RHUS homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of RHUS…


      Aching soreness and especially stiffness, aggravation cold, damp, rest and beginning motion, amelioration continued motion till one tires, when one must rest, but soon compelled to move again from an overwhelming unrest, can find no comfortable position anywhere, not even in bed, must turn in bed for amelioration, and amelioration heat.


      Anxious; apprehensive; nervous. Extreme mental and bodily restlessness especially at night, like Aconite and Arsenicum, but amelioration motion. Sad. The characteristic tongue has a triangular red tip, and either dry or dark coated. Thirst, especially desires cold milk. Twists; stretches. Eruption, if any, burns, tingles. Pains ache, tear, bruised as if sprained, limb paralytically weak. Muscular soreness and neuralgic pains all amelioration heat and motion. Cannot bear least exposure to cold air, like Hepar General stiffness worse knees and feet, aggravation rising from a seat and toward p.m., amelioration walking on a level. Weak, aggravation sitting, amelioration walking except in open air, like Pulsatilla Aggravation: wet weather; rising from a seat; exposure to cold winds, like Aconite, Causticum and Hepar Amelioration warmth and motion.



      Dwells on past disagreeable occurrences after midnight. (L): Irritability at night amelioration walking in open air; timid nights; weep, knows not why. delirium: low fevers, usually mild, persistent, regular, reverse of Belladonna, especially with fear of being poisoned but not so marked as with Hyoscyamus Continued exertion of mind exhausts, like Phosphorus Apprehension nights, cannot stay in bed. Sad in house, amelioration walking in open air like Pulsatilla; despondent, disgust of life, like Aurum, thoughts of suicide, wants to drown oneself, like Lachesis and Pulsatilla, yet fears death.


      Tends to fall on rising from bed. (L): Fall backward. Aggravation lying down, reverse of Apis. On rising, like Bryonia, fall forward or back. Stagger as if intoxicated while walking.


      Erysipelas, left side to right; shooting pain while lying with head low; sore bruised pain in side not lain on; as if torn on moving eyes; sensitive to jar of stepping on ascending. (L): Motion of, on making a step; pain on lifting; amelioration motion; pain on change of weather or in cloudy weather or on riding in cold wind; pain stuns, stupefies, amelioration motion. Brain: as if loose as when stepping or shaking head, and struck against skull on every rise on ascending steps. Ache: aggravation a.m., from lying and from cold; neuralgia, only amelioration walking rapidly; occiput, rheumatic, neck stiff, like Dulcamara and Rhus-r. Meningitis: neck stiff, generally amelioration lying on something hard, like Natr-m., restless; in exanthematous fever, or on getting wet, restless, limbs tingle, high fever; cerebro – spinal, anxiety, restless, stupefaction, vertigo, stiff muscles and joints. Vesicular erysipelas. Eruption: moist, forms crusts, offensive, itching aggravation nights; scalp sensitive, aggravation heat of bed;very useful for eczema of infants. Scalp sensitive on side lain on. Pressure in skull bones as if screwed together.


      Itch from exertion of vision. (L): Lids fall; closed; rheumatic iritis; pain before and during storm. Photophobia. Inflame; red a.m., agglutinated; sore around; lids swell, closed, purulent mucus a.m.; conjunctiva, also pustular; ophthalmic, pain, suppurate swell externally; orbit, cellular, tears gush, pus forms rapidly, almost specific, should be given, no other remedy being clearly indicated, cured one case where one eyes had been completely destroyed, it checked the progress at once. Lids: heavy, stiff like paralysis, like Kalm.; paralysis or ptosis from cold or exposure to dampness; erysipelas. Valuable for affections characterized by external swelling of lids and submucus cellular tissue, especially from getting wet. As of a weight behind right orbit. Bruised pain especially on moving balls. All symptoms amelioration motion, like Com., but Rhus is amelioration heat, Com. not. Corneal pustules. Subject to styes on lower lid, Pulsatilla upper.


      Erysipelas of auricle. Inflame: middle; external, thick yellow discharge.


      Epistaxis: amelioration; dark blood; at beginning of typhoid which amelioration, reverse of Ph-ac. Frightful attacks of sneezing nights. Tip red, sensitive. Catarrh: from dampness, bones ache severely; discharge green offensive. Colds from wetting head, like Belladonna


      Left parotid enlarged; rheumatic pain in articulation of lower jaw during rest; digging pain in submaxillaries. (L): Eruption around nose, yellow vesicles; erysipelas left side to right, reverse of Apis. Swells. Jaws: rheumatism, as though they would crack or break on chewing; easy dislocation; lame and sore from yawning. Prominent projections of cheek bones sore to touch, aggravation rain. Neuralgia, chilly, aggravation p.m. Acne rosacea. Glands: submaxillaries and parotids swell, hard. Eczema: burns, itches, tingles; Apis burns and stings. Erysipelas, left side to right like Lachesis, Apis right to left side, dark red, Apis rosy red, Lachesis purple red, yellow vesicles, itch, tingle, sting, high fever, delirium, usually mild. Barber’s itch.


