KALI CARBONICUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of KALI CARBONICUM……


      Baglike swelling between upper eyelids and brows, that usually fills up when coughing.


      Worse 3 a.m., sun time. Chilly. Backache. Sweat. Weakness. Indifferent, peevish, nervous. Easily startled, especially at unexpected noises. All the pains go to the cold or uncovered parts. Worse cold. Aversion to open air. Pains stitching, or jerking, worse rest and lying on affected side. Giving out sense, especially in back and legs.



      Desires company, yet treats them outrageously; easily frightened from touch; mind. aggravation 3 a.m., sun time; shrieks at trifles. (L): Fright at trifles; starts when touched. Fright, or if door slams, always strikes the stomach; or, during sleep; full of fear, never wants to be alone. Anxiety, apprehension, timid, irritable, peevish. Whimsical, irascible, and irritable in the highest degree. Quarrels with his family and his bread and butter.


      Proceeds from stomach. Chiefly a.m. and p.m. While sitting, as if tottering to and fro; or, as if bed was sinking under one.


      Pain in forehead, afternoon while walking; drawing pain in forehead at midnight; paroxysmal pressing pain in temples; paroxysmal tearing, rending pain in temples, after being overheated. (L): Drawing pain in left side, or in sides; shooting pain in temples, inward; tearing pain in left side; turning and twisting sense. Pressive pain, and in forehead, afternoon while walking, peevish. Pain from riding in cold wind. As if head would fly to pieces, on coughing.


      Sore, bruised, tender pain in brows; stitching pain, during heat; weak, after coition; vision of circles on turning eyes, or, of floating black spots while reading, or, it vanishes while writing, or, vision of stars while writing or, vision of yellowish shining tremulous mist. (L): Hair falls from brows; photophobia, after coition; vision dim, after measles. Lids smart, feel stiff. Whites of eyes red, veinlets distended.


      Hearing acute, p.m., in bed.


      Red and bloody inside; stitching pain in root, before one falls in vertigo. (L): Hard. epistaxis, frequent; on washing face and a.m. Discharge thick, fluent, yellow.


      Yellowish, after vexation. (L): Bloated, swollen above eyes between lids and brows.Blotchy eruption, worse in wind or cold air.


      Alkaline odor; taste putrid, during menses. Shooting and smarting in back part of palate.


      Drawing pain, p.m., in bed; pressing pain, after dinner. Pain only while eating, or, in teeth alternating with stitches in left breast and under false ribs.


      Pain as of a splinter, after becoming cold; stitching pain; swelling of cervical glands p.m. (L): Crawling. Sticking, as from a fishbone, in pharynx. Coughing and hawking from crawling in throat.


      Sour, before menses, May-c., during; loathing of food during emotions and during intermittent fever; nausea from cold drinks while overheated, or, after excitement; pain, to bladder and testes; lancinating pain, after midnight; pressing pain, 2 a.m.; pulsation, with headache. (L): As if full of water. Nausea from every inward emotion. Fright, or even the slam of a door, registers in stomach; anxiety felt in stomach. Dyspepsia of the aged. Drowsy while eating. Beating in left side near scrobiculus cordis.


      Heat, after eating; heaviness in hypochondria, at night; pain in iliac region, or, in crest of ileum, to knee; dragging pain, during pregnancy; pulsation, during heat. (L): Burning pain in right hypochondrium; cramping, griping pain, before menses; cutting pain in hypogastrium, during menses, and in left side; stitching pain in right side. Distension, after eating even a little, especially a small quantity of soup. Sequelae of biliary calculi. Colic, where Colocynthis seems indicated but does not hold.


      Piles, amelioration riding; stitching pain, during pregnancy. (L): Piles aggravation during parturition. Continual burning in anus, after stool Shooting and cutting in anus with tearing. Violent itching and crawling in anus. large painful piles; thickly swollen. Burning as from a hot poker in anus and rectum, as from fire, also in piles.


      Tearing pain in neck of bladder, when pressing during urination; urine retarded, the more and the harder one presses the less the flow. Resembles Natr-m. in bladder troubles, but the burning in Natr-m. is more marked after urination.


      Pressing pain in male genitalia, during stool; bearing down in uterus as if everything would come out, during pregnancy; shooting pain, during labor; sore, tender pain, after menses. When Natr-m., apparently indicated, fails to bring back the menses. Incessant uterine haemorrhage in pale waxy hemorrhagic women.


      Dryness in larynx, 2 to 3 a.m., membrane seems to move about in larynx. (L): Roughness in larynx, on coughing.


