HEPAR homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of HEPAR…


      Extremely sensitive, mentally and especially physically, especially to a draft of air, to least touch of hand or dressing, and to pain which becomes so intolerable at times as to cause fainting and which is throbbing but especially splinterlike.


      Irritable and hard to get along with; breaks into violence, even to the point of not wishing to see one’s own family. Sad and depressed, especially evening. Hasty in actions, speech and drinking; words roll out in profusion. The secretions are profuse, and the excretions offensive and constant; the sweat easy, copious and sour, day and night, without amelioration. craves condiments and vinegar. All the inflamed parts are extremely sensitive. CHilly, needs much clothing when in open air if cold. Children smell sour and have a peculiar odor to stools and sweats. Aggravation dry winds; cold; least exposure, of a hand or foot; cold applications. Amelioration damp weather, reverse of Silicea



      Delusion that the world is on fire; desire to set things on fire. Anger, could stab any one; disposed to contradict; weeps, during cough. Dissatisfied with oneself, could murder in cold blood, especially those who offend. Cries during cough; Arnica, before and after; Belladonna, after Hasty speech and actions; Belladonna hasty speech and drinking. Child outrageously cross. Angry, abusive and impulsive from every little thing that disturbs one; quarrelsome, nothing pleases, every one disturbs, oversensitive to person and places.


      Itching eruption on Head morning; bursting pain in Head, nights, waking one; pressing pain in vertex, while walking. (L): Pain in dry cold weather; boring pain in forehead, above nose; as of a plug, peg or wedge in sides of Head.


      Inflamed, amelioration warm covering; sore bruised tender pain, to head; swollen, nights; loss of vision, after sitting bent over. (L): Pimples on lids pain aggravation touch. The Eyes troubles requiring Hepar are of a sluggish type, anaemic, easy sweating, aggravation night and very sensitive to open air. Likes to have Eyes slightly covered, in Eyes affections. Pimples surround the affected Eyes.


      Stitching pain, from ear to ear. (L): Pain aggravation cold applications, amelioration heat and wrapping up.


      Epistaxis, after chill; boring pain in root, morning; rawness, when blowing nose. (L): Pain, to eyes; sneezing, on moving head.


      Lupoid cancer; crusty, scabby eruption on nose, down – like, with deep fissures, sensitive to touch; heat, 7 evening; ulcers, sensitive to air. (L): Heat, evening and night; hard swelling. Cold sores on lips, like Natr-m.; Camph. in the beginning; when well advanced, amelioration and prevents their return. Herpes following course of supra – orbital nerve, severe pains as if eyes would be drawn back into head.


      Taste bitter after chill, Spongia, during; ulcers on gums with lardaceous bases. (L): Pustules on tongue; sensitive to touch.


      Abscess at roots of filled Teeth.


      Pain, to ear, as from a splinter, on turning head or yawning. (L): As of a bone in teeth; inflamed, after Mercurius; pain, as from a splinter, on swallowing; stitching pain, to ear; pulsating. Chronically inflamed tonsils, with deafness. Choking is as characteristic of Calc-s. as with Hepar, but Hepar is aggravation cold air, Calc-s. amelioration. Indicated after Baryta carb. and Belladonna in tonsilitis; these three remedies run as follows; Belladonna in the onset; Baryta carb. after the Belladonna dryness and fever have subsided, and Hepar if suppuration threatens. As from a crumb or fishbone in Throat.


      Empty eructations, from mental exertion. (L): Desires vinegar; pain, on blowing nose. Plainest food disagree, like Carb-v. Dyspepsia amelioration by condiments. Strong comfortable feeling after a meal; Chelidonium after a hearty meal.


      Inguinal abscess. Abscess of inguinal gland; bubo.


      Stools difficult, even when soft and claylike, like Alumina; or, frequent, brown, frothy, strains much; children cry.


      Urine dribbles, drops down perpendicularly. (L): Haemorrhage, from urethra, after urination; last part of urine bloody; blood flows from urethra, after urination. Oily film on surface of urine. Orifice of urethra red and inflamed, like Sulph. Obliged to wait a long time before urine passes, Natr-m. especially if any one is near, seems never to be able to finish, it drops vertically down and some always seems to remain in bladder.


