MANGANUM symptoms from Manual of the Homeopathic Practice by Charles Julius Hempel. What are the uses of the homeopathy remedy MANGANUM…


MANG. Manganese. See Hahnemann’s “Chronic Diseases,” IV.


Am., Am.-mur., Calcarea, Coffea, Conium-m., kali., Lycopodium, Platina, Pulsatilla, Sabad., Sarsap., Thuja, Veratrum


Coffea, Mercurius-sol.


Pinching pricking in several parts of the body, especially in the interior of the thighs. Drawing, darting, lacerating stitches, in various parts. Tensive or cramp-like drawing, and lacerating in various parts. Nightly digging bone-pains. All the parts are painful, when touched ever so little, as from subcutaneous ulceration; chest and cheeks experience a feverish warmth. Head, hands, and feet feel swollen and enlarged, after waking in the open air. The whole body, especially the stomach, feels uncomfortable, accompanied with ill-humor. Languor, in every joint; the joints feel extended, with tremor of the limbs, and tremulous sensation of the knee and arm-joints, with a feeling of anxiety, as if he would die.


Most of the symptoms occur in the night. Most of the symptoms worse when stooping. The symptoms which have come on in the room improve in the open air. Many of the symptoms come on in the open air, and improve in the room.


Violent itching, with burning and small vesicles, or deep seated little blotches. Violent burning over the whole skin, in the evening. Itching herpes. Unhealthy skin. Soreness and rhagades in the bends of the joints. Chronic inflammatory swelling and suppuration of the little finger.


Waking at four o’clock in the morning, with pinching in the abdomen, followed by soft stool. Confused, anxious, vivid dreams the whole night.


Shuddering over the back, with stitches in the head. Chilliness the whole day. Chilliness every evening. Shaking chills, early in the morning, with cold hands and feet. Violent heat in the head, with some chilliness over the rest of the body. Sudden flushes of heat and redness of countenance and face, especially when standing, without thirst. Irregular pulse, scarcely perceptible, now quick, then slow. Anxiousness, with shortness of breath and profuse sweat all over. Night-sweat over the whole body, when waking.


Discouragement. Continued restlessness.


Diminution of the power of the senses. Weak memory. Absence of mind. Gloominess and dullness of the head, with general feeling of exhaustion, when sitting. Vertigo, when sitting or



Megrim. Dull headache in a room. Heaviness and painful dullness of the head, with heat, relieved in the open air. Stupefying, aching pains in the forehead. Dull aching of the occiput. Painful pressure over the whole brain. Contractive pain in the upper and back part of the head. Drawing pain in the temples, apparently in the bones. Contractive sticking pain in the whole forepart of the head. Throbbing ulcerative pain in the right side of the occiput. Throbbing pain in the whole head. Painful concussion of the brain, from shaking the head. Congestion of blood to the head, when sitting, standing, walking, or lying, with hot feeling in the face, without redness or external heat. Pricking stitches, lancinations in the scalp.


The eye lids are painful when moved. Pressure in the eyes, while reading. Bloated eye-lids. Hot feeling and dryness of the eyes. Dilatation of the pupils. Contraction of the pupils. Dim- sightedness. Her sight vanishes after looking at an object for a long time. Fiery sparks, resembling wheels, when closing the eyes, looking black as soon as he looks at a light.


Otalgia in the left ear. The ear feels painful when touched. Dull sticking pain in the ear, whenever he talks. Scraping stinging in the region of the tympanum. Pressive, Contractive feeling in the parotid glands. Deafness, as if the ears were closed with the hand. Whizzing and rushing in the ear. Report on blowing the nose and swallowing.


Painful crampy lacerating between the root of the nose and eye- brow. Coryza. Violent dry coryza. Dry coryza, with red, inflamed, sore nose and upper lip, in the evening.


Face wretched, pale, and sunken. Pain in the region of the malar bone. Cramp pain in both upper and lower jaws after eating. Sore pain, as from excoriation, in the lower jaw. Dry parched lips, with shrivelled skin.


