VIPERA TORVA symptoms from Manual of the Homeopathic Practice by Charles Julius Hempel. What are the uses of the homeopathy remedy VIPERA TORVA…


VIPER TORV. German Viper. See Hering’s “Treatise on the Poison of Serpents.”.




Alternate pains in the limbs and abdomen. Excessive weakness,. Fainting fits, with discharge of saliva, or preceded by violent pains or attended with violent congestion to the heart. Frequent fainting fits, at night, alternating with vomiting and diarrhoea. General spasms during the violent pains in the abdomen and head. Epilepsy every year.


Black blister, with suppuration and subsequent recovery. Blisters, with red areolae, near the axilla. Large ulcers on the tibia, penetrating to the bone, and leaving considerable cicatrices. Deeply penetrating suppression after shining swelling, with blue blisters. Black crust n the wound.


Icy coldness of the body. Shuddering, with febrile motions and quick, smell, contracted, sometimes unequal, intermittent pulse. Cold shivering, with nausea, vomiting, and great thirst. Chilliness, with paleness of face and thirst. Chilliness and pains in the chest. Violent acute fever at night, with delirium. Fever with erysipelas. Feeble and irregular pulse.


Restlessness, with headache. Anguish, with vomiting.


loss of consciousness, with swelling. Stupefaction, with cutting in the abdomen. Cerebral affection. The eyes look as if the were raving mad, with staggering and stumbling forward. heaviness of the head, with reeling and red face. headache, with vomiting and convulsions. raging pains in the head, with general spasms.


Redness of the eyes, with profuse lachrymation. Protruded eyes, with swelling of the face, which soon turns black, with closing of the throat. The lips are blue, the mouth swollen. Raging pains in the jaws. Sordes on the teeth.


Discharge of white saliva, with death-like fainting. Protruded and pale swollen tongue.


Unquenchable thirst. Nausea, with vomiting and thirst. Vomiting, with mucus, blood, worms, Vomiting, with stupefaction, or convulsions, or diarrhoea. Vomiting, with erysipelas. Vomiting, with headache, or with shuddering and violent thirst.


Violent pains in the abdomen and shoulders. Pains in the abdomen, with violent thirst and vomiting Pains in the abdomen, alternating with pains in the limbs. Swelling of the abdomen, with great distention of the veins on the chest and abdomen.


Diarrhoea, affording relief. Several evacuations, with urging, shuddering, and thirst. Constipation. Excessive swelling of the scrotum and penis, the parts turned black, with excessive pains and vomiting.


Violent pain in the chest then chilliness. violent congestion to the heart. Swelling up of the chest, with difficulty of breathing.


Pains in the back and abdomen. Excessive swelling of the hand and arm, painful when touched. Erysipelas eruption along the inner surface of he upper arm and on one side of the body.

Charles Julius Hempel
Charles Julius Hempel (5 September 1811 Solingen, Prussia - 25 September 1879 Grand Rapids, Michigan) was a German-born translator and homeopathic physician who worked in the United States. While attending medical lectures at the University of New York, where he graduated in 1845, he became associated with several eminent homeopathic practitioners, and soon after his graduation he began to translate some of the more important works relating to homeopathy. He was appointed professor of materia medica and therapeutics in the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia in 1857.