      Excoriation of made Genitalia; moisture between scrotum and thigh; leucorrhoea, odor of old cheese.


      Constriction of Larynx, on inhaling; croup, aggravation lying; stitching pain in Larynx after supper; trachea sensitive to touch; voice weak, during heat. Pain in Larynx from cold air. Croup: rotation in cough: Aconite, Hep and Spongia Hepar should be used cautiously in membranous croup, even in later stages, as overdosing is apt to cause recurrence of the more acute symptoms; Hepar follows well Spongia; Spongia should only be given after Hepar when it has aggravation the cough and caused return of the former symptoms; Hepar is never to be given in cough when there is hot dry skin, only when the child is sweaty and weak; it must be differentiated from Kali-bi. and Bromium, neither of which is indicated when there is fever, the tenacious secretions decide the choice of Kali-bi., and the spasmodic character of the cough, etc., Bromium


      Deep breathing, a. running. Whistling breathing.


      On closing eyes, at night; hoarse, evening to midnight; nervous cough all night; Cough in wind (L): Hacking Cough, after dinner; suffocative cough, at night; cough in wind, the cold wind. Cough aggravation after midnight; Spongia, before.


      Constriction, after talking; dry cracks in axilla; scirrhus ulcer of breast, stings, burns, odor of old cheese. (L): Boils in axilla. Do not give Silicea, Sulphur or Hepar too high or too often in patients who have encysted tuberculosis in lung. Axillary glands suppurate and discharge pus.


      Drawing pain, morning after rising; sweat of Back, after midnight.


      Felon, every winter; itching of upper Limbs, after abuse of Mercurius or suppressed eruption; stitching pain in first toe, to hip. (L): Cold feet, during day; boils an cracked skin on lower Limbs; pain in fingers, amelioration heat; pain in nates on sitting; sore, bruised pain in upper arm; hands rough Felon: or run arounds, extremely sensitive to felon; scrawny, chilly people, always taking cold and subject to fever. Affects especially bends of elbows and popliteal spaces. Cracked skin and chaps on hands and feet.


      Anxious dreams of fire.


      6 in the evening to 5 in the morning. From least exposure, even the putting of a hand out of bed. Easy Chill, little fever, general tendency to sweat. Aggravation open air; must get to warm stove, as soon as Chill begins: Bovista, and lie down: Lachesis Nettle rash itches violently and stings; appears as Chill passes off: Apis.


      Morning and evening; burning heat, 4 evening, lasts all night. Fever blisters around mouth.


      Offensive Sweat, after cough. (L): Sweat day and night, without amelioration; fetid odor; sour, at night, Mercurius, oily; copious Sweat day and night, without amelioration Fairly drenched, with cough, or from least exertion, like Bryonia Especially in perineum, groins and inside of thighs; especially on genitals: Gelsemium Constant offensive exhalations from body.


      Urticaria, before chill; indurations burn; itching, during jaundice. (L): Pimples, sensitive to touch; sensitive; ulcers bleed when touched, bruised pain, sour odor. Ulcers, odor of old cheese; borders extremely sensitive. Eruption moist, in folds, itching in bends of joints, aggravation morning especially after ointments of mercury, with itching. Suppuration rapid, the reverse of Silicea Material doses said to be required in pellagra. In all Skin troubles, great sensitiveness to least touch. Hepar is not quite so deep acting as Calc-s. Hepar acts in abscess before it opens, Calc-s., after; same in quinsy. Ulcers, the discharge smelling like old cheese; eroding pain, bleed when wiped ever so gently; little pimples around ulcers Wool – worker’s itch. Suppuration is a marked tendency.


      Aggravation 6 to 7 evening; sudden weakness daily. Often wears an overcoat in hot weather; Psorinum, a furcap. Like Aconite and Bryonia, Hepar is sensitive to cold air, but not dry cold air, like them. Pains throb, stab, general rigor, are characteristic. Cold either brings on, or aggravation all complaints, wants clothes drawn tightly about neck. Discharges from all parts of the body smell like old cheese; or sour. Children smell sour, despite washing. Generally aggravation from putting hands out of bed. The trio: Mercurius Hepar and Silicea Removes the weakening effects of ether.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.