      Asthmatic breathing alternates with night diarrhoea; difficult before, after drinking cold water while heated. (L): Asthmatic breathing, a.m.; difficult before, amelioration sitting upright or with head bent forward on knees. Oppression of breathing with most complaints.


      P.m. to a.m; suffocative cough, 5 a.m.; whooping cough, 3 a.m. sun time. (L): Violent cough, 3 a.m. cough following measles or pneumonia is more liable to call for Drosera, Sulphur, Carb-v. and Kali-c. than any other remedies. Cough a.m., even to vomiting, gags, head as if it would fly to pieces. Kali-c. has one of the most violent cough of all the remedies in the Materia Medica; it racks the whole frame.


      Copious, in warm room. Hard white or smoky masses fly from throat when coughing.


      Anxiety about heart, 2 a.m.; constriction, on swallowing; inflamed lungs, aggravation lying on right side, also after measles; sharp cutting pain, p.m., after lying down, aggravation lying on right side; stitching pain, in Autumn, in cold air, before menses, also, in breasts, during flow of milk, and, in sides, to back, from cold air and amelioration lying on right and aggravation lying on left side; palpitation, a.m. and during hunger, amelioration breakfast; phthisis pulmonalis of nursing mothers; weak chest, on rapid walking. (L): Pain p.m.; cutting p.m. and a.m.; pressing pain, on deep inspiration, and in sides. Stitching pain, especially lower 3rd. of right lung, to back. Endocarditis, pains stitch. Never been well since pneumonia. As if heart was suspended by a thread.


      Pain, 3 a.m., drives one out of bed; pain in lumbar region, up and down, to glutei muscles and thighs; burning pain in lumbar region, 3 a.m.; drawing pain in lumbar region, amelioration lying; stitching pain, 3 a.m., must get up and walk, also while lying, must get up and walk, which amelioration, also in lumbar region and hips; tearing pain in scapulae, a.m., and, in lumbar region, aggravation breathing; pulsations alternating with pain in back. (L): Pain, 3 a.m.; pain in lumbar region, 3 a.m., down legs and to nates, drives one out of bed; aching pain, amelioration pressure; sore, bruised, beaten pain, amelioration motion. Lumbago, sudden sharp lancinating pains up and down back, at 3 a.m., cannot remain in bed; or, as if small of back was broken, pains shoot down back and thighs. Back aches, weak, lame, especially lumbar region, walking difficult, cough, sweats nights. Nape stiff, a.m. in bed. As if broken, feels almost compelled to lie down in street.


      Cramp in thigh, during sleep; upper limbs blue, during asthma; purple spots on hands; itching of legs on touching foot; sciatica, must turn on well side before one can rise from bed; pain in nates hinders labor; sore, bruised pain in hips and knees, on sneezing; swelling of one foot only; twitching in thighs during sleep, on touch. (L): Jerking of lower limbs, on going to sleep, also of legs. Stitches under finger nails, of leftside hand. Violently ticklish in soles of feet. The predominating pains are stitching. In front rank as a knee remedy. Feels as if back and limbs must give out while walking.


      Sleepless, after 1 or 2 a.m. (L): Sleepy, while eating; waking 1 or 2 to 4 a.m. Very drowsy during day. cannot get to sleep, before 11 or 12 o’clock, without any cause. Wakeful, or sleep full of horrible dreams if compelled to stay alone in the house. Wakes at 3 a.m., worries 2 to 3 hours, then sleep soundly.


      9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Flushes at climacteric with heart disturbances.


      Copious, after midnight. Sweat where pain is.


      Ulcers bleed at night. Burning, as from drawing plaster. Water, milky white skin.


      Aggravation 2 to 4 a.m.; convulsions, amelioration belching; obesity of old people; external pulsations, during pregnancy; weary while eating. (L): Aggravation 2 to 3 a.m.; paralytic tearing pain in muscles. Pains acute, sticking. Aggravation 3 a.m., sun time, beginning about 2 a.m. and ending 5 a.m.; cold. Secretions scanty, tenaceous. Pulse irregular, intermits, or, weak and rapid. Weary, falls asleep, while eating. Starts when touched ever so lightly, especially on feet. Sensitive to atmospherical changes and to cold, always shivering, like Arsenicum Pains fly around in every direction; cut like knives, or like hot needles like Arsenicum, stick, sting like Apis, burn. Cold, requires much clothing, like Hepar In old gouty cases it is said to be dangerous to give Kali-c. high, the 30x being of the greater service; when Kali-i. is indicated in these states it acts as a soothing palliative. Kali-c. patients should be sent to a warm climate and the Calcarea patients to a dry one.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.