SEPIA homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of SEPIA…


      Yellow earthy complexion, yellow spots on face, yellow saddle across bridge of nose and cheeks, urine has a red sediment that adheres to bottom of vessel and hard to remove, and a tendency to stilled affections.


      Indifference to everyone and everything. Irritable; brooks no opposition. Weep easily, especially when asked about one’s symptoms, Pulsatilla while telling them, Lycopodium when thanked. Averse to being alone or to meeting friends. Sad; depressed. Face pale. Gone sinking sense at pit of stomach, only amelioration p.m. meal. Thirstless. Constipation is the rule, as of a lump in rectum not amelioration stool, gnawing hunger not amelioration eating except p.m., chilled affections, dragging down in pelvis are Sepia only. Characteristic urine deposits a red sediment that adheres to bottom of vessel or to child’s diaper, urine itself thick, turbid, clay color. Woman must sit close and cross legs during prolapsus Chilly, especially in chronic diseases. Relaxed, weak. Pain begins a.m. immediately on waking, grows intense, gradually decreases till afternoon, then disappears, burns, aggravation eating and before menses. Skin sallow. Sensitive to all impressions, like Nux and Silicea Milky discharge from mucus membranes. Aggravation: especially forenoon and p.m., washing in water like Am-c. and Sulph., and rest like Rhus. Amelioration violent exertion, reverse of Ferrum and Pulsatilla



      Anxiety from exerting eyes or when looking steadily; cheerful when it thunders and lightens, reverse of Phosphorus; confusion when spoken to, amelioration weeping; dull after coition; impatient while sitting; shrieks unless one holds on to something, before menses; unconscious at trifles or while kneeling at church, or faints. (L): Averse to husband or members of family and to business; amelioration alone. Fault – finding, must not be found fault with; never happy except when annoying someone; the best impression of one is lost in an argument. Miserly, greedy, like Arsenicum and Lycopodium Sad, weeps oft, like Pulsatilla, knows not why, like Rhus, especially with uterine troubles. Uneasy in the presence of stranger, Ambr. during stool, Natr-m. during urination. One does not know what she will do next. All things seem strange. Dull, stupid, thinks slowly; forgets. Thought of sexual intercourse nauseate and irritate. Amelioration after a good substantial sleep, like Nux vomica, head aggravation if awakened from a short nap.


      While kneeling or during sleep. Faint, hot then cold. As of something rolling about in head.


      Hair falls at menopause; heat, while urinating; jerks during day; pain in waves in forehead; shooting pain over eyes to occiput, amelioration eating. (L): Pain amelioration eating, from artificial light. Eruption: Irregular non – elevated brown spots on forehead, sour sweat, like Silicea, or rough with little red pimples near hair; on scalp and behind ears, sore from scratching. Ache: amelioration good substantial sleep, like Nux and Phosphorus but unlike them amelioration rapid motion; amelioration vomiting, like Sanguinaria; occiput to eyes, Sanguinaria right, Spigelia l.; often jaundice; pressing bursting aggravation motion, stooping and mental labor, amelioration pressing and continued rapid motion; hemi-crania, valuable for women with the characteristic uterine troubles; terrific shocks that jerk head in spite of oneself; hair falls; neuralgic, usually often occiput to eyes; congestive on vertex, despondent, desire to be alone, or, over one eye, pulsates or sticks, very sensitive, especially with uterine complaints; with disordered liver and the above IDENTIFICATION; from within out, like Asa. Needlelike stitches. Hair falls, much itching of hairy scalp. Meningitis, child torpid, low vital power, odor of urine putrid, clay color sediment adheres to bottom of vessel. Jerks involuntarily back and forth, especially forenoon, sitting. Open fontanelles, like Calc-p.


      Lids fall during headache; heat during fever; inflame during summer; pains burn in cold wind; as from sand in right; sore bruised tender p.m., after a walk; tarsal tumor after repeated styes; vision dim p.m., before menses, or flickering while looking at light, or lost p.m., during menses or nausea. (L): Scales on lid; pain draws in canthi; vision dim after seminal emission. Vision: blurred or sudden vanishing of sight; black spots; asthenopia, uterine complaints. Lids: heavy as if paralyzed, droop like Causticum and Gelsemium, pain on waking; agglutinate night, or dry scurf on waking; paralysis of upper from cold, like Causticum, uterine troubles or irregular menses; tarsal tumor; as if too tight and did not cover eyes; red, stye. As if gone and cold wind blew out of sockets. Like balls of ire. Inflame: asthenically, dull red conjunctiva, photophobia, lids swell, aggravation a.m.; conjunctiva scrofulous; pustules, cornea. Neuralgia (see under Face below). Anaemic retina. Cataract of woman. Whites yellow. Aggravation: an important aggravation of eyes troubles is twice daily a.m. and p.m.; rubbing; pressing lids together. Amelioration bathing in cold water, like Apis and Pulsatilla


