The following symptoms of Natrum phosphoricum are collected from nineteen provings made by twelve provers; nine males, three females. The potencies range from the 6th to the 100,000th. The first provings made in 1869, the last in August 1875….

Synonyms: Phosphate of Soda, Sodi Phosphas, Sal Mirabile Perlatum, Alkali Phosphorus, Tasteless Purging Salt., etc.

The Phosphate of Soda exists in minute proportions in all solids and fluids of the body. Like all the alkaline Phosphates, its quantity is greater in flesh-eating animals.

Its function in the blood is not conclusively known; but it has been recently demonstrated that it conveys carbonic acid fro tissues to lungs. If this is so, it must have a nutritive value, and is well-worthy of a therapeutics study. Schussler, so impulsive in therapeutics, is an excellent student of Physiology. According to him, it plays an important part in the lymphatic system; hence in the blood genesis.

In 1800, Dr. Person introduced this Salt into Allopathy. He considered it a mild purgative, suitable to children, and persons of a delicate stomach. It has sometimes been given medicinally by substituting it for common salt.

Dr. William Stephenson (Edinburgh Medical Journal, 1867, Vol xiii, p. 336) recommends it for “infants who are being artificially reared, and who are liable to frequent derangement of the bowels…. where, from the character of the motions, there is a deficient or defective secretion of bile…. chalky stool, or white fluid motions, and in many cases of green stools”, etc.

In our school, several partial provings were made years ago by Dr.Hering. In 1873, Schussler mentioned it as a tissue remedy. Von Grauvogl lays more stress on the Muriate and sulphate of Soda, preferring the Phosphate of Potash in the saponifications of fats, change of gases, etc. as the most active. But potash salts exist more in the blood-cells, muscles, etc. soda, in the liquor sanguinis. Potash Salts, when proved, show an aggravation when awakening, that is, when we begin to use oxygen, which was stored up during sleep; Soda Salts are worse during sleep, while oxygen is accumulating (C.Hg.). Hence even though as alkalies they have many similarities, we shall find sharp differences, depending upon variations in function. Potash must be present to insure an amount of oxygen calculated to keep muscles in their full power of contraction; Soda must be present to carry away carbonic acid, a resultant of oxidation.

The following resume is collected from nineteen provings made by twelve provers; nine males, three females. The potencies range from the 6th to the 100,000th. No prover knew the name of the medicine, nor did any two have opportunities of conversing or comparing notes. In no case was a single dose given, but at least twenty were taken. The first provings made in 1869, the last in August 1875.

I am well-aware that prejudice will lead some to refuse these provings because they were made principally with the high potencies. This, however, will in no wise alter their truth or falsity. If four or more persons, in different seasons of the year and and in different latitudes, experience the same effects from any given potency, we have an indisputable right to claim these effects as resulting from the medicine taken. If only one prover develops a certain symptom, or set of symptoms, they may, be fallacious or they may be true. Who shall decide from performed opinion? The advocate of the high or of the low potencies? Neither. There is no court of appeal for the Homoeopathician but that which Hahnemann was the first to establish, viz. experiment. So with the symptoms here offered for trial. If they fail when tried, let them go. If they do not fail, let us use them, however our prejudices may question their origin.

Great care has been exercised in preparing the accompanying resume. Symptoms which had been previously experienced by the provers have generally been omitted. Something may thus have been lost, especially as illustrating the reawakening, of latent disease; but much has been gained in precision and certainty. For the same reasons obscure or indefinite symptoms have been reserved until more clearly expressed.


Each symptom has the initial of the prover and the potency used.

Mrs.P.; Miss F.; A., a doctress; Dr. V.; Dr.H.; Dr.K.; Dr.D.; Dr.S; Dr.Hn.; Mr.H.; Mr.M.; Mr.J.


[Every fifth symptom of this proving has been marked with numerals like 5, 10, 15 and so on.]

Melancholy, especially after emissions J. 10 m.

Depression; too apt to dwell on annoyances. J.50m.

Frequent attacks of gloominess, evening. Dr. D., cm.

Apprehensive of some approaching evil J. 50m.

5. Worries about his health; about the future. Dr.D.,10m Vexed at trifles; disposed to be irritable. M. 50m.

Ill-humor, mostly forenoons; no ambition to do anything; inclines to study in the evening. Dr. D., 10m., cm.

Imagines he hears foot-steps in the next room. M., 50m.

Study makes him so nervous he must get up and walk about. M.,50m.

