MAGNESIA CARBONICUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of MAGNESIA CARBONICUM…


      Sour slimy stools covered with a green scum like that floating on a frog pond, preceded by crampy neuralgic pains in abdomen, doubling one up, amelioration stool, like Colocynthis, but not the marked relief from pressure of Colocynthis, and the stools of Colocynthis differ being more apt to be brown and not so sour.


      Irritable. Nervous. Restless. Face pale, drawn, dark rings under eyes. Stomach and belchings sour; baby smells sour despite washing, like Hepar Aversion to milk, unable to digest it; child refuses it. Heartburn, sour. Always thirsty but cannot take milk, especially thirsty p.m. Desires and relishes meat, children have enormous appetite for it, especially if tubercular, while Calcarea craves eggs especially boiled eggs, the reverse of Ferrum With women the menses are dark, flow more at night on lying, and between pains, may cease in afternoon, often become pitchlike and difficult to wash off. Sleepless; or, unrefreshing sleep, more tired a.m. than p.m. Internal heat at night. Cold, chilly. Always complaining of sour stomach and sour eructations. Pains: lightninglike; aggravation night, drive one out of bed; with much fever and restlessness, like Sulph. Disposed to neuralgia. Always relaxes and tired, especially in feet on sitting. Sensitive: mentally and physically; and to touch and cold air, like Hepar, and to cold weather. General dryness, like Alumina Aggravation: night and at rest. Amelioration: motion, like Rhus.



      Anxiety, amelioration p.m. in bed (Mag-m. aggravation p.m. in bed on closing eyes); anxiety in warm bed, yet cold if uncovered. Starts from least touch. Screams before during and after stool.


      Itching and itching eruption on scalp in damp rainy weather; cutting darting stabbing pain in head, after vexation. Perspiration. Ache: predisposed to boils and,; shooting. Congestion. Hair: falls rapidly; unhealthy nails and head. Neuralgia, especially supraorbital. Occipital bone sinks in, parietals jut over it.


      Warts on lid, like Causticum Catarrh, predisposed to headache and boils. Closed by suppuration. Cornea; opaque from suppuration; cataract, senile; lenticular, after Sulph. Styes. Chronic blepharitis. Balls dry, lids stick together.


      Deaf, especially with abscess and swelling in ears.


      Obstructed before menses. Coryza every mouth before menses, sore throat; Graphites menses. Epistaxis a.m.


      Boring pain aggravation rest; stitching, amelioration walking. (L): Tearing pain aggravation lying, amelioration walking. As if white of egg had dried on it. Neuralgia: pain lightninglike; shoots, tears, cuts and drives one out of bed, compels continued motion, aggravation if one stops, aggravation: touch, draft of air or change of temperature, restless; or, sharp shootings, in left side of head and, aggravation: night, pressure and jar, Spigelia failing. Swelling of right malar bone, throbbing pain in antrum of Highmore. Adults, pale waxy sickly and sallow, muscles relaxed, tired, sweat on least exertion.


      Vesicles on tongue bleed from least touch. Saliva bloody. Taste sour.


      Affects root, like Thuja, crown: Mercurius, dentine: Ant.-c. and Cina, right becomes violently painful, burns, shoots, aches continually from every change of weather, even during pregnancy, yet the root may be sound. Mag-c. and China, when no other symptoms are present, are the leaders for the ache in pregnant women. Ache: like Mercurius, both are aggravation night and heat of bed, but Mag-c. is more restless and amelioration motion, must get up and walk; of pregnant women, like China, Lyss., Rat. and Sepia; amelioration cold drinks, like Coffea and Pulsatilla Sensitive and cannot be manipulated by the dentist, like Ant-c. (and Hyperic.) which affects the dentine, Mag-c. the root, and Hyperic. the nerve itself.


      Inflamed during menses, Lac-c., during; ulcer stings before menses. Sore, coryza, before menses. As if scraped with an awn.


      Sour belchings after cabbage, during menses, Kali-c.; waterbrash after strong food; vomit bitter water after soup. (L): Greasy belching. Excellent for people who have taken the crude to sweeten stomach. Where milk disagrees, cannot be digested, sours on stomach, especially child of lax fiber and sour odor, here similar to Calcarea and Mag-c. lacks the cold damp feet, head sweat and enlarged abdomen of Calcarea Milk sours, if taken either causes pain or is passed undigested. Appetite increased for meat, milk and animal broths, but cannot digest them. Milk causes acid dyspepsia.


