MERCURIUS homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of MERCURIUS…


      Aching, especially in the bones and especially where the flesh is thin over the bones, aggravation especially at night, just after getting warm in bed, with profuse secretions, especially sweat, which does not amelioration, but rather aggravation.


      Salivation; saliva sickening; breath fetid. Gums dirty, spongy, like Carb-v., edges white. Tongue pale, swollen, soft flabby, takes imprints of teeth, and coated dirty yellowish white. Foul odors of body. Breath sickening, some times odor permeates whole room. Extremely sensitive to extremes of heat or cold. Discharges greenish, acrid, excoriate. Chilly. Weak. Trembling or tremor. Hasty. Sliminess. Intense thirst. Tendency to ulceration and suppuration. Aggravation heat of fire, especially eyes, lying on right side, and sweets.



      Delusion that one sees flowing water; desire to kill the person who contradicts one; disposed to suicide on seeing cutting instruments; suspicious, during day. (L): Restless, 8 p.m. Time seems to pass slowly..


      Burning pain, aggravation lying in bed; stitching pain, to ears, teeth and neck; shaking sense in forehead. Constriction in forehead; impetigo; painful exostosis. Involuntary motion of hand and head. Apis and Mercurius are great remedies to ward off, or cure, hydrocephalus, after scarlet fever.


      Spasmodic closure, on looking; inflamed, aggravation warm bed; pain, from glare of fire; burning pain, aggravation warm bed; cutting pain, aggravation night; tearing pain, night in bed, in damp weather; photophobia, from fire light; lids red, nights; acrid tears at night. (L): Aggravation cold or heat; condylomata on iris. when cold settles in eyes, like Dulcamara, of gouty subjects. A very valuable drug in various inflammations of eyes, aggravation nights, copious sweat, aggravation heat of fire. Eyes troubles of foundrymen. As if sparks emitted from corners of eyes, or feathers came from them.


      Fungus excrescences; pain below ears, to jaw; boring and sticking pain, from heat of bed; tearing pain, during menses; suppuration in front of ears. (L): Discharge painful; pain, aggravation heat of bed; boring pain; laceration of tympanum. Stinging pains, like Apis. Suppressed discharge, head sweat, dilated pupils, aggravation night. As of ice in ears, or cold water running out of it. Discharge in Spring, after a long cold Winter, during the cold damp weather.


      Hard discharge from posterior nares. (L): Coryza, night in warm air; epistaxis, during sleep. In coryza, Mercurius should not be given oftener than twice in a Winter; in psoric cases give very few doses, look for a deeper drug. Dirty nosed children. As of a weight hanging on to nose. Recurring coryza, aggravation heat and warmth of bed.


      Pain, aggravation blowing nose, a pressing pain in cheek bones; swelling of parotids, amelioration cold air. (L): Crusty eruptions on nose; heat, during chilliness; inflamed parotid and submaxillary glands; pain nights in swollen cheeks, or sublingual glands. Face earthy, puffy, sallow. Kali-i. is better for the same bursting in face, recurring coryza, and aggravation heat and warmth of bed.


      Salivation, at 1 a.m.; speech quick and stammering; taste sweetish to bread. (L): White gums; black tongue, red edges; pale tongue; salivation at night, during headache, and during sleep; ulcers at orifices of salivary glands, yellow. Sore mouth of children, saliva dribbles. The offensive breath permeates whole room.


      As if on edge, during menses; inflamed dentine; pain, p.m. (L): Gray; sound teeth loose; pain, amelioration rubbing cheek, or, with involuntary flow of saliva, or, to face; jerking pain, nights; pressing pain; sore, bruised pain. Severe pain at night, followed by chilliness through whole body.


      Pain in submaxilla. (L): Copper color; inflamed, nights; burning pain in cervical glands. As from an apple core sticking in throat.


      Empty, weak, faint, from pressure; rancid eructations at night; heartburn, during pregnancy; sore, bruised pain, on deep breathing; sinking, from pressure. (L): Desires bread and butter. Faintness, peculiarly deadly, from pressure on stomach, with tenderness; a peculiar sense of weakness and tenderness at pit of stomach. Desire butter and fat food.


      Herpes zoster, aggravation heat of bed; pain, in p.m. air, or, in inguinal region while lying; sore, bruised pain, aggravation lying on right side. The first drug to be considered when on account of the liver one cannot lie on the right side.