10. Study is burdensome, it is so difficult to remember what is read. Dr. D., cm.

Easily startled by the least noise, especially at night, causing palpitation. See Sleep. Dr. D., cm.


On rising in the morning, dizzy, as if he would fall; objects turn around; gone feeling in the stomach; nervous Dr.S., cm.


Tensive headache, with dullness and heaviness, accompanied by dim sight, as from a veil before the eyes. P., 30th.

Dr. S., cm.

15. Pain in right temple extending to right eye and ear, at noon; Frontal headache, sharp over the left eye every forenoon. better by 5 p.m. (after eating grapes). In evening, pain over left temple while riding in a street car. p. 6th, 30th.

Immediately after dinner, sharp tearing in left side of head, front of ear and temporal region particularly. Dr. D. cm.

Pressure over the right eye, with sighing, as if room were too close, later, over left eye; worse before and after, better during menses. F. 30th.

Pinching in left temple descending to left ear and tonsil. P. 6th.

Heaviness and fulness of the head, with flushes of heat in the after noon, followed by sweat. P.2c.

20. Empty feeling in the head; stomach feels empty. Dr. S., cm.

Frequent sensation of fulness in the head, with pulsating pain on stepping. Dr.D.,10m.

Pain in centre of left eye-brow.

Pain in left orbit, with pain in bowels, extending up into the chest; flatulence.

Headache 9 A.M. preceded by gagging and faint feeling; pain all over head, better at first from pressure; no better after dinner or siesta, but suddenly leaves at 8 P.M. Dr. V., 1m.

25. Headache at 10 A.M. M.10m.

Every afternoon, after menses, headache. F., 30th.

Headache better after breakfast; worse after dinner. Dr.S., 50m.


Rheumatic drawing up left side of occiput into the forehead.

Very severe pains in the temples nearly all the morning. Dr. S.,



30. Mist before the eyes; halo around the gas-light; eyes feel sore, weak. Dr.S. cm.

On rising, 5 A.M. flickering of slight in left eyes. A., 10m.

Dim sight, as from a veil over eyes, with dull, heavy headache. P., 30th.

Quivering of right eye-lid while reading, before sleep, and on awaking. Dr. Hn. 30th.

On using the eyes, dull, aching pain in the orbit above the ball; eye-lids feel sore, itch, and burn. Dr.S., cm.

35. Eyes feel sore, when reading in evening. M., 10m.

Eyes, as if bathed in hot water; drowsy. M.,50m.

Eyes blood-shot, M., 10 m.; feel as if sand was in them, mostly the left eyes. M.,50m.

Burning lachrymation; drowsy, 10 A.M. M., 50m.

Inner canthus of right eye feels sore, he wants to rub it; slightly injected. Dr.S., cm.

40. Aching in right eye-ball. M.,1 m.

Dryness of left eye-ball with pain in same, as if bruised. Dr. K.,1 m., 10m.

Scrofulous Ophthalmia. Schussler.

Lids feel heavy and itch along the margins; pain over the eyes. Dr. s., cm.


Tickling from middle ear into the Eustachian tube. J. 10m.

45. While lying down, sensation as of water dropping from a height into a long, narrow vessel. M., cm.

Lobe of right ear burns and itches so intolerably, he has to scratch until it bleeds; face burns; joints itch. M. 50m.


Offensive odor before the nose in the morning, tow days. Dr. D., cm.

Slight epistaxis in the morning; irritable. Dr. D., 10m.

Tough, clear-white phlegm from posterior nares. J., 10m.

50. Dropping of thick, yellow mucus from the posterior nares; worse at night; awakes him, he must sit up to clear his throat. J. 1m, 10. Left nostril stopped up accumulation of mucus in the throat. J.,1m.

Left nostril stopped up; worse in open air. M.50m.

Left nostril sore, painful; picks it continually; scabs from. Dr.S., 70m., cm.

Itching of the nose A., 10m.


55. Teeth in the morning, and mouth all day, covered with a brownish mucus. J.,10m.


Coppery taste, 5 A.M. A., 10 m.

Bad taste in the mouth, morning, on awaking; gastric symptoms. Dr. D., cm.

Tries to say a word, but it will not come out; feels, as if something closed in the throat, preventing speech. J. 10m.

Sensation of hairs on the tip of the tongue, followed by pricking numbness of whole moth, next day a small pimple. P.2c.

60. Tongue coated dirty-white with a dark-brown centre. Dr. D., cm. Blisters on tip of tongue. M., 10m.


Sensation, as of a pin pricking the right side of the throat, worse swallowing liquids, better from