Violent toothache. The tooth is painfully sensitive, as if ulcerated, when touched ever so slightly. Drawing lacerating toothache.


Burning vesicles on the left side of the tongue. Dryness of the palate and lips. Accumulation of bitter water in the mouth, with inclination to vomit. Ptyalism.


Dry scraping sensation in the throat. Great roughness of the throat, in the evening. Cutting soreness in the throat, between the acts of deglutition. Chronic sore throat.


Oily taste in the mouth. Bitter taste. Sour taste. Feeling of hunger in the throat, with a sensation of pressure.


Eructations tasting of the ingesta. Sour burning, like heartburn, with inclination to vomit.


Burning in the stomach, extending into the chest. Pressure in the pit of the stomach and on the chest, aggravated by contact. Oppressive and contractive pain in the stomach. Drawing and nausea in the region of the stomach.


Aching sore pain in the last ribs, increased by contact or motion. Indescribable sick feeling in the abdomen. Ulcerative pain of the whole abdomen. Distention and bloatedness of the abdomen. Aching, or rather tensive pain around the above the umbilicus. Cutting in the umbilical region, when taking a deep inspiration.


Intermittent stool. Constipation. Rare, dry, difficult, also knotty stool. Pale-yellow, scanty stool, preceded by pinching in the abdomen. Contractive pain in the rectum, when sitting.


Frequent desire to urinate. The urine becomes turbid, and deposits an earthy sediment. Cutting in the region of the bladder, while sitting, increased when rising or moving about.


Voluptuous itching of the corona-glandis. Itching of the interior of the scrotum. Menstrual discharge between the periods. Leucorrhoea.


Rough throat, early in the morning, when rising from the bed, with a hoarse, hollow voice. Roughness of speech. In the morning chest and breathing feel oppressed. Itching dryness in the throat, bringing on a short and hacking cough, early in the morning. Chronic roughness and hoarseness. Disposition to cough early in the morning. Deep cough, without expectoration.


Bloody expectoration from the chest. Dull pain in the chest, when coughing. Bruised pain in the chest. Contractive or sticking pain in the chest. Warmth, with nausea in the chest, accompanied by coryza. Throbbing in the right half of the chest, accompanied by coryza. Throbbing in the right half of the chest, resembling the palpitation of the heart, in the evening, when in bed. Palpitation of the heart. Small tubercles on the mammae.


Pain in the small of the back, when bending the body backwards. Lacerating along the whole spinal column. Stiffness of the nape of the neck. Drawing tensive stiffness of the nape, alternating with toothache. The neck feels swollen and stiff, with pain in the muscles, proceeding from the teeth.


Pain as from a sprain, in the shoulder, and elbow-joint, with much yawning. Gurgling in the shoulder and elbow-joint, with pain when touched. Excessive paralytic pain, darting suddenly into the arm, proceeding from the teeth. Weak arm. Tensive pain in the arm, and carpal joints. Pain in the arm-joints. Pain in the arm- joints, in paroxysms. Morbid, distressing sensation in the arm. Sudden weak feeling in the upper arm. Sense as of digging in the humerus, in paroxysms, at night. Tension of the skin of the hands as if they were swollen.


Tensive, painful tubercles on the buttock, feeling sore when pressed, as if ulcerated. Jactitation of all muscles of the lower extremities, during the least exercise. Languor of the thighs and legs, with drowsiness. Darting pain above the knee. Bruised pain across the thighs. The knees are unsteady and tremble. Smarting sensation in the tibia, as if bruised. Languid, weak feeling in the leg, from the knee to the tarsal joint. Itching feet are heavy.

Charles Julius Hempel
Charles Julius Hempel (5 September 1811 Solingen, Prussia - 25 September 1879 Grand Rapids, Michigan) was a German-born translator and homeopathic physician who worked in the United States. While attending medical lectures at the University of New York, where he graduated in 1845, he became associated with several eminent homeopathic practitioners, and soon after his graduation he began to translate some of the more important works relating to homeopathy. He was appointed professor of materia medica and therapeutics in the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia in 1857.