CAUSTICUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of CAUSTICUM…


      Paralytically weak, anxious, timid, ambitionless, full of nervous fancies especially in p.m. twilight, restless especially at night in bed, legs constantly moving; child afraid to go to bed alone in the dark, like Carb-v.


      Peevish. Memory weak. Hopeless. Women are especially tearful and melancholic. Thirst. Smoked meats agree. Burning, rawness, soreness. Anaemia. Neither the desire nor the ability to make any effort. Sallow, yellow, sickly. Limbs weak, tremble. Tendency to loss of muscular power, and to muscular contractions. Can endure neither heat nor cold. Worse: open air; clear fine weather; exposure to cold dry winds, like Aconite and Hepar, and bathing in cold water.



      Anxiety while straining at stool; dullness, forgetfulness and imbecility before epilepsy; exaltation of fancies in p.m. twilight; mispronounces words; forgetful of thoughts p.m.; weeps after spasms. (L): Restless p.m.; child weeps at least worry. Depressed, gloomy, weepy. Full of fearful ideas, p.m. Starts at least noise, like Borax


      Tends to fall to left side on looking up. From gaslight. As from compression of head.


      Heat before epilepsy; burning pain, and in forehead on entering room from open air; drawing worse cold air; shooting in temples, spreading out in a circle; stitching in temples while reading; paroxysmal tearing and rending in occiput; sweat on and trembling sense in, before epilepsy. (L): Empty, hollow sense in forehead; pain in occiput, upward and forward. As of an empty space between brain and skull, amelioration heat. Pressing pain in right frontal protuberance. skin tense and stretched.


      Photophobia, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.; vision: white spots then green, dim on blowing nose, diplopia on looking up, foggy in incipient cataract, sparks on winking. (L): Burning pain as of sand; paralysis from cold. Warts, especially on edges of and under lids. Pressure in as of sand. Dry. Photophobia. Lids: upper heavy; twitch visibly, like Agaricus Pressive pain aggravation touch. Burning lachrymation in room, but especially in open air. As if gauze was drawn before.


      Noise: buzzing after epilepsy, cracking on turning head, hissing and roaring after epilepsy, snapping on turning head, hearing acute for one’s own voice, it sounds loud. (L): Deafness, every sound reverberates; wax increased. Steps reecho. Stitches in right.


      (L): Inflamed, itches, swells, ulcer on tip; tip and wings itch. Horny warts and growths on tip. Blows out bloody substance a.m. Sneezes a.m. Obstructed. Similar to Eup. in influenza, but Eup. has more soreness of chest. Pimples on tip. Severe epistaxis.


      Temples yellow during menses; acne: aggravation becoming heated, rosacea, in groups; pain, chilliness; paralysis after getting wet. (L): Nose: acne rosacea, pimples on tip also crusty eruption; pain in articulation of jaw on opening mouth; stitches during chill; paroxysmal tearing; paralysis of one side from cold; tension of lower jaw. Paralysis, especially form exposure to cold dry winds, especially the intense cold dry winds of winter; Aconite the acute, Causticum the chronic. Pimples on left side cheek. Sense of tension in jaws, with pain, could scarcely open mouth. Gouty pain in lower jaw.


      Indurates inside cheek; stammers during excitement or vexation. (L): Oft recurring abscess of gums; tongue white on side; speech difficult during chores, or lost during paralysis of organs; painful vesicles on tongue. Upper part of palate pains as if sore.


      Chronic pain in dry weather. (L): Loose, pain; pain to eyes, nose and zygoma. Pains throb, shoot. Incisors loose, pain.


      Mucus, must be swallowed; moist eruption on external throat; pain in pit on hawking mucus; pressing in pit as of a foreign body. (L): Ineffectual disposition to hawk; pain on stooping; constant disposition to swallow from thick mucus; tension and stiffness of right side externally. Back part dry. Hawks mucus a.m.


      Fresh meat disorders; eructations: of food 5 hours after eating, and after sugar; waterbrash from fresh meat; fullness after bread; nausea from mucus in throat; pain on deep breathing; as of lime slacking in. (L): Desires smoked things; disordered and pressing pain after bread. Nausea from fresh meat. As if spoiled. Eructations frequent, tasteless, or taste of food as if undigested. Pressure in scrobiculus cordis. Appetite lost at thought or smell of food. Thirst for cold drinks with aversion to water, like Lachesis Averse to sweets. Aggravation coffee, amelioration cold water.


      Pain in left side on coughing, to back and chest; tension in hypochondria while lying on back. (L): Stitching pain in sides. Colic: Colocynthis failing, pains cut, grips, amelioration bending double, especially before menses, tearing pain in back and limbs; a.m. Stitches in hepatic region.


      Constipation, stools pass better standing; diarrhoea from cold air on abdomen; piles aggravation thinking of them; pressing pain as if faeces were lodged in; stitches, amelioration eating, Nux after; spasm in during urging to urinate; urges to stool from fright. (L): Excoriates between nates from walking; hard piles; sore pain, and in perineum on walking. Piles raw, sore aggravation waking or sitting. Anus: sore, pain unendurable on walking; fissure; burns after stool, anxious oppression of chest; itches excessively. Diarrhoea aggravation fresh meat. Spasms prevent walking. Ineffectual urging to stool. Frequent loud discharge of flatus.


      Hard, tough, greasy.