      Diarrhoea, from cold p.m. air. (L): Diarrhoea, p.m., in cold air. Violent tenesmus and continued urging after stool, a never get done sense. Dysentery, and epidemic dysentery, in cold weather, like Dulcamara and Ipecac.; in hot weather: Aconite and Ipecac. Hesitate about giving Mercurius in dysentery unless sure it is indicated.


      Reddish. Slimy.


      Cutting, biting pain, in urethra, growing worse toward end of urination, even to last drop; swelling of anterior part of urethra. (L): Urination frequent, day and night; discharge from urethra when not urinating. Urethra burns between acts of urination. Nephritis, aggravation night and heat and cold, profuse sweat rather oily and which does not amelioration but rather aggravation.


      Sore, bruised pain in prepuce, on walking; deep ulcers on male genitalia, sore; eruption on female genitalia, nights; itching of female genitalia from contact of urine; phlegmonous swelling of female genitalia. (L): Excoriation of prepuce; ulcers on penis with lardaceous bases. Sterility of coffee drinkers or of women who have taken much mercury for biliousness. Chancres with whitish cheesy deposits on bases.


      Voice rough, aggravation draft of air. (L): Voice tremulous. Speech hasty.


      Painful burning eruption in axillae; stitching pain in anterior part, on sneezing. (L): Pain, while lying on right side; stitching in anterior part, on coughing. Milk in breasts of non – pregnant women, or instead of menstrual flow, or in breasts of boys.


      Sore, bruised, beaten pain, in open air; tearing pain in coccyx, amelioration pressure on abdomen. (L): Pain, during sweat, or, in sacrum, on breathing; stitching, shooting pain in dorsal region, on coughing, and in sacrum, on breathing.


      Chilblains, feet swollen; cold hands, after emission; cracked skin over joints of hands ulcerates; backs of hands crack and itch, nights; pain in legs, as if broken, nights; burning pain in hands in eczema; hot red swelling of elbow. (L): Pain, aggravation heat of bed; burning pain in nates; swelling of elbow; ulcers on lower limbs bleed easily. Favors rapid formation of pus, if given low, during felon. Best drug in paralysis agitans.


      Banished by pain.


      As of water poured over one. On going into open air; reverse: Rhus.




      During day, nausea, languor; cold, after eating, with anxiety; warm sweat becomes cold and sticky, after stool. (L): Oily, at night; Hepar, sour. At night, especially on head. Stain linen yellow.


      Fetid cracks; burning eruption, after washing; dry pustules. (L): Spreading herpetic eruption; itching, night, aggravation heat; fatty scabies; yellow eruption, Arsenicum: white; lardaceous ulcers, pulsate at night. Discharge from eruption acrid, excoriating. Think of Mercurius in a child who had scarlet fever, or suppressed ear discharges, with sweating of head, dilated pupils, rolling head, aggravation nights. Measles, aggravation nights and heat or cold, copious sweat that does not ameliorate but rather aggravate, and may be oily. Is specific in the suppurative stage of smallpox. Ulcers having a gray, lardy, ashy or cheesy base, burn and sting. Repeated swelling and abscess formation, without heat. Ulcers incline to spread, but Merc-c. is a greater drug for the superficial, eating, phagedenic ulcers, or Arsenicum if amelioration heat. Rebels against the poultice in abscess as it aggravation.


      Paroxysmal internal trembling; weary while sitting. Aggravation lying on right side; gnawing pains; pulsation in glands. Aggravation from heat of fire, and in damp weather. Increased activity of secretions, especially intestinal. Depression, with a high degree of erethism. Exhaustion, sickening, deathlike. Flow of pus, especially bloody pus. Pains: sting, like Apis; bone pains are universal, but especially where flesh over bones is thin. Aggravation heat; amelioration rest, reverse of Arsenicum Sensitive to every draft, like Hepar, yet aggravation heat. Aggravation heat of bed, yet amelioration rest in bed, reverse of Arsenicum Difficulty in keeping comfortable between the extremes of heat and cold. Silicea and Mercurius do not follow each other well, but if crude mercury has been used for a long time, Silicea will antidote it if the symptoms agree. Be careful in giving large doses of Mercurius Sol. in dropsy, they may cause the fluids to disappear and with it the disappearance of the tissues; also in offensive, rapidly decomposing ulcers; the bones may also soften that they bend.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.