      Tongue triangular red tip, white on one side, yellow white at base. Tongue brown a.m., or yellow white. Saliva bloody, runs out night during sleep. Hot breath during chill. Taste: metallic; food especially tastes bitter.


      Gnawing pain on inhaling cold air, reverse of Nux. (L): Pain during chill. Blood covers. Inflame at root, pain aggravation night and cold. Ache: aggravation cold, amelioration heat; an exception: jerking temporary amelioration cold hand.


      Sore pain after straining throat. (L): Stiff. Sore, oedema of fauces, restless, parotids swell. Mumps. diphtheria, saliva bloody, parotids swell, swallowing almost impossible.


      Desire milk. Appetite: hunger without after; averse to meat, reverse of Mag-c., while thinking of it; Graphites Thirst unquenchable especially nights, dry mouth, cold drinks bring on chilliness and cough. Nausea and pain from ice cream, ice water; cold drinks may produce vomiting of bile.


      Pains cramp, amelioration lying on back, limbs drawn up; drawing pain in hypochondria, upward; sore bruised pain in hypochondria aggravation side lain on. Fermentation like Arnica Inflamed: peritoneum and bowels, restless, dry tongue, putrid slimy diarrhoea often involuntary; appendix, whole right side swollen, aggravation lying on left side, amelioration lying on back and gentle pressure from below up; numerous symptoms of right side, as of a heavy weight pressing on groins prevents standing. Colic: amelioration bending double, like Colocynthis, but amelioration motion; violent, compels lying on back and drawing up limbs. Sore in hypochondriac region and abdomen, as if beaten, aggravation side on which one lies, on turning and especially beginning to move.


      Diarrhoea after a strain. (L) Diarrhoea from getting wet, especially feet. Cellular tissue around anus inflames, especially from trauma. Piles: fissure ani, sore, protrude; blind, protrude after stool, backache, pressure outward in rectum Diarrhoea, stool thin red mucus or bloody water like meat washings, often jellylike mucus with lumps of transparent mucus, may be involuntary, either odorless or very offensive, often tenesmus and tearing pain down thigh, during typhus or from getting wet. Dysentery: symptoms almost like the above diarrhoea, when craving for cold milk is very marked, pain tears down thigh during stool drives one out of bed as early as 4 a.m. Cholera infantum, typhoid type, restless nights, has to be moved often for amelioration. As if one side had grown up. Shooting up, like Ignatia


      Urine involuntary with boys, dribbles day and night, amelioration motion and walking; pain tears in kidney in wet weather; prostate pains, amelioration walking. Urination frequent during day. Kidneys pain, sore over region, oedema, inflammatory symptoms. Bladder: paralysis; inflamed, tenesmus; weak, of girls and women, desire frequent, urine dribbles on becoming cold or in cold air. Oxaluria. Urine: stream divided; dribbles constantly in boys; snow white sediment. Urging: to stool and, like Nux vomica, tenesmus, prostate pains, amelioration moving about.


      Pains cramp in uterus from reaching up, or laborlike during menses, aggravation standing. (L): Moist eruption between scrotum and thigh; scrotum erysipelatously inflamed; glands and scrotum swell, oedematous; vesicles and erysipelatous inflammation of female. Menses: acrid, copious; early; dark clotted; difficult, membranous, always aggravation dampness. Erysipelas: especially useful, like Pet.; moist, inflamed, female. Abortion threatens after after strain, or sprain. Penis: inflamed, erysipelatous; erections persistent, pain, amelioration lying on back, spine tender, especially after a strain. Eruption: eczema of pudenda, swells, itches, aggravation night undressing, sore, smarts after Prolapsus, especially from strains. Puerperal fever, typhoid form. Milk leg, typhoid symptoms.


      Muscles paralyze. Hoarse on beginning to talk, amelioration using voice.


      Dyspnoea 6 p.m., hot breath during chill.


      11 a.m., dry, tickles behind upper half of sternum while sitting bent forward; pains on waking before midnight; short before midnight waking one. (L): Dry, before chill; aggravation bathing. Spasmodic, gags, stretches. Dry, teasing, fatiguing during chill, like Tuberculinum Excited by: cold drinks, reverse of Caust; putting hands out of bed, like Hepar Racking, before midnight, in wet weather, back and limbs pain.