      Cutting pain, navel region, amelioration passing flatus; pains draw as menses begin. (L): Pain after dinner; rumbling before stool. Colic: griping amelioration bending double and drawing up limbs, like Colocynthis whose amelioration from pressure is more pronounced and the stools differ, and Rheum which comes nearest but whose stools are brown and not so slimy. Distended, greenish watery stools. Walls relaxed, fall, rings predispose to hernia.


      Pain 4 a.m. If confused between Rheum and Mag-c., give Rheum first. Worms: ascarides; lumbrici. Diarrhoea: stool green water, often bloody, may have green scum and white lumps like little grains of tallow, rarely bloody mucus, nearly always sour, more or less colic, acid belchings, body sour odor, like Hepar, Gratiola and Rheum; griping, rumbling in abdomen, cutting colic before stool. Cholera infantum, child smells sour, sour belching, great thirst especially p.m. Intolerable pain as pierced with needles, wakens one at 4 a.m.


      (L): With watery green scum. Every 2 days. Green, frothy. Sour, like Calcarea and Rheum. Like putty or potter’s clay or undigested milk. While the stools of Mag-c. contain little lumps like grains of tallow, like Dulcamara and Phosphorus, that condition is most characteristic of Phosphorus


      Menses cease afternoon; flow only after pain. (L): Menses more, or more copious night, scanty during day. Broken down women with uterine disorders, and at climaxis. Menses: acrid, dark pitchlike, difficult to wash off; usually scanty and late; irregular, painful, prolonged, flow during night while lying, cease while walking; pains drag, amelioration pressing on abdomen and on stooping. Pregnancy, nausea, sour vomit. Leucorrhoea white, acrid, colic before, recurs after menses, like Alumina


      Dry spasmodic at night from tickling in larynx; expectoration stringy.


      Often only distinguished from Kali-bi. in bronchial catarrh of children by the green scum stool Do not overlook this remedy in tuberculosis and marasmus in tubercular children.


      Coccygodynia, chronic, sudden piercing pains, almost faints away; Lobelia has extreme sensitiveness, sits forwards to avoid contact even with a soft pillow.


      Burning pain in spots, in tibia; restless p.m. while sitting. (L): Heaviness of feet, amelioration walking. Rheumatic pains aggravation after long walk, in bed, amelioration heat. Unhealthy nails.


      Falls to sleep, after dinner while standing and talking. Sleepless from heat. More tired a.m. than p.m. Wakes at 2 or 3 a.m., cannot go to sleep again. Sleepy days, sleepless nights. Anxious dreams at night.


      Internal, at night, must uncover which causes chilliness. While eating, and even drinking, and even sweat, if the food and drink is warm, with anxiety, causes sleeplessness, yet dreads exposure.


      Sour. NIghts.


      Predisposed to boils. Dry, itches severely, burns. Old ulcers dry up, become shiny, little discharge.


      Do not overlook this remedy in tuberculosis and marasmus; especially useful if there is a tubercular history, emaciation, craving for meat, dry cough before p.m. chill, like Rhus and Tuberculinum, putty or claylike stools. Nervousness: due to nerve exhaustion, especially to excess of cares and worries; it is to the exhausted nerves what China is to the exhaustion from loss of blood; especially in wornout women. Tumors, when sensitive to cold winds and weather. Anxious and warm in whole body, especially in head. Pains lightninglike, like Belladonna and Mag-p. Adapted to persons, especially children, irritable nervous temperament, lax fibre, sour odor. Marasmus: a sovereign remedy for children who are puny, sickly, refuse their milk as it causes pain in stomach, diarrhoea, colic before stool which has a floating scum, green, like that on a frog pond, or jellylike lumps, aphthae; or, stools like soft putty, potter’s clay or curdled milk, of tubercular children, muscles flabby, do not thrive despite food and medicine, back of head sinks in, desires milk, meat, and animal broths yet cannot digest them, milk passes bowels like white potter’s clay or soft putty. Child smells sour and unclean even after being washed, like Hepar Nerves painful, muscles tired. Dry catarrh. Aggravation: kneeling, like Cocc. and Sepia; night; cabbage; potatoes and starchy food, like Alumina Amelioration: cold drinks and motion.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.