KALI BICHROMICUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of KALI BICHROMICUM…


      Copious tough adherent tenacious purulent mucus secretions, like rubber, that can be drawn out in long strings, difficult to detach, one feels like using a pair of shears, and predominantly yellow.


      Nose: dry; pain at root; plugs; formations of clinkers the detachment of which leaves very sore places or ulcers is very characteristic. Mouth dry. Appetite lost. Crave beer, it makes one sick. Pains: sharp, stitch; migrate; especially about joints; appear and disappear rapidly, like Belladonna; usually in small spots coverable by the tip of a thumb. Jellylike mucus forms on all mucus membranes. Secretions and excretions yellow. Troubles tend to indolency. Marked burning. Weak; weary. Sensitive to cold; lacks vital heat; desire to be covered up warmly. Aggravation: Hot weather; motion except limbs; 3 to 5 a.m.; winter; cold damp weather, when snow melts, like Calc-p. Amelioration when warm in bed, like Agaricus


      Forehead burns, stitches; pain after blindness, reverse of Silicea, is violent, sight returns as p. gets worse; pain in small spots in sides. (L): Pain, same hour daily. Pain: small spots; begins 9 a.m., ceases afternoon. Ache: king of remedies for blinding after; Allen contends there is no difference between Iris and Kali-bi., but Iris has more pronounced nausea and vomiting and the pain usually begins over one eye, the sight more blurred during, with Kali-bi. with Silicea, after.


      Tears on opening; photophobia when crusts are torn from nose; polypus, under surface of lid; vision vanishes on rising from stooping. Pannus, lids granulate. Cornea: valuable for small perforating ulcers, little photophobia; subacute scrofulous inflammation, and of iris. Inflammation: extremely valuable in a great variety of inflammation, and diseases of the nose, with the above IDENTIFICATION, and formation of clinkers, the detachment of which leave sore places or ulcers, which is strongly characteristic; of conjunctiva, catarrhal, indolent, little photophobia, exudate scanty; grows worse, vesicles and pustules form on cornea; of iris, subacute, especially syphilitic, like Kali-i. or when characteristically indolent, little redness, little or no photophobia, and ulceration. Photophobia in daylight only, lids twitch on opening them. Long lasting dense corneal opacities.


      (L): Eruptions excoriate. Suppuration, chronic, drum perforates, edges cicatrize, discharge as in above IDENTIFICATION, may be drawn out in long strings through perforation, lancinates, sticks. Itch and tickle violently inside, or, on right lobe waking one. Child deaf, tonsils large, like Baryta carb. Eczema, external, water oozes. Abscess threatens, external meatus swollen, terrible pain.


      Dry coryza from cold West wind; discharge: crust or scabs easily detached but if removed too soon cause soreness at root, and photophobia, or, thick, if it ceases headache comes on; full sense in frontal sinus from inflammation; heat, expired air feels hot, and, in root; obstructed in warm damp weather; pain in junction of cartilages; pressing in root, amelioration pressure; stitching in root to external angle of eye; snuffles in warm damp weather. (L): Crusts hard to detach, reform if detached; elastic plugs; heat, breath seems hot; pressure in bones of root; septum sore, bruised; root pulsates. Dry, pains in bones of root. nostrils: as if a hair in left; as if made of parchment. Feels heavy. Sheet anchor in treatment of mucus membranes, acute or chronic. Ulcers eat through septum, like Aurum Catarrh, post nasal, stringy mucus drops into throat, or plugs form. Violent painful pressure at root, like Stict., to cheek bones or around eyes.


      Pain in limb and, alternate; pain in cheek during cough; digging pain in rami of lower jaw. Very valuable in bloated pimply acne with more or less indigestion. Like Mercurius, malar bones suffer with the catarrh.