      Drawing pain in nipples a.m.; stitching pain in sternum on sitting bent, and in heart with numbness of left side arm; weak when walking in open air, also sense of, in heart on entering a cool room after a walk in hot sun. (L): Sense of adhesion; hypertrophy of heart from overexertion; pains stitch, amelioration motion. Heart: pain, to right arm, like Phytolacca, or with numb sense in left side arm and shoulder; palpitation from overexertion; rheumatism from getting wet, violent palpitation, pain to left side arm, like Kalm.; anxiety, fingers as if going to sleep, Pulsatilla numb especially about elbow, Cim. as if left side arm was bound tightly to body, while Phytolacca affects right side and arm. Effects of long performance on wind instruments, as haemorrhage, etc. Violent palpitation while sitting still. Pleurodynia, pains go to shoulder, like Rhus-r. Axillary abscess after a sprain.


      Cervical region heavy after walking; pain in cervical region on reaching up, amelioration heat; pain between scapulae on swallowing, amelioration heat; pain in lumbar region aggravation motion; as if broken in lumbar region on coughing; constriction in dorsal region on sitting, amelioration bending backward, aggravation bending forward; pressing in cervical region as from a weight after walking; sore bruised beaten in sacrum while lying still on back, amelioration motion; sweat 3 a.m.; stiff from draught. (L): Sacrum heavy while sitting; pain causes one to move constantly in bed compels turning, to lower limbs, amelioration external heat; lame while sitting, and in sacral region as from lifting and straining. Lumbago: in beginning whether amelioration from motion or not, no other remedy clearly indicated; Staphysagria compels one to rise early, Kali-c. aggravation 3 a.m., Nux must turn over in bed before one can rise; from getting wet, overlifting, taking cold, or suppressed sweat. Sacrum: pain on sitting after long stooping; bruised sense, heavy on sitting, amelioration motion; stiff pain on motion. Rheumatism, muscular, especially lumbago, pain on attempting to rise, aggravation cold, amelioration heat and bending backward. Myelitis from exposure to wet, think of Dulcamara Paralysis; acute, of infants; complementary to Sulph. Coxalgia, involuntary limping, pain felt in knee, limb longer, aggravation night and over exercise.


      Hands cold 5 p.m., or swell; psoriasis, forearm; formication of foot in bed; heat, upper, as from hot water running through; hand numb from wetting; pain, tibia on crossing legs, or in heel as from a nail under skin, or in foot as if walking on needles; lower weak during parturition. (L): Vesicular chilblain; paralyzed, cold; vesicles on joint burn; pimples on wrist; pain in upper left side, after taking cold, Sanguinaria right, amelioration walking or taking hold of anything; pain in biceps after lifting; sciatica a.m. from cold and cold applications, aggravation beginning motion and washing in cold water, amelioration motion; paroxysmal pain in legs during fever. Pains: rush in streaks down; draw from elbow along ulnar nerve to hand, like Rhus-r.; sore beaten in neighborhood of joint; tensive aching as if luxated. Painless swelling of feet p.m. sprain of ankle (see under Arnica). Paralysis: infantile or rheumatic, from undue exposure to cold and damp; failing try Sulph. Neuritis, especially characterized by numbness and stiffness. Hand: as if held in hot water; as if withered. Heel: as if stepping on pins; as of a nail run under skin. Limb tibia cold. Sciatica: right side, dull aching, aggravation cold damp weather, amelioration heat, rubbing and warming up form exercise, numb, formication; pains draw, tear, aggravation rest, amelioration motion, from becoming chilled or suppressed sweat. Knees and feet especially stiff. Corns sore, burn. Joint: crack when stretched; weak after a sprain, like Calcarea When Rhus poison confines itself to palm of hand, use Anagallis; when Rhus is liable to confine itself to the palm it does not repeat itself, Anagallis does.


      Dreams world on fire. (L): Restless, after midnight. Restless: cannot find a comfortable place in bed from pain; throws covers off; cannot remain in bed. Dreams: anxious, of business, as soon as one falls to sleep; of excessive exertion; roams over fields; works hard at one’s daily work; wades in snow, etc. Yawn: constant desire; spasmodic, not sleepy, limbs pain and stitch as from dislocation; as if jaw could break.


      7 p.m., as if dashed with cold water, or as if cold blood ran through vessels, aggravation eating or drinking, amelioration rising; shakes, face livid; right side cold, left side warm. (L): From becoming cold and wet while overheated. From cold drinks. Dry teasing fatiguing cough; urticaria during heat.


