QUASSIA EXCELSIA symptoms from Manual of the Homeopathic Practice by Charles Julius Hempel. What are the uses of the homeopathy remedy QUASSIA EXCELSIA…


(Gall Tree).


We have no reliable provings of this drug. Pereira states that, according to Kurtz, a dog, affected with the mange, had his hind legs completely paralyzed in consequences of the sores being washed with a decoction of Quassia; in seven hours it disappeared. Pereira says that, “some have noticed effects which seem to favor the notion that Quassia possesses a specific influence over the cerebro spinal system.” “In females, endowed with extreme susceptibility, I have seen,” says Barbier, “involuntary movements of the arms and legs, produced by the aqueous infusion of Quassia.” Kraus says, that “the continued use of Quassia brings on amblyopia;” and Kurtz asserts, that “the long-continued use of Quassia has brought on amaurosis.”.

Charles Julius Hempel
Charles Julius Hempel (5 September 1811 Solingen, Prussia - 25 September 1879 Grand Rapids, Michigan) was a German-born translator and homeopathic physician who worked in the United States. While attending medical lectures at the University of New York, where he graduated in 1845, he became associated with several eminent homeopathic practitioners, and soon after his graduation he began to translate some of the more important works relating to homeopathy. He was appointed professor of materia medica and therapeutics in the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia in 1857.