ALOES homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of ALOES…

      All veins engorged causing stiffness and fulness, relaxed sphincter ani.


      The above IDENTIFICATION. The real indication for Aloes are to be found in the rectum, anus and stool. Inclines to hate and repel people. Excitable, especially when in pain. Aversion to motion and mental labor. Ill-humor, especially in cloudy weather. Head: Feels hot; pain over eyes feels compelled to make them small. Eyes, as of a heavy weight pressing lids down partially closing them. Thirst. Averse to meat. Longs for juicy things. Abdomen: full, rumbles, distended; weak sense as if diarrhoea would set in and loss of power of sphincter ani; pain in region of liver, skin hot and dry; bowels distended, flatus offensive, and bleeding. Rectum feels insecure on account of paralytic weakness of sphincter ani, stool feels as if it would escape at any moment, with or without the stool or urine, and could not be retained. Stool: hard lumps like marbles mingled with water or liquid faeces; often passed unnoticed. Urine scanty, high color, apt to escape with stool. Jellylike mucus deposits on all inflamed or ulcerated mucus surfaces. Aggravation: dry weather and heat. Amelioration: cold and cold applications. Complaints come slowly.


      Active memory alternates with lassitude. Anger, revengeful, wishes to destroy object of one’s wrath. Extremely irritable during pain, which is most generally in abdomen.


      (L): Pain amelioration cold applications. The characteristic pains are frontal. Dull or passive pain over eyes, eyes heavy, compelled to make them small, nausea. Feels hot, wants something cool on it. Pain: aggravation heat; alternate with lumbago.


      Vision of moving yellow circles. Red, vision yellow (Sant.).


      Sudden explosion and crashing as from breaking glass on retiring.


      Tip cold.


      Lips markedly red, crack, dry, bleed, like Arum.


      Concave surface of teeth hurt tongue.


      Sore, aggravation yawning.


      Nausea, pain in forehead and eyes.


      Weak sense as if diarrhoea would set in, Sulph-ac. as if menses would occur. Fulness, distension and rumbling seem to be one of the most striking features of Aloes; loud noisy rumbling and gurgling. Great accumulation of flatus that presses down and causes distress in lower bowels. Abdomen symptoms are apt to be associated with pressure in region of liver. Liver: prominently a left side remedy; stitches, to chest; when it only palliates look to Sulph., Sulph-ac. Kali-bi. and Sepia Gurgling during stool. Colicky flatulent pain: from eating or drinking; even when constipated; drives one to despair making one extremely irritable and excitable. Growling after supper. Great distension across transverse colon as if abdomen would burst. Twisting, griping in upper, around navel region amelioration sitting bent. Extremely sensitive, no position comfortable. As of a plug wedged between os coccygis and symphysis pubis. Labor – like pain in loins and groins amelioration standing.


      Dragging pressing pain during menses; urging to stool on rising; piles and lumbago alternate. (L): Flatus hot, Conium cold; burning pain after flatus; paralyzed sense; unnoticed stool; urging only flatus passing. Constipation: aggravation when, reverse of Calcarea; child constipated from birth unable to pass stool, even with enema, yet passes solid pieces in bed; sometimes expels as much as a teacupful of thick jellylike mucus before stool. Diarrhoea: rarely later than 10 morning; of beer drinkers; oysters out of season, Lycopodium in season; fullness and tightness of abdomen from flatulent distension, must go to stool often, holds it with difficulty; often has to go to bed from weakness, like Podophyllum but Pod’s aggravation is 4 a.m.; stools gush, thin, yellow, offensive, excoriate, burn like fire, anus sore; watery on standing or walking. Dysentery; stools bloody and jellylike mucus; often only quantities of jellylike mucus. Piles: large, prominent, tender, hot, like bunches of grapes, aggravation stool, amelioration cold water, Bromium aggravation both cold and warm water amelioration wetting with saliva, Mur-ac. amelioration, warm water decidedly aggravation cold water locally. Dares not pass flatus or urine for fear stool will escape. Must keep mind on sphincter ani or stool will escape, Sepia must keep mind on bladder or urine will escape. Children as soon as they learn to walk, and even old people, drop their stools all over the floor. Anus: itches preventing sleep, bores into it with finger, cannot let it alone, drives one to distraction, only amelioration cold applications; ointments applied to burning a. increase the burning. Stricture prevents stool from passing down into R.


      Falls out. Large jellylike masses, Graphites hard lumps as if embedded in coagulated white of egg. From pain in abdomen. Like marbles. Hard, unnoticed. Size of pipe – stems. Watery on standing or walking.


      Uterus feels heavy, engorged, as if haemorrhage would occur, impedes walking. cold bath stimulates Genitalia cannot take it.


      Hands hot, feet cold; may alternate. Drawing pain in joints.


      Prevented by itching in anus.


      Itch, yearly as Winter approaches. Increased burning around ulcers after ointment Sulph. cannot bear any application as it is poisonous and causes breaking out of eruption. Sense of heat and dryness, no fever. Glycerol of aloes applied twice daily said to banish pimples in 2 weeks.


      Extreme prostration, with sweat. Heat in all orifices, Sulphur and red as if painted. Kali – bi and Sulph. are very closely related as to stomach and bowels. Varicose veins, skin hot. Complaints of old beer drinkers. Thick cakes of jellylike mucus, almost as thick as leather, may be peeled off any ulcerated, aphthous or inflamed mucus surface. Aggravation: hot dry weather; early morning; sedentary habits, like Nux; after eating or drinking; standing; walking; Summer heat. Amelioration: cold water; cold weather; cold open air; discharge of flatus and after stool. (When powdered and applied to a wound said to ameliorate pain at once.).

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.