; that which sinks to bottom of vessel has an offensive odor, makes water turbid; when thrown into water, falls to bottom of vessel and spreads like a heavy sediment.


      Old cicatrices of breast suppurate; constricted after suppressed foot sweat; left breast indurates; nodule in right breast; sharp cutting in breast while nursing; phthisis pulmonalis, stone cutters. (L): Eye and Chest symptoms alternate; fistulous opening, breast, and cicatrices which swell; breast pains while child nurses. Pains, sore, weak, amelioration inhaling moist warm air. Breast: abscess, will abort if given in time, do not resort to anodynes or hot poultices as they will cause one to fail with the remedy, and often increase the amount of pus; nipple retracts like a funnel, like Sarsaparilla; right hard, pains, swells at nipple, gathering sense; scirrhus of left, pains sharp. sting, indurates, follows Conium well. Phthisis: dangerous especially if given high in late stage; competes with Natr-s. in old sycotics or their children; suppurative stage, muco-purulent expectoration, thick, yellow, green, fetid, greater coldness than Calcarea As of a tape tied around, or a stone under sternum, or a pressive pain on Chest. Aches, sore from long dry cough. Heart action irregular, nervous exhaustion, irritable spine. Pneumonia: valuable in late stage, and old chronic complaints after; slow recovery. Rattling, like Ant-t., flushes to face day and night, like Lycopodium and Sulph.


      Old cervical cicatrices; caries lumbar vertebrae; sacral scab; coccyx pains as after a long carriage ride; stitch pain in coccyx pains on rising from a seat and on pressure; tearing pain below scapulae on walking. (L): Bifida; cervical region cold, also eruption of painful pustules; pain on nursing child; pain in cervical region, to head and eyes; coccyx lame on rising from a seat. Spine: Pott’s disease, extremely valuable, curves, abscess, emaciates, night sweat; irritable; bones diseased; nervous effects from injury to spine, like Hyperic., epilepsy, chronic neuritis, etc., especially when pressure on sacrum causes pain in remote parts, especially head; sclerosis posterior sacrum. Neck stiff, headache.


      Caries bones, upper, etc.; drawn up to abdomen in necrosis of femur; scabs on toes; hypertrophy of tibia; muscles of forearm indurated; injury of nail from splinters of glass; milk leg, contraction; after pain in hip; foot sweat, pain burns; sore bruised pain after coition; sour foot sweat; feet tingle voluptuously. (L): Abscess of thigh and knee; bunion; caries lower; nails corrugate; skin cracks between toes; white spots on finger nail; felon, caries of bone, periosteum and tendons affected; ingrowing toe nail, ulcerates; finger nail rough, yellow crumples. Cramp in sole. Finger: numb; felon, oft aborts, like Fl-ac., but Silicea is amelioration heat; tips as if made of paper, only Silicea has that, afternoon; as of a splinter; as if ulcerating; nail as if decayed, or white spots; stimulates growth of nail. Sweat; offensive, especially feet, Pet. especially axilla; copious, on toes which become sore on walking, and on hands, Joints: knoblike appearance, especially knee. Feet. true bunion from mechanical pressure, superior to Rhododendron; never well since suppression of foot sweat; left swells to ankle; tearing in heel; painful cramp in right sole and especially in big toe; rheumatism, cannot walk, like Ant-c., Medorrhinum and Ruta. Nails: ingrowing toe, failing look to Graphites and especially Mag-p-aust.; crippled, like Graphites inflame around and under; as if decayed. Toes, corns, violent stitches. Tend to strain from overlifting. Knees: pain as if tightly bound; enlarged bursa over patella; gonacacae, pain stings, lancinates, doughy swelling, fistulous opening, edge hard, greenish yellow pus discharge.


      Sleepless from pulsations, especially in abdomen. (L): Dreams: of previous or long past events, from orgasms of blood. Walks in sleep at new or full moon. Dreams: of one’s youth; anxious of being choked; violent weeping.


