GELSEMIUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of GELSEMIUM…


      Mentally dull and sluggish with desire to be left alone and quiet, muscles relaxed and weak, thirstless, limbs heavy.


      Drowsy. Dizzy. Tremor. Dreads motion, like Bryonia, but from weakness, Bry from pain. Dread of failure. Urine copious, watery, which amelioration. Stools yellow. Eyelids heavy; droop; balls ache and are sore to touch and motion, like Bryonia Face suffused, flushed, hot to touch. Irritable, sensitive, excitable. Aversion to being alone, like Arsenicum Easy anger, which aggravation. Pulse full, round, soft and flowing. Fear of falling. Amelioration stimulants, and sweat whether slight or partial.



      Dull, amelioration copious flow of urine; exhilaration, can recall things long forgotten; fears the heart will cease to beat, unless constantly on the move, the reverse of Digitalis (L): Excitement, on hearing bad news; fear of a crowd, in public places. Stage fright, or “funk,” as after an examination, like Silicea Fear of falling, especially in children, when carried (Borax downward), dizzy, starts, grasps the nurse or crib, and screams out.


      When carried; Borax downward, or laid down. Prominent in most conditions. Vision blurred.


      Bursting pain in Eyes, while lying; vision dim, better urination; diplopia with headache. (L): Lids fall; Eyes hard to keep open. Dull aching pain in Eyes ball, and neuralgia about Eyes, are associated with all its intermuscular inflammations. Blurred vision with vertigo.


      Tickling in Eustachian tubes causing cough. Deaf, from quinine.


      Summer coryza; burning pain in left posterior rare, like scalding water. “Flu “: prophylactic; never well since attack.


      Pain, amelioration copious flow of urine. No control of lower jaw, it wags sideways. Face heavy, besotted, but not so pronounced as Baptisia Chin quivers incessantly, during convulsions.


      Right half of tongue cold; saliva yellow, as from blood; sticky, viscid, feverish sense. Tongue thick, numb, can hardly speak; white or yellow.


      Burning pain, to left nostril. Very valuable for paralysis of Throat, after diphtheria, a feeling of a lump in Throat which could not be swallowed, our most valuable drug. As of a stream of scalding water, up to left nostril.


      Fullness, aggravation clothing; cramping, griping pain, amelioration riding. (L): Convulsive hiccup. Hiccup evening, sometimes chronic cases.


      Cutting pain, backward and upward, during labor.


      Diarrhoea, from bad news or exciting news, and on going into battle; urging to stool when startled. (L): Diarrhoea, from fright. Diarrhoea aggravation anticipating, or an unusual ordeal, as appearing in public, or undergoing an examination or surgical operation, etc., and emotional excitement. Anus remains open, like Phosphorus and Secale


      Yellow; constipated or diarrhoeic.


      Difficult urination alternating with enuresis; urine involuntary before chill, from excitement, during the effort no flow. Urination copious during headache; urine limpid. Marked soreness in the urethra in the beginning of gonorrhoea.


      Abortion, from excitement; labor pains, through to, and up, back; stitches in uterus, up back. Labor pains, to back and hips. Os thick, tense and rigid, Belladonna thin, tense and rigid, during labor, pains leave uterus and fly all over body. Uterine ailments from emotional excitement, sudden bad news, fright, grief, etc.


      Loss of voice, during menses.


      From tickling in Eustachian tube.


      Hawks up bloody water.


      Fears heart will cease to beat, unless constantly on the move, the reverse of Digitalis; oppression of heart, aggravation thinking of it; pain in heart, on rising from a seat.


      Heat, while reading exciting news. Congestion, to cervical region; pain ascends, during labor; pain in cervical region, to all over head; pain under least scapula, Chelidonium, right; aching in cervical region. Chills run up and down Back, an important symptom. Sharp laborlike pains, to hips.


      Pain in upper Limbs and fingertips, when playing piano; drawing pain in lower Limbs, on motion; sore, bruised pain in thigh, amelioration sweat, and in calf, nights; paroxysmal stitching pain in lower Limbs and legs; tearing pain, aggravation change of weather; tingling in legs, afternoon; trembling of hands on moving them, during typhoid. (L): Legs heavy, aggravation exertion. Cold, tremble, weak.


      Sleepiness of students.


      Begins in hands; after excitement or fright. Runs up and down back and spine. Feels as if one must be held or have clothing piled on one so that one may not shake so. Begins in hands and feet and runs up back. Chill begins in hands and feet, in recent cases, in chronic cases: Natr-m. Of great value for intermittents contracted at Summer watering places and “Wintered over”, then appearing next Spring.


      Chill absent, forenoon. Remittent fever, especially children, toss about bed in agony, when aroused from drowsy state become peevish, irritable and excitable. Very important in afternoon fevers without chill, in infants and children. A leading remedy in typhoid, and must be compared with Baptisia, its tongue is more thinly coated and lacks the dark streak of Baptisia, and the face is not quite so besotted, or the consciousness so beclouded. Sensitive to light and noise; noise intolerable: Caps. Regular periodic fever without chill, like Arsenicum, but thirstless, restless, burning Heat neither weak nor prostrated as with Arsenicum, sense of falling.


      Cold, afternoon, Sepia, night.


      Faint, after anger; weak, amelioration 10 a.m. In cases of poisoning, resort of artificial respiration, and faradism of muscles of respiration. In acute complaints, Gelsemium is to the warmer climates what Aconite and Bryonia are to the colder climates. Convulsions, child’s chin quivers incessantly. Lassitude, expressed by patient, Mur-ac. does not express it. Pains mostly deep seated. Weak after pollutions, great prostration from irritability of seminal vesicles.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.