VERBASCUM symptoms from Manual of the Homeopathic Practice by Charles Julius Hempel. What are the uses of the homeopathy remedy VERBASCUM…


VERB-Verbascum Thapsus, Great Mullein, Cow’s Lung wort-See Hahnemann’s “Mat. Medorrhinum Pura, ” VI.




Frequent stretching and yawning. Restless sleep, with dreams about warts and dead bodies.


Slight passing coldness in the whole body. Shuddering on one side of the body. Unquenchable thirst.


Indifference. Despondency. Vexed and peevish.


Sudden vertigo, as from pressure on the whole head dullness and confusion in the forehead. Dull and painful heaviness of the head Violent aching pain in the whole right hemisphere of the head, from within outwards, disappearing by stooping. Aching in the vertex. Aching, stupefying pain in both sides of the forehead. Sensation as if both temples were pinched with pincers. Pressing pain in the occiput.


Heat in the eyes, and sensation as if he orbits were contracted. Gauzy and watery dim-sightedness. Dilation of the pupils.


Painful lacerating and drawing in the ear. Sensation as if the ears were obstructed.


Violent pressure on the malar bone. the whole cheek is affected by the dull pressure in the articulation of the jaw, it increases to a stupefying tension.


Crampy sensation, with pressure,, in the lower jaw. Violent tension in the integuments of the chin, the master jaw. Violent tension in the integuments of the chin, the master muscles, and the neck.


Brown-yellow tongue, coated with tenacious mucus. Hunger without appetite. Unquenchable thirst. empty eructations. Bitter eructations, with disposition to vomit. Frequent hiccough.


Pressure in he stomach. Pain as if the bowels adhered to the peritoneum in the umbilical region. Frequent constriction of the abdomen in the umbilical region. Pressure on the umbilicus, as from stone, aggravated by bending foreword. Cutting-pinching in the whole abdomen, with frequent erections.


Nocturnal emissions.


Obstruction of he larynx and nose. Hoarseness on reading loud. Tension across the chest, after going to bed, with sticking in the region of he heat.


Itching on the fore-arm. Crampy-like pressure in the metacarpus, on moving the arms. Sticking, particularly in the palm of the hand. Laming pain in the fingers. Deadness and in sensibility about the thumb.


Great heaviness in the lower limbs. Staggering gait in the open air. Drawing pressure as far as the knee. Cramp-pain in the thigh. Trembling knees. Lacerating in the leg, from above downwards.

Charles Julius Hempel
Charles Julius Hempel (5 September 1811 Solingen, Prussia - 25 September 1879 Grand Rapids, Michigan) was a German-born translator and homeopathic physician who worked in the United States. While attending medical lectures at the University of New York, where he graduated in 1845, he became associated with several eminent homeopathic practitioners, and soon after his graduation he began to translate some of the more important works relating to homeopathy. He was appointed professor of materia medica and therapeutics in the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia in 1857.