ARUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of ARUM…


      Picking and boring especially at and into the nose, and more especially into the sides of the nose, works with the nose constantly, picks at the dry lips till they bleed, picks and bores constantly in spite of the pain it causes; child picks and screams.


      Cross. Mind and body irritable, restless, tosses about. Nose: bores into it till it becomes sore and bleeds, in all low forms of disease; stopped, discharge acrid, excoriates parts over which it passes causing rawness, burning and smarting. Mouth: lips and soft palate sore, burn; angles cracked and bloody; saliva excoriates. All stools acrid. Urine scanty, becomes suppressed, sign of amelioration when the flow increases. Parts pain, tickle, tingle, cannot let them alone, insists on scratching, pinching, picking at lips, pressing around mouth and boring into nose in spite of the soreness, rawness and bleeding it causes. Picks ends of fingers. Child cries when drinks are offered. Sleepless at night. Vital forces depressed. Discharges acrid and irritate orifices. With complaints, especially typhoid, excoriation with acrid moisture where thighs bend on abdomen.



      Vertex cold, afternoon; pressing pain, from hot things. (L): Heat, with coryza. Bores head into pillow. Pain: from hot things; from and aggravation hot coffee or too hot clothing; aggravation heat of room, heat warm clothing, becoming warm and wrapping up body.


      Left upper lid quivers.


      Discharge copious morning, head stuffs, or, thick yellow during day.Fluent coryza, left side, afternoon; sore bruised inside left nostril. Coryza: most dreadful, Nose stooped must breathe through mouth, sneezes at night, discharge fluent, acrid, leaves red streaks on skin over which it flows, excoriates inside of nose; neck and parotid glands sore. As if nostrils were filled with fire. Discharges acrid, ichorous, excoriate inside of Nose, alae and upper lip, especially in diphtheria, sore throat and scarlet fever. Affects nose and face predominantly on left side.


      Pain in articulation of lower jaw on swallowing; muscles stiff when swallowing. (L): Lips bleed; heat, afternoon; lips pain, burn. Lips: thick, chap, burn; manipulates, picks and pinches. Parotids swell and enlarge in typhoid.


      Bleeds and itches in scarlet fever. (L): Excoriation of membranes; burning raw smarting pain in Mouth and palate, morning; and at root of tongue. Saliva excoriates lips and, causing rawness, smarting, burning, lips bleed. Tongue: cracks, bleeds; inflamed, acrid discharge from nose. Salivary glands enlarge with diphtheria, scarlet fever and sore throat. On account of the soreness child cries when offered a drink.


      Sore pain, 4 p.m. Inflames, followed by paralytic weakness, impossible to swallow liquids or food, the fluids and liquids are forced into and run out of the nose on attempting it, especially so in sore throat and diphtheria. Painful tingling beelike stinging pain, parts ulcerate, raw, bleed.


      Thin faeces escape and keep parts raw and burning. Acrid fluid causes moisture and rawness in posterior part of fissure back of anus, over coccyx.


      All acrid. Frequent, faecal, thin, mushy, yellow, like corn meal. Dark, brown, watery, thin.


      Urine becomes suppressed; as soon as it increases in scarlet fever after. Arum is given the patient gets better. Scanty.


      Aphonia from exposure to North West winds. (L): Inflames in speakers; sore pain, of singers; voice changeable or shrieking. Voice: on attempting to use it gives out suddenly and goes off into a squeak or into a higher key; uncertain and uncontrollable, changes continually, must try different pitches till one can find a pitch in which one can talk; can hardly talk from mucus in posterior nares; talks in a nasal tone through nose; Phosphorus has voice improving from clearing mucus from Larynx. Burning whole length trachea on coughing. Public speakers, who after long exertion, take cold and are unable to finish; while the hoarseness of Rhus is at the beginning and improves or passes off by using the voice.


      Burns and raw, to pit of stomach, on coughing. Pneumonia. Palliative in phthisis. Prefers left Chest and lung.


      Cervical glands swell, enlarge. Raw over coccyx.


      Typhoid fever, picks ends of fingers and dry lips till they bleed; petechiae.


      Impetigo contagiosa (dose daily of C C for 3 days, then less often; 10 days are said to be sufficient for a cure).


      Parts itch and tingle, cannot let them alone. Glands swell, become hard and tender and sore to touch, especially parotid and salivary glands, especially in typhoid, scarlet fever and sore throat. Great depression of vital forces. This remedy should not be given low, nor repeated too often, as bad results are apt to follow.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.