LACHESIS homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of LACHESIS…


      Extremely sensitive to heat and especially to touch, especially to the surface of the body and more especially about the neck and throat, can bear neither a tight collar, neckband nor hot drinks; the sensitiveness is not so much due to the touch itself, but to the uneasiness it causes.


      Ailments begin on left side and either stay there or go from left to right, the reverse of Lycopodium Aggravation on going to sleep, during sleep, but especially on waking; also in warm relaxing weather, especially in the spring. All discharges are offensive. Loquacious, jumps from subject to subject. Amelioration opening the clothing, and from the appearance of the discharges, like Zincum met.



      Desires solitude to indulge in one’s fancies; delirium, changes subject rapidly, or, from mental exertion; forgetful of everything that has occurred for sometime past; industrious, p.m.; stupefaction, amelioration when feet become warm; persistent evil thoughts; inclined to weep, from anecdotes. (L): Confusion of mind, on waking; lively fancies; ridiculous ideas; loquacity, p.m., changes subject rapidly; memory active, p.m.; mirth or sadness, p.m.; unconscious during menses, or, as if in a trance. Always making mistakes as to time of day. Unwarranted jealousy and suspicion. thinks oneself under superhuman control.


      A.m., on waking. Aggravation closing eyes.


      Hair falls, during pregnancy; heat of vertex, during menopause; pain, every 10 days, or, over eyes, outward, to root of nose; burning pain, at climacteric; cutting, darting stabbing pain, amelioration heat; shooting pain in forehead, on motion; pulsating in temples, during menses; unable to raise head, a.m, on waking. (L): Occiput heavy, a.m., on waking; pain at climaxis, or, to nose; burning pain, at climaxis; cutting, darting, stabbing pain, amelioration heat; pain in forehead and above eyes, to root of nose; paroxysmal pain in occiput, after sleep; pressing pain, amelioration lying, and paroxysmal aggravation sleep and walking, and in temples aggravation motion and walking. Cardiac difficulties attend nearly all the headaches of Lachesis As of a hand in head moving and squeezing.


      Pain drawing, sticking, and to vertex; pressing pain, outward, on pressing throat; vision of black flickerings, or, of blue around light. (L): Haemorrhage into retina; vision of fiery rays around light. As if eyes had been squeezed after being taken out, and put back.


      Pain in right ears, amelioration lying on it; wax pale. (L): Noises a.m., on waking; wax whitish, Pulsatilla: Back; and Conium: red. Amelioration boring finger into ears.


      Epistaxis, on blowing nose, a.m., also at climaxis and before menses. Tip of nose knobby red, like Aurum which has also the strawberry nose.


      Convulsions, spasms begin in left side of face; erysipelas of scalp, a.m.; swelling of face at night. (L): Bluish, with spasms of glottis; blue spots, after eruption; yellow, in syphilis; left side swollen, veins distended in a network, as if marbled. As if one had a moustache of ice. Appearance of anxiety, distress and unrest.


      Mucus membrane purple; speech difficult for certain words. (L): Gangrene; tongue heavy, difficult to move; difficult to open mouth; tongue difficult to protrude, it catches behind teeth, and trembles; gangrenous ulcers in mouth. Tongue dry, anterior half red, smooth, shines, cracked at tip.


      As of a crumb in throat, amelioration hawking; painfully dry; disposed to hawk, after sleep; pain as of a plug or lump; raw pain, after sleep; sore pain, to nape of neck, on pressure; suppuration of left side tonsil; dysphagia from acrid food, and from sweets; blue externally; goitre on left side; heavy, after sleep; pressure on throat causes nausea; pain in throat instead of menses. (L): Choking, aggravation clothing; dry, at night; as of a foreign body, not amelioration swallowing; left side inflamed, as of a lump which returns after swallowing; membrane (exudation, diphtheria, etc.) on tonsil, left side to right, reverse of Lycopodium; pain in left side, on hawking, touch and heat in general; sore pain, left to right, during day; suffocative sense; constantly disposed to swallow, from fullness or as of a lump; swallowing difficult, and of saliva; sense of swelling of left side tonsil; external throat sore, sensitive to least touch. In quinsy there is no remedy so often effective in breaking it up in its inception, nor in promoting resolution in its later stages. As if hollow and pharynx had disappeared. Cannot tolerate a collar, neck band or beads, no matter how loose. Aggravation hot drinks, reverse of Lycopodium; Lac-c. gas amelioration cold or warm drinks. Said to be specific in throat affections with aching in shin bones. Always choking when swallowing; choking and gagging. Throat dry, without thirst and with aversion to water. (In some cases of throat trouble, Lycopodium desires cold drinks which feel good to throat).