      Frequent, 1 to 7 morning; during headache; icy cold during menses. (L): Lasts all day. On exertion or motion. Feet to knees icy cold, even in warm room or evening in bed preventing sleep, and during menses.


      All night, like Cina, thirst, catchy breathing. Violent, in head, face dark red, Eup. mahogany red. Afternoon, head hot. Fever: hectic, night sweat, especially after long suppuration; intermittent; child; obstinate, cries on touch or if spoken to Silicea Constipation which when present is diagnostic scrofulous, bloated abdomen, diarrhoea, copious sweat on head nights.


      General at night, like China, offensive odor. Requires great exertion to get up a general sweat. Usually only on head, reverse of Rhus, or upper part of body, or on face, or runs down feet. Begins as soon as one falls asleep, like Conium Offensive of feet, they become sore on walking, like Graphites Effects of sudden suppression of habitual foot-sweat. Painful parts Sweat copiously, must have them covered.


      Stitches in cicatrices; cold before epilepsy or menses, and on one side of body during convulsions. (L): Cicatrices become painful and sore; spots; moist, sting; ulcerative pain in eruption; itches, tickles. Effects of vaccination. Eruption:prevents boils like Arnica; variola like, pain in forehead, occiput, sternum and spine, becomes suppurating ulcer; papular, on forehead; eczema, offensive oozing; often amelioration pain after herpes zoster. Ulcer: amelioration heat, like Arsenicum, aggravation cold applications, pus thin, offensive, may contain blood or particles like old cheese; old ulcers healing with induration; reopens old ulcers and heals it up with a normal cicatrix; about nail, Sepia about joint; corrosive, on heel, itches; on toe, itches, suppurates; on and about leg, sticks, burns. Suppurates out old wens and indurated tumors; matures abscesses, reduces excessive suppuration and resolves the indurations left after the suppuration; comes in later than Calc- s. and Hepar Abscesses that leave sinuses and fistulae. Recurrent cheloid. Small wounds difficult to heal, suppurate easily. Fistulous opening, edges indurate.


      Convulsions: after vaccination; epileptic, one side of body cold. (L): Feet becoming cold aggravation; as of a hair; aggravation a carriage ride. Ebullitions of blood, aggravation wine. Emaciation, except abdomen. Weak, desire to lie down, dreads any kind of exertion, yet all right when warmed up to it; weak puny child from lack of assimilation. Rickets: child, body tender, sweat only on head, scrofulous, head large, fontanelles open, large belly, weak ankles, slow learning to walk, must be kept warmly covered; loss of power, like paralysis. Epilepsy: convulsions from solar plexus, aggravation full and new moon, or any strain of mind, or emotion; from vaccination. As if divided into halves and left did not belong to one. Strain from overlifting. Glands: become hard, enlarge especially about neck, cervical, salivary and especially parotids; swell, tend to suppurate. Bad effects of foreign bodies, as needles, splinters, etc. entering flesh. Bones: diseased, like Fl-ac.; caries especially of long, pains stab; of child, become soft, even necrose, periosteum inflames; break down, form fistulous openings. Stone cutters complaints, total loss of strength. Promotes expulsion of foreign bodies, as fish bone, needle, and bone splinter. Blood tumor of infant. Valuable for affections of cartilages, like Argentum, and growths about joint, about finer and toe. A dose of Sulph. is said to make Silicea act better. Sluggishness contra indicates Silicea Silicea does its best work in a single dose. While Silicea and Mercurius are inimical, a high dose of Silicea will antidote crude Mercurius Think twice before disturbing a foreign body that has become embedded in the tissues, it may be dangerous. Nervous irritable persons, dry skin, profuse saliva, diarrhoea, night sweat. Aggravation: motion; change of weather to damp; night; open air; wet; lying on painful side; wine; pressure; loss of animal fluids; extremes of heat and cold; new and full moon; after a bath. Amelioration especially wrapping up warmly and heat; dry cold weather; child, near sea, reverse of Arsenicum and Sepia

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.