ALUMINA homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of ALUMINA…

      All mucus membranes dry with destruction of tissue, skin dry and harsh, little or no sweat or sweat very rare.


      Weeps: constantly sad and depressed, aggravation walking; confused, undecided. Irritable. Averse to work. Lassitude, aggravation lying. Vertigo, faint, tired, must sit down. Nose apt to be red at tip. Throat dry, irritable, relaxed. Desires such things as chalk, lime slate pencil and whitewash. Often can only urinate with stool, or, must stand up to urinate and sit down to defecate. Urine flows slowly. Always expectorating. Sluggish functions; stool extremely difficult even though soft, must strain at stool in order to urinate. Heavy. Numb. Dryness and burning everywhere. All orifices discharge. Lack of vital heat, yet desires to be in open air well clothed and warm; takes cold from every draught. Skin chronically dry, reverse of Calcarea Aggravation: especially from starch and potatoes; and at sight of a knife, gun or blood.



      Cannot look at a knife, gun or blood without desire to kill; prostrated after menses; timidity and assurance alternate. Confusion: as to one’s identity; of intellect, things seem unreal. Fears evil, evening. Time passes slowly, like Cann-i. Amelioration as day advances.


      Amelioration wiping eyes. Patients: tired out, broken down; men worn out from old age; especially with locomotor ataxia, on closing eyes.


      Burning pain or pressing as from a tight hat in forehead while standing. Stitches in brain. Effects of using hair washes containing lead. Ache: nausea, vomits; on taking cold, especially when discharge slacks up.


      The most important indication in Eyes troubles is catarrhal conjunctivitis with burning and dryness, little discharge and destruction of tissue. Yellow halo around candlelight. Feel cold. Turn in, Alumina, right. Inflame, canthi itch (internal), lids agglutinate at night, tears by day, burn, smart, dry, yellow halo around candlelight, little ulceration. Lids thick, dry, burn or feel stiff, and crack, Graphites and bleed. Weak, changeable vision, glasses fitted with difficulty. Mucus membrane thickens, Argentum lids, often causing turning out of lids like ectropion. Lashes fall.


      Tip cracked. Septum swollen, red, pain on touch. Spare thin dry people disposed to cold in head and eructations. As if full of sticks, dry crusts on side (left) stuffs up. Blows much, Am-c. cannot blow, discharge from eyes.


      As of white of egg dried on it, or dried blood, or a cobweb, and on other parts of body not covered by clothing; a peculiar sense of crawling that cannot be let alone until removed, like Baryta carb. and Borax; sits and rubs. Face and backs of hands all the time. Carry hand to Face as if to brush something away.


      Gums gray, dirty. Breath offensive.


      Drawing pain, to neck. Ache of pregnant women, gums swell, ulcerate.


      Disposed to hawk from roughness; pressing pain in oesophagus on swallowing; dry, scraping; sore, feels food whole length of oesophagus. Dry: scraping evening; irritation relaxed. Itches externally. Looks paralyzed and glazed. Can swallow but a small morsel. Stings, as if full of sticks, on swallowing, especially after a moments rest, amelioration moistening and swallowing.


      Desires dry food and tea grounds; bitter belching after potatoes, or, sour evening in bed; heart burn after drinking; indigestion, heavy, and nausea after potatoes.


      Paralysis of lower bowel similar to lead. Fulness especially of right hypochondria.


      Constipation from dryness. Cholera infantum, green stool. Constipation: especially useful in children; of new – born and infants, when nothing else is to be found, where child strains and strains, yet stool is soft and strains to pass it till covered with sweat; unable to strain; no desire, like Bryonia; as if some remained behind; Nux-m. strains to pass a soft stool, but has dry mouth as if tongue stuck to roof, sleepy, impossible to read on that account, faints if one has to stand long, and China has the same condition in those who have lost a lot of blood, are anaemic pale and weak. Diarrhoea: aggravation urination; on drinking. As if excoriated or paralyzed. Fissure,. Dry, inflamed, bleeds.


      Bladder weak evening Urine: must strain to pass; passes slowly, women must sit a long time unable to press; dribbles; retained, dribbles involuntary; passes better when one has been up and around some; voided while straining at stool or can only be passed then. Discharge from urethra remaining for months, stays yellow and painless.