      Nausea, from pressure on throat; ulcerative pain, on coughing. (L): Appetite increase. with pain in stomach; desires oysters; empty weak gone faint hungry sense, without hunger; eructations, during menses. Craves coffee, like Carb-v., which amelioration Lachesis but not Carb-v. Nausea always after drinking.


      Constriction of right hypochondrium. (L): Inguinal hernia sensitive; pain, aggravation clothing. One of the most prominent remedies in appendicitis. Weight of clothes aggravation, especially in uterine diseases, amelioration lifting clothes. As of a ball rolling loose in bladder or abdomen, on turning over.


      Diarrhoea at night, aggravation lying; itching, after sleep; as of a lump, before stool; moist, during menses; pain, to navel: cutting pain, aggravation standing; drawing pain, to navel; stitching pain, on sneezing; pulsating as from small hammers; urging, but not for stool. (L): Diarrhoea, as of old drunkards, or, after sleep; hemorrhage, during menses; pressing pain, but not for stool; stitching pain, on coughing; pulsations.


      Bloody; like charred straw.


      Sediment of white mucus in urine, before menses. Urine blackish or dark brown. Always has to urinate after lying down, day or night, especially after sleep. Urine has little back spots or flakes like soot floating on it.


      Eruption on hairy parts of male genitalia; abscess of leftside ovary; pain in ovaries after labor. (L): Gangrene of penis; congestion of uterus, before menses; induration of left ovary; pain in ovaries, left to right; pain in ovary before, during and after menses; pain in uterus, upward, amelioration flow of blood; pressing pain in ovaries; sore, tender pain in left ovary, and in uterus, aggravation contact of clothes; stitches, swelling or tumor of left ovary. Too scanty menses where Sepia seemed indicated and failed. Never well since change of life. Menstrual sufferings before and after flow, amelioration, during, reverse of Cim., which has – the greater the flow the more severe the pain. Menses one hour each day.


      Flapping sense in trachea; oedema of vocal cords; pain in throat pit, to root of tongue and hyoid bone; as of a plug in trachea; throat-pit swollen. (L): Croup after sleep; as of a crumb in larynx; irritation of larynx, during sleep; as of a lump in throat pit; pain in larynx, on bending head.


      Whistling breathing, a.m. (L): Difficult breathing, on exertion of arms or hands, amelioration sitting bent forward, or, before and during sleep and on touching larynx. Asthma, amelioration coughing up a quantity of watery phlegm. Aggravation least thing coming near nose or mouth.


      From irritation in larynx as if food had gone wrong way. (L): On going to sleep, from constriction of larynx, or, from pressure on larynx, or, on rising from bed, or, after sleep; suffocative cough, during sleep; cough on touching larynx, even lightly; cough violent, a.m., on waking.


      Very much like that of Kali-bi., especially in throat troubles.


      Congestion on waking; burning pain at night; stitching pain in breasts, after menses; palpitation, amelioration sitting; shocks in region of heart, during sleep; painless swelling of axillary glands. (L): Congestion, at climaxis; constriction, on waking; distension; oppression, during sleep; crampy pain about heart; palpitation on waking, a.m., and at climaxis. Irritable heart after scarlet fever. Cardiac difficulties attend nearly all the headaches of Lachesis Milk thin, blue, nipples extremely sensitive to touch.