      Catarrh from receded eruption; bleeds with piles; raw left side nostril; sneezes 6 a.m. (L): Discharge milky white; yellow saddle; bleeds after headache; swells internally; ulcer in. Eruption: tip, pain. Catarrh: chronic, discharge usually copious bland thick, especially in cases where Pulsatilla amelioration but increased the menstrual flow; dry, left side nostril. Coryza: stuffed, dry, nostrils sore, swell, ulcerate; large plugs, had to be drawn through posterior nares, offensive, forehead throbs. Polypi. Milky discharge from posterior nares. Child takes cold readily when weather changes. Sneezes oft.


      Yellow saddle across nose and cheeks; looks old, sallow, wrinkled. (L): Upper lip cracks; yellow in intermittents. Spots: yellow; brown. Lips: lower swells cracks. Eruption: herpetic on lips and around moth; herpes circinatus, like Tuberculinum, every spring. Cancer, epitheloid, pains, burn, lips, stomach and vagina. Neuralgia: supraorbital, usually right, upper lid heavy, from fatigue or anxiety; intermittent, severe only at night. Induration like epithelioma forms on lip, cracks, bleeds; from clay pipe. Sallow, doughy look.


      Gums pulsate during menses; spoiled egg like taste during cough. (L): Tongue excoriates.


      Pain draws from cold or warm fluid, upper molars. Quickly become hollow. Very dull. Neuralgia from tobacco, amelioration cold air, like Pulsatilla, and, during pregnancy.


      Pustule on tonsil. Pressure as from too tight a tie, like Lachesis, dry. Thinks one swallows something during first sleep, sense remains after walking. As of a lump, like Lachesis, not amelioration swallowing the reverse of Lachesis; in worm troubles Cina.


      Empty, weak, faint p.m. when thinking of food, amelioration after eating and eructations; nausea, backache; pain gnaws, amelioration supper; vomit when drawing back catarrhal plugs. (L): Empty weak gone sense, faint, hunger p.m. and during headache, amelioration eating; nausea before breakfast. Empty, weak gone sense not amelioration eating, like Hydrast. and Ignatia, but with more marked uterine symptoms. Desire acid and pickles, like Ab-c., which amelioration. Satiety, sudden, after little food, like Lycopodium, stomach full, abdomen rumbles; in Sepia there is greater gnawing hunger, seldom satisfied though one eats plentifully, reverse of Phosphorus, especially when associated with constipation or prolapsus uterus or both. Catarrh: nausea, milky vomit; excessive acidity, heartburn. Pain aggravation vomiting. Nausea a.m., before breakfast, amelioration eating. Thirstless. Eructations: frequent; milky fluid. Dyspepsia: from injury as from overlifting; acid, abdomen bloated, putrid belching, often nausea and vomiting; hypochondriacal, especially climacteric women, an overwrought brain or sexual excesses; atonic, amenorrhoea, nausea, vomit, amelioration eating and lying down; flatulent, longs for acid, sore over abdomen and liver, blisters in mouth, especially sense of twisting about rising into throat. Vomit: strain till blood comes up; during pregnancy, gone sense, thought of food nauseates, like Colchicum; valuable if milky, long after digestion ceases and stomach is empty.


      Constricted as by a band in hypochondria after supper; herpes; pain in pubic region on coughing during labor; pains stitch, liver to right shoulder. (L): Enlarged, of mothers. Liver: pain in hypochondria amelioration lying on painful side, like Bryonia, reverse of Belladonna and Natr-m.; a single dose after Belladonna, Bryonia, Colocynthis, Drosera and Lept. in gallstone colic, if case does not clear up; bursting sense. No remedy is said to produce stronger abdomen and pelvic symptoms. Dragging, laborlike pressing down from sacrum, on anus, like a ball or weight. Liver: enlarged, region of, heavy; torpid, aching weight and sore, even to right shoulder, occipital headache, sallow complexion and above IDENTIFICATION. Spots: brown, yellow. Pot-bellied mothers; child: Calcarea Wart, hornlike, hard. As of a strap drawn tight around waist, like Conium, after supper.