      Tongue brown on sides; ulcers look punched out. (L): Tongue red, glistens; mucus and saliva ropy. tongue: intense pain at root on protruding it, like Phytolacca; coated yellow at base, lie Mercurius and Natr-p.; dry red smooth and cracked, especially in dysentery; large insular patches, like Natr-m. and Tarax.; coated thickly brown like thick yellow felt, at root, papillae elevate; as of a hair on back part; or, thick broad, takes imprints of teeth, like Chelidonium and Mercurius


      Pains stitch, amelioration swallowing. (L): Membrane, false, to larynx; yellow gelatinous mucus. Hawks mucus a.m. Membrane, false, thick, decidedly yellow, like washleather, like Phytolacca Inflamed: chronic, of posterior walls, dark glossy; follicular, of pharynx, tonsils and fauces ulcerate, tenacious exudate. Ulcers on posterior walls of pharynx, well defined edges, cheesy exudate. Diphtheria: palate ulcerates as do tonsils and pharynx, discharge fetid, exudate tenacious; in all cases profound prostration, soft pulse, sweat, almost painless, like Baptisia, slight infiltration of cellular tissue, very tough adhesive exudate. Troubles continue in winter and in cold damp weather.


      Heavy after meat; pain in limbs and, alternate; sinking before breakfast. (L): Heavy after beer: nausea of drunkards. Beer drinkers made ill from beer. Stringy vomiting. Appetite lost. Burning pain or weight in pit. Sore in small spots. round ulcer. Inflamed, like Arsenicum, vomit sour mixed with clear mucus, or bitter, renewed by eating or drinking, distress, raw, burns, even in round ulcer, with the characteristic dry smooth red tongue, cracked. Aggravation immediately after eating, reverse of Anacardium and Graphites and if after dinner: Chelidonium; Anacardium is aggravation 2 or 3 hours after eating. Dyspepsia: nausea, vomits; from malted liquors, flatulence, oppressed after eating, nausea, vomit mucus; acid, vomit sour, an hour or so after eating, like Pulsatilla Catarrh, vomit glairy mucus, tongue thickly coated.


      Flatulence. Catarrh, duodenal, often jaundice, white stools, dark urine, nausea, vomit, often whole abdomen sore. Gastro- enteritis: discharge stringy mucus; vomit bile or blood, prostration. Hard contracting pain, liver to shoulders, like Crot. horridus; gall stones.


      Constipation: periodic every 3 weeks; diarrhoea, periodic, in summer; pressing a.m.; painfully retracted after stool, stool hard and dry, burning in anus. Diarrhoea, stool, brown frothy water, like Rheum. As of a plug in anus, can hardly sit down. Dysentery: dry red smooth cracked tongue, painful tenesmus, stool gelatinous bloody, aggravation a.m.; periodic, in spring; drops of blood, tenesmus, thirstless, fever, large insular patches on tongue, like Natr-m. and Tarax. constipation, stool hard dry knotty, like Mag-m., burning in rectum, after.


      Especially useful in jellylike, and when Cantharis has removed the scrapings. Brown frothy water. Odorless.


      Prostate pain on walking; jellylike discharge from urethra. Urethritis, subacute or chronic, a drop of urine seems to remain as if it could not be expelled, usually burning in fossa navicularis and bulbous portion of urethra after urination.


      Desire absent in fleshy persons; uterus prolapsed especially in hot weather. Ulcer, especially true chancre, and the characteristic cheesy exudate, to which it is especially homoeopathic. Leucorrhoea: ropy or jellylike; very tenacious. Pruritis vulvae, burns, excitement.


      Catarrh before change of weather; inflamed in damp weather; pain on swallowing as if food passed over a sore spot; burns, to nostril; pain presses aggravation talking. (L): Croup, to trachea. Hoarse. Croup: extremely valuable in late stage of membranous, pule soft, child weak, cough loose yet hoarse barking, sweat, expectoration tenacious and gags, child tries to vomit; constant sawing respiration, harsh rough voice and cool skin call for this remedy; Kaolin is also good in membranous constipated, especially with intense soreness along trachea and upper part of chest. Voice rough hoarse or nasal. As of a rag in. Catarrh, subacute, usually no fever, discharge very tenacious.