      Pressing pain in prostate during coition, at beginning of erection. Emission: involuntary, especially of the aged, while straining at stool; nightly, weak, impotent, when organs are worn out from abuse or over use. Discharge: gonorrhoeal bubo, yellowish, burns, itches especially at meatus; chronic, painless that might be mistaken for gleety women who have bad gonorrhoea prolonged by palliation, especially Pulsatilla and Thuja failing, also in the painless last drop in the male. Leucorrhoea: acrid, copious, transparent, ropy, burns, aggravation during day and after menses, amelioration washing with cold water; runs down thigh, reddens and inflames part; aggravation standing and walking; corrodes; runs down to heel; where acetate of lead has been used. Menses: exhausted in mind and body after; hardly gets straightened up from one period to the next. Prostate gland full, enlarged, as of fullness in perineum, unpleasant sense after coition, discharge after stool.


      Has superceded Argentum for singers and talkers, voice trembles and lets down; for prima donnas, lawyers and preachers where there is weakness and huskiness on beginning to sing or talk and improves with use of voice give Rhus, or if voice is veiled by mucus and amelioration clearing it away give Phosphorus, or if one can only speak or sing in a certain pitch give Arum.


      Dry, almost constant. Dry hacking; continued, dyspnoea; chronic, lingering, morning; soon after waking, long attacks, loses breath and often urine, vomits, especially in women; Argentum day. Aggravation eating potatoes and condiments. Ends in raising a little white mucus, morning. Frequent sneezing. Involuntary emissions of urine, old withered people, involuntary emissions during stool. From elongated uvula, or as a piece of string hanging in throat.


      Anxiety about heart 4 to 5 a.m.; oppression aggravation bending head forward. Pressing pain at night. Sore, aggravation talking.


      Burning pain in upper angle of left scapula amelioration friction; as of a hot iron thrust through lower vertebrae; cervical region stiff during sleep, (also jerks in back of neck).


      Tearing in tendo-Achilles evening; as of an electric current in finger on touching things; furfuraceous eruption on hand; toes itch evening aggravation scratching; involuntary motion of one side; knee: pain in hollow, to heel, or, stitches amelioration walking in open air, or, tearing to toe; shock in right shoulder on touching anything. Complaints predominate in outer part of thigh. Lower: heavy, can scarcely drag them, must sit down; legs weary on sitting; said to stop progress of locomotor ataxia, when in early stages, symptoms agree, and Aluminium has stopped the fulgurating pain in old incurable cases; unable to walk with eyes closed. Soles feel soft. Hands: flexor tendons of painists weak, Cur. extensors and seems to quicken the lifting power; nails brittle, gnawing under; numb and discolored in cold weather; backs dry, skin thickens. On stepping; heel as if numb; soles soft and swollen. Pain as bones were squeezed narrower, pressure in joints. In cold weather hands are constantly cold and covered with cracks and fissures which bleed. skin along shin bones rough, ragged and itches.


      Disturbed before menses. Goes to bed cold as a frog, heat of bed and itching allow no comfort.


      No matter how much clothing is piled on one only gets hot and itches, but no sweat Entire inability; chronic cases Graphites, even when exercising; Calcarea, Natr-m. and especially Plb.


      Withers, dry, thickens, indurates, ulcerates, cracks, bleeds, eruptions appear. Itching: with or without eruption, aggravation heat of bed, scratches till skin bleeds; eruption comes out after scratching, in crusts; as soon as healing begins itching begins, only comfortable when skin is raw, bleeding and moist; Arsenicum, Dolichos. and Mez. have amelioration from scratching till skin bleeds.


      Chlorosis, slender delicate girls, depraved appetite, aggravation alternate days. Child: artificially fed, weak, wrinkled, costive; during dentition, internal strabismus, recti weak; dried up wrinkled girls at puberty. Gets along nicely for a time, then, for no apparent cause, gets worse for a time, then better, soon another relapse that may be worse than the original, another not so bad, and so on with longer intervals between. Spare thin dry people disposed to cold in head and eructations. Exhausted: after walking in open air, yawns, stretches, drowsy, inclines to sit, lying increases lassitude; lassitude and weak after talking. Faint on standing. Chronic of Sepia Weak: especially to paralysis; pin prick is not felt at once. Mucus membranes thicken; Argentum cartilages. Poisoning from, and sensitive to, lead. As of a hoop or band in different parts of body, especially during myelitis. Paralysis of one side of body, especially extensors. Aggravation rising a.m., amelioration getting up and moving about; especially after dinner; potatoes; waking a.m.; warm room. Amelioration : open air; cold washing; p.m.; alternate days; damp weather.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.