      Piles aggravation milk; as of a lump not amelioration stool; pain 10 a.m. not amelioration sitting; prolapse aggravation smoking and difficult urination. (L): As of a lump, weight or plug wedged between pubes and coccyx, distressing. Constipation: gnawing hunger not amelioration eating; obstinate, mostly of children, strains, requires manual aid, like Selenium; sits, strains till sweat breaks out, by use of finger and prolonged straining a little stool is passed followed by a cupful of yellow or yellowish white, very offensive jellylike mucus; this latter jellylike discharge is more like Colchicum and Kali-bi. which are especially useful in the acute diarrhoeas and dysenteries; Graphites has enormous stools, strains, sweats, stools covered and mixed with something albuminous, like cooked white of aggravation. Anus: desperate itching of genitals and; moisture oozes, like Ant-c. Cholera infantum, always aggravation milk. Inactive, constant full sense, even a soft stool is expelled with difficulty, like Alumina Piles: : aggravation walking, bleed, protrude during stool. Diarrhoea, green mucus stool, especially after boiled milk, during dentition, urine turbid, offensive, reddish sediment adheres to bottom of vessel or to diaper, rapid exhaustion, emaciates. Stool sometimes expelled all at once, like Gambogia


      Jellylike, like Colchicum and Kali-bi. Jellylike mucus covers or follows, Merc-d. has green stools covered with mucus, often confounded with Graphites (see under constipation above).


      Region of bladder itches, urging to urinate, aggravation night; pain in bladder during menses; clay color sediment adheres during menses, or white filmy, or especially yellow pasty, all hard to wash off. (L): Urging in bladder, dragging down in pelvis; prostate as if sitting on a ball, like Chim. Bladder: amelioration bearing down of cystocele; must keep mind on before to retain urine, Zincum met. must keep feet in motion; as of drops discharging from; burns, and anterior part of urethra; inflamed, chronic, urine slow, constant desire and bearing down sense above pelvis; atony; as if full and contents would fall over pelvis. Urine: involuntary in first sleep almost as soon as one falls asleep, like Causticum, in light complexioned boys and girls, and onanists; turbid, clay color; sediment so offensive it must be removed from room; like Causticum, is lost from coughing, laughing, sneezing, etc. Urging: constant a.m., painful forcing in pelvis. Gonorrhoea: chronic, of woman, Pulsatilla acute; gleet, chronic, little discharge, orifice glued up a.m., persistent, other remedies failing; Sepia and Kali – i are said to suit nearly all such cases, or Caps. if smarting and burning, the organs flaccid as with Agn., frequent watery seminal emissions.


      Soft condylomata on male; recurrent ulcers on penis; menses copious during mania; stitching pain a.m. on waking, in vagina; prolapsus afternoon. (L): Female, dry; itch during pregnancy; menses a.m. or only one day; prolapsus amelioration crossing legs. Leucorrhoea: little girls; watery; especially copious after urination; after effort to vomit; only during day, like Alumina; in starts; brown spots on skin; like milk. Prolapsus: bladder irritable, like Eup-purp., leucorrhoea, hot flashes, weak a.m., and during menses, uterus as if suddenly clutched then relaxed; aggravation standing or walking; pressure down as if everything would protrude through pudenda, empty sense in stomach and abdomen, must sit close and cross limb; gnawing hunger not satisfied though one eats plentifully, constipation, as of a lump in rectum unexpellable, amelioration sitting down, no matter how bad nor what kind of a prolapsus, Sepia is said will cure; desires bandage or to place hand on napkin to hold parts up. Uterus: region of, stiff; cervix indurates; inflamed, chronic, tender over region, constant desire to urinate. Coldness of women from over sexual indulgence or excitement. Menses: which ought to come when child ceases nursing, Calcarea flows during nursing, mother runs down and pines away Sepia will restore them; only after m.; amenorrhoea, puberty or late, from a cold, chlorotic or weak women with delicate skins; weak a.m., during; disordered, amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, scanty flow, nervous, palpitation, sinking at epigastrium, nausea am, even threatened abortion, with the extreme pressure of the remedy; scanty, reverse of Murex. Metrorrhagia, especially 5th and 7th months. Penis: small velvety warts completely circle mouth of prepuce, Thuja failed; zona and herpes on foreskin; head surrounded by condylomata.


      Breathing difficult a.m., and from checked expectoration, aggravation motion, but not running, amelioration expectoration and rapid walking, reverse of Ferrum Dyspnoea aggravation sitting, after sleep and in room, amelioration dancing or walking rapidly.


      8 to 9 p.m.; constant night on waking. (L): Constant, violent, night on lying down. During first sleep, like Lachesis if cross: Chamomilla Dry, rattles. Usually hacking, aggravation p.m., after lying down. Whooping: aggravation before midnight, followed by thick greenish expectoration, salty with amelioration, seems to come from abdomen; violent retching, desire to eat often, aggravation before midnight; that drags on indefinitely.


      Before midnight on getting into bed. (L): Night.