      In all respiratory affections cough is aggravation p.m., amelioration lying down and heat, aggravation eating, expectoration adherent and tenacious. Asthma: aggravation 3 or 4 a.m., especially in winter, or, in summer if chilly, must sit up to breathe, reverse of Psorinum, amelioration raising stringy mucus; caused by, and always follows coition. Wheezing respiration at night after whooping cough.


      Aggravation a.m., after eating; amelioration heat, lying down, and warm in bed. Pain, midsternum to back, stitching or weight and soreness in chest. A.m. on waking, and the characteristic expectoration.


      (L): Ropy; white a.m. Jellylike. White mucus, tough as pitch, can be drawn out in long strings, like Coc-c. and Lact-ac.


      Burning pain, sternum to shoulder, during cough; stitch under right breast to back; palpitation after waking suddenly in the a.m. (L): Pain behind sternum to back. Bronchitis: chronic and spasmodic, wheezes, tough expectoration that must be pulled out of mouth to prevent choking and vomiting; cough barking croupy; seems to come from low down in chest, aggravation eating; in all cases the cough is aggravation a.m. and after eating, amelioration heat of bed and lying down. Milk as if composed of stringy mucus and water.


      Cervical region itches and burns, or, pains on blowing nose; coccyx pains a.m. on waking, to urethra, before urinating; tearing between scapulae a.m. on waking; sweat on effort to stool. (L): Coccyx pains on sitting. Pain: urine bloody; sharp stinging, renal region.


      Pustules on finger over hand to wrist; sciatica, hip jerks; rheumatic pains alternate with gastric or lung troubles; pain after diarrhoea; shooting in knee at night; sore bruised in spots here and there; wandering tearing in upper. Pain: especially in smaller joints, like Act-s., wander from place to place, like Caulophyllum and Causticum; apt to recur every spring, like Colchicum; come and go suddenly, like Belladonna, shift rapidly; syphilitic, periosteal; especially about finger and wrist. Sciatica, left side, amelioration walking and bending leg, aggravation standing, sitting, lying and pressure. Scabs on finger, often about nail. Deep stinging cicatrices on hands as if punched out. Ulcer on heel. Rheumatism, cold form, bones feels sore bruised, like Mang.


      Copious, sitting.


      Pustules, syphilitic, itch nights; summer tubercles, Kali- bro. winter; ulcer, black spot in center; pains in cold weather. Vesicles, centers depressed, suppurate and leave cicatrices on healing. Ulcers: round, deep, edges regular as if punched out; circumscribed, penetrate, tenacious exudate. Lupus: painless, sluggish; pains burn, like Mez. Measles: little or no fever, yet ulcerate, tenacious mucus from nose; or, hoarse croupy cough and tenacious mucus; suits the severe forms, Pulsatilla the milder, discharge offensive pus, sharp pain shoots from ear into gland, glands swells, diarrhoea. A great variety of skin diseases, deep ulceration and tenacious exudate. Papules enlarge, develop pustules, even ulcers. Eruptions begin in hot weather, reverse of Rhus.


      Neuralgia, same hour daily. (L): Pain in small spots that can be covered by the point of the finger. Pain: attacks one part then reappears in another; appears and disappears suddenly, like Belladonna, changes place rapidly, like Lac-ac. and Ledum, especially in chronic rheumatism; do not stay long in one place, like Pulsatilla, nor do they tend to swell; the Mang. pains shift crosswise, the Lac – can. pains shift from side to side leaving the affected side free. Rheumatism: every spring; alternating with diarrhoea or dysentery. Fat sluggish persons especially children; older people: Graphites Nearest to it in mucus discharge; Hydrast. Discharges jellylike mucus, like Aloe. Alternating symptoms, like Abrotanum; Platina physical and mental; Aloe head with back. Wine drinkers should drink coffee, beer drinkers, tea. Aggravation 3 to 5 a.m., hot weather.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.