      10 a.m. as if dashed with hot water, or as of hot water running through vessels. (L): L. side, right cold. Fever: always to be considered when acute diseases or low types of disease take on a typhoid form; intermittent: chill begins in one leg, usually thigh, dry teasing cough, external chill, internal heat; malarial: stretches and yawns before, often cough, often urticaria during; typhoid: great thirst, throat dry, involuntary stool; very frequently indicated, like Arsenicum, and even in inflammatory diseases, with stupefaction, senses cloudy, dry tongue, low grade muttering delirium, think of Rhus, Arsenicum here follows Rhus, but do not give Arsenicum too soon as it may defeat the end sought, always be sure Arsenicum is positively indicated before it is given, Arnica has complete apathy and involuntary stool and urine, Mur-ac. is weak and slides down in bed, Carb-v. shows no sign of reaction, legs cold to knees from feet and covered with cold sweat, Baptisia has a besotted expression and the darker red the face the more it is Baptisia, Ph-ac. follows Rhus when perfect apathy with increased prostration is present, Tarax. is similar to Rhus, but has a mapped tongue; scarlet: rash coarse, or if suppressed, glands inflame, throat sore; from suppressed foot – sweat, or that comes on with cold sores on lip.


      Night, miliary eruption. Of body, head dry, reverse of Silicea During sleep. Effects of suppressed, like Lachesis and Zincum met. Urticaria passes off during. Violent itching.


      Urticaria from becoming wet. (L): Red after scratching; eruption from cold air, on hairy parts, burns at night; herpes, jerking pain; pustules after scratching; urticaria in cold air; humid vesicles in winter; swells, crawls; thick after scratching. Vesicles burn, itch, sting. Beginning carbuncle, pain intense, dark red, if given early may abort the trouble. Smallpox: pustules turn black, stool dark, bloody, pain may tear down thigh during stool; especially typhoid forms; eruption sinks, turns livid, or is illy developed; burning fever, dry cracked tongue, tenesmus, brown mucus covers teeth and lips. Erysipelas: vesicular; swellings pit on pressure, purple, large blisters fill with serum often bloody; or large blisters without erysipelas. Itching: incessant, amelioration only water as hot as can possibly be borne, almost scalding. Eruption: hives aggravation cold air, from getting wet, during rheumatism or chills and fever; especially vesicular type, especially when vesicles tend to form scabs, itching aggravation heat, as eczema; no remedy seems oftener indicated in herpes zoster; moist eczema, very valuable, surface red, excoriates, oozes much. Any kind of condition that tends to suppurate, or which is characterized by general restlessness, fever and prostration, as boils, abscesses, carbuncles, etc. Scarlet fever (see also under Heat above): especially valuable in typhoid forms, glands enlarge, restless, eruption not usually uniform and causes great irritability; or eruption vesicular, restless amelioration motion. Purpura haemorrhagica, dry tongue, tremulous pulse, restless, limbs numb. More indicated in acute than chronic diseases. Swellings smooth red shine, inflame, small painful white vesicles cover. Warts: especially on hand and finger; large, jagged, often pedunculated, exude moisture, bleed easy.


      Chorea after a cold bath or getting wet; tremble 3 a.m. (L): Aggravation cloudy weather; sore bruised pain after cooling rapidly after a heated walk; illusion of touch; weak while sitting; aggravation getting wet while sweating. Valuable when glandular swellings tend to suppurate. Effects of prolonged performing on wind instrument. Prominent projections of bones as cheek bones, sore to touch, aggravation rain. enables one to withstand muscular fatigue, like Arsenicum Paralysis: rheumatic, in cold wet weather, Dulcamara for the acute cases; infantile, from undue exposure to cold and damp, should it fail look to Sulph.; from getting wet or lying on damp ground; hemiplegia, right side, during apoplexy; from violent exertion; parts numb, aggravation exposure to cold wind, like Aconite, Causticum and Hepar A bath often interferes with its action, like Calcarea Complaints of Rhus from getting wet stay in the part affected, those of Pulsatilla ascend, those of Belladonna descend. Neuralgia especially characterized by numbness and paralytic weakness. Always to be considered when acute and low types of diseases assume a typhoid form, also when cellular inflammation assumes pus formation. Rheumatism: while pains often seem similar to Bryonia the aggravation and amelioration differ; muscular, little fever or inflammation, general soreness and aggravation in open air; especially valuable if due to checked sweat, as in other ailments. Valuable, most efficacious and almost specific for the frequently fatal effects of muscular strains, especially from over – lifting, excessive muscular exertion, contusions, and like Calcarea, working in water. Pulse: rapid, weak; or irregular or intermittent. No other remedy is said to have so profound an action on fibrous tissues; Argentum on cartilages. Effects of muscular exertion; Arsenicum, like Coca, from climbing hills and mountains. Is more poisonous when bursting into bloom or at night, it exhales more in dampness and in the absence of sunlight. Chorea from cold bath, getting drenched, or from suppressed measles. Effects of living in damp houses, Arsenicum and Pulsatilla cellars and vaults.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.