      Constriction from inclination to cough; empty sense at night; flutters after dinner, pain in breasts during pregnancy; palpitation on kneeling; amelioration walking long distances. (L): Brown spots; oppression a.m. Quick consumption from checked gonorrhoea, give early. Heavy on, like Phosphorus As if ribs were broken and sharp points sticking in flesh. Heart: dropsy; sympathetic affections, tremulous sense, palpitation, flushes in women. Nipples crack across crown, bleed, sore, itch, itching preceded. Bronchitis, aggravation a.m. on waking, especially with liver symptoms, face pale yellow. Chronic pulmonary diseases, like phthisis, especially sore in chest, faint at stomach, especially in women. Vesicular eruption in axilla. Tumor of breast, sharp pain, like Conium and Silicea


      Eruptions itch p.m. and night; eructations amelioration; pains stitch on stubbing toe or striking foot; as if struck with a hammer, amelioration pressing against something hard. (L): Scapulae pain during chill; lumbar region pains afternoon before menses. Ache: sacrolumbar region, like Agaricus, amelioration sitting or lying, aggravation walking or standing; puts book on chair and presses against it fore amelioration, like Natr-m., but Natr-m. gets more amelioration than Sepia; across hips; renal region burns, especially left side; aggravation kneeling and lying on before; posterior stitch above right hip, unable to lie on right side aches on touch as if festering under skin. As of an icy hand between scapulae; Am-m. cold, Phosphorus hot.


      Feet cold after breakfast during headache, 11 a.m., amelioration lying down; nates cramp night in bed; vesicles on back of hand in cold weather; hot hands, cold feet, or vice versa; numb limbs, after a normal labor; sciatic pain in lower, while dancing, brown spots on skin; warts on hand itch. (L): Legs cold p.m. in bed; feet as if in cold water; corns jerk; cracked skin on back of hand. Ulcers: about joints, usually painless, especially about finger, like Borax and Mez., Lycopodium instep, Natr-c. heel. Feet cold to ankle. Boil on thigh.


      On sitting down. Loud talk. Anxious dreams as if being chased.


      Shudder before menses. (L): Shake, no heat follows, no thirst. Feet cold. travels upward.


      Change paroxysms after hom. potencies. (L): Spoiled intermittent; during menses and vexation. Flushes, as of hot water poured over one, face red, from motion or vexation, faint, end in sweat and weakness, like Sulph. but the burning not so pronounced, anxious, no thirst, dry throat, especially with pelvic troubles and at climaxis. Fever intermits, sweat debilitates.


      Elderblossom odor. (L): From anger; cold night, Gelsemium afternoon; while writing. Especially around genitals, arms and back. Partial. Odor pungent, offensive, axilla and soles, causing soreness, like Silicea Sourish. Cold, chest, back and thighs.


      Herpes circinata every spring, brown patches; itches during lactation. (L): Red spots like red wine; yellow during intermittents; pimples after scratching. Yellowish or dirty brown blotches; moth patches. Itches: burns after scratching; after abuse of Sulph.; aggravation p.m. especially of women. Lupus or lupoid forms, infiltrates, may heal from center to form a ring, hard and purple, on a par with Lachesis, are peculiarly Sepia Eruption: abundant desquamation after eczema; hives amelioration open air prickles in heat of bed; herpes circinata, isolated spots; large pustules suppurate, constantly renews; Sepia and Sulph. follow each other well; tetterlike brown color spots or claret color; moist, that pours out a watery or thick yellow purulent fluid. Epithelioma, eyelid, lip, wing of nose.


      Aggravation p.m. and after eating; lupus in rings; faint, hot then cold, while kneeling in church, or at trifles, or after getting wet; weak, amelioration menses or with pain in sacrum. (L): Faint during chill, or exertion, or during fever, or hot then cold; aggravation riding horseback; amelioration running. Rapid exhaustion and emaciation; atrophy, child emaciates, old looking, big belly, flabby skin, mushy stool. Pain: begins a.m. immediately on waking, becomes very intense, gradually decreases till afternoon when it vanishes; burns, aggravation after eating and before menses. Child takes cold readily when weather changes. Pot – bellied mothers; child: Calcarea Symptoms ascend, like Ledum The wash – woman’s remedy; for toothache: Phosphorus sphincters and all striated muscles weak. Aggravation: boiled milk; forenoon and p.m.; washing in water, as wash – women; rest, and consolation, like Natr-m. and reverse of Pulsatilla; standing; mental labor; sexual excesses and jar, like Belladonna Amelioration: sitting with legs crossed; loosening clothing, like Lachesis; open air, like Pulsatilla; afternoon; especially violent exertion, reverse of Ferrum and Pulsatilla Complementary to Natr-m.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.