      Epileptic aura creeps down spine; pain, after acids, or, ascends back, spreads like a fan, from lumbar region, or, as from something sharp in coccyx on sitting; pulsative pain in spine; drawing pain, on urging to urinate; stitching pain, after herpes zoster; tearing pain in cervical spine; sacral region stiff, on beginning to move. (L): Pain in lumbar region, at beginning of menses; pulsating in spine; cervical region stiff, during coryza. Neck as if constricted by a cord.


      Cold, from excitement or mental exertion, or, legs and feet constipated while walking in sun; hamstrings contacted after abscess; pustules in palms; purple felon; heat in knees as from hot air blowing on them; pain in joints with amenorrhoea; pain in hip, 3 p.m.; burning pain in palms and soles at night; gangrenous ulcer on toe. Mottled forearms and hands; heat of palms at night and of soles p.m. and night; rheumatic pain, leftside to right, reverse of Lycopodium; bluish swelling of upper limbs; varices ulcerate. Pain in shin bones, aching in character, specifically if pain occurs with throat affections.


      Dreams of death. Dreads sleep, always aggravation on entering sleep, but especially after it, on waking.


      Chilly, during menses, at night. (L): Autumn and spring; begins in dorsal region. Longs for heat during chill, but it does not shorten chill, wants to be near it and lie down. Child must be held firmly to amelioration pain in head and chest and prevent shaking, feels amelioration if pressed down or held firmly.


      Loquacity during heat; during; chill: Podophyllum


      Sweat, amelioration after eating. Axillary sweat smells like garlic; like onions: Bovista


      Black rash; sensitive non left side, Crot. horridus, right. (L): Cicatrices become red; mottled spots; carbuncle with small purple vesicles around it; pemphigus; vesicular gangrenous skin; swells, after scratching; ulcers with black edges. Traumatic gangrene, ashy gray color, very offensive. Fissure, when inflamed parts felt as if hammered. Suppurating wound threatens to become gangrenous, very valuable. A valuable palliative in congenital cyanosis. For the bite of the snake, its gall rubbed into the wound. Scarlet fever, child drowsy, easily falls into a deep sleep, rash comes slowly or imperfectly, has a dark purple hue and often interspersed with a miliary rash; cases when complicated with membraneous deposits in throat, throat dark red, purple, cervical glands swell, dirty white deposits appear on left side tonsil, tongue coated dirty yellow at base with red papillae showing prominently through coating, pulse weak, surface of body cool, saliva abundant and tenacious, at times dark blood oozes from nose and mouth; follows Rhus well in adynamic types, also Belladonna, when in spite of Belladonna, though Belladonna seemed indicated, the case becomes malignant; in a Lachesis case the disease is adynamic and the blood poisoning profound; useful after the disease, where there is oedema with black scanty urine. small ulcers surround larger ones. Small wounds bleed much, like Phosphorus, but the blood of Lachesis is dark, that of Phosphorus bright red. To rapidly mature an abscess, regardless of location, CC every 2 hours.


      Convulsions, aura uterus to throat; faint in warm bath. (L): Catalepsy, from jealousy; amelioration from menses, reverse of Cim.; sides, left side to right side, reverse of Lycopodium; aggravation in Spring; varicose veins ulcerate. Haemorrhages, blood looks like charred straw; blood does not coagulate. Belladonna antidotes the acute, Calcarea the chronic symptoms. When fainting accompanies complaints. Touch of clothing aggravation, hard pressure amelioration. Use with brandy in malignant pustules. Aggravation. Summer, can not bear heat of sun. Lachesis and Naja were the most successful in the plague in India, of all the homoeopathic drugs. Pyaemia from absorption, hectic fever. With almost any complaint of the body, it seems the body and limbs become cold, almost impossible to keep them warm, face purple, mottled, eyes protrude, engorged, awful pain in head; tendency to become unconscious, speech incoherent, articulation difficult, finally full unconsciousness. As the snake comes to life in the Spring, after the Winter hibernation, in the relaxing days, so do the Lachesis symptoms come to life in the human.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.

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