      Urine retained from cold dry air; urging frequent, no passage, but it flows involuntarily while sitting; urine interrupted p.m.; ineffectual urging with cramps in rectum while standing, involuntary while sitting; haemorrhage from urethra during coition; burning pain in urethra during urination after coition; bloody urine nights. (L): Bladder inactive and as if paralyzed from forcible retention of urine form overdistension; urine involuntary on blowing nose, becoming cold or sneezing; cramping pain in kidney. Paralysis of bladder after labor, urine retained. similar to Belladonna, Sepia and Sulph. in enuresis during first sleep, but sleep of Belladonna and Sulph. is deep Urine: of women, like that of Sarsaparilla, is often passed unnoticed; involuntary of child especially during first sleep and aggravation in winter, either becoming more moderate in summer, or disappearing, but in winter it escapes at any time; discharged slowly, like Hepar; spurts during cough; frequent, increased; passed insensibly in the dark, must feel with hand to make sure it is passing. Acridity during and after urination. Troubles from forced retention, but if chilled at same time: Rhus.


      Leucorrhoea odor of menses; uterine pain after eating. (L): Stitching pain in testes, smegma increased; female desire diminished (or wanting). Scrotum itches. colic at appearance of menses.


      Irritated a.m. in bed; pain down trachea during cough, in streaks; pressing on blowing nose. (L): Scraping on clearing throat a.m.; sudden loss of voice from paralysis. Hoarse: a.m., Carb-v., p.m., aggravation dry cold weather; chronic, failing try Sulph.


      Talking impedes breathing. Breath obstructed, must catch it quickly.


      Morning and night, only while lying. (L): Aggravation bending forward. Cannot cough deep enough to start mucus. Especially amelioration sips of cold water. Aggravation heat of bed and on stooping. Pain over hips, urine spurts. Improves up to a certain point then remains stationary. As if cough into a barrel, sounds hollow.


      Heart affections from overlifting; as of cold water running down anterior part, below clavicle to toes; herpes on nipple; pain in, alternates with pain in stomach; stitches in sternum from exertion or lifting. (L): Oppression after stool; stitching pain on deep breathing. Nursing women who lose their milk after excitement or loss of sleep. Hypertrophy of heart in young girls from calisthenics, of boys: Bromium Pain as form a bruise in right side. Sore pain from, and loud rattling during, cough. As from too tight clothing. Stitches under arm. Shooting in sternum during a deep breath.


      Cramplike pain in lumbar region on sitting; sore bruised beaten pain in lumbar region during parturition; stitching pain in lumbar region on appearance of menses. (L): Drawing pain in coccyx. Pain over hips on coughing. Tearing pain during colic. Pain and stiff in right side of neck, constant tension.


      Shoulder cold during epilepsy; tendons of upper arm constricted; tendo-Achilles cramp night in bed; lower marbled; as if fingers were enlarged on touching something; fulness of hand on taking hold of anything; thumb painfully numb; injured parts pain; drawing pain in legs amelioration heat of bed, Lycopodium aggravation; sore bruised pain in thigh a.m. in bed, or, in one not lain on at night; paralysis gradually appears from bathing in a river in summer, or of upper right and tongue after diphtheria; upper stiff, while writing; hands as if swollen on grasping something; legs tremble on ascending a ladder; horny wart on finger tip; hands weak in warm room. (L): Chorea from fear; contracted finger; knees crack on descending steps; lower marbled; feet emaciated; pain in bend of elbow on stretching arm; pain in left hip during cough; sore bruised pain between thighs, and in legs a.m. in bed; leg paralyze after getting wet; hand as if paralyzed; joint stiff during chill; soles tingle; paralyzed parts tremble; wart on finger tip close to nail. Rheumatism ceases when warm in bed, returning on getting up. Tearing pain during colic; Rhus down thigh during stool. Joints: crack; contract, stiffen and ankylose, like Guaic. Hamstrings under knee feel too short. Pressing on shoulder. Stitches in little finger. Cramp: in calf early in bed; in feet. Paralytically weak, tremble. Makes motions with arms and legs at night during sleep. Washing hands in warm water brings on pain in old sensitive conditions, amelioration washing in cold water.


      Yawn at night while listening to conversation. Yawn, stretch, extend limbs, especially at night. Sleepy and weary during day, almost irresistible, must lie down. sleepless at night. Can find no position in which one can rest quietly at night. Start up in fright.


      As of cold wind blowing between scapulae (Am-m. coldness, Phosphorus heat). (L): 12 p.m. midnight. Follows heat, followed by sweat.


      (L): Amelioration drinking cold water. Chill follows.


      Copious during day, during sleep. (L): While walking in open air. Nights. Follows chill, without heat.


      Liver spots itch. (L): Ulcer, discharge gray. Warts especially on eyelids. Burns: after effects of scalds or; never well since. Eruptive pimples.


      Chorea in dry weather, and when thinking of it; convulsions with cerebral softening, amelioration cold water, runs in a circle to right, paralysis follows; aggravation fresh meat; external number of left side half of body; gradually appearing paralysis; internal trembling of affected parts on rising from sitting (L): Convulsions during paralysis; heat followed by chill; lassitude p.m.; chronic effects of lead; burning pain in parts grasped by hand; pulse frequent p.m. Paralysis: of muscles anywhere; when toned up by drinking cold water. Rheumatism ceasing when getting warm in bed, like Agaricus, returning on rising. Sinking of strength, like fainting. Epilepsy during sleep, urine escapes. Muscles twitch, jerk, tremble, quiver, during sleep. Convulsions from fright. Fissures form on least provocation. Aggravation thinking of one’s ailments, like Baryta carb., Ox-ac. Pip-m., etc. Amelioration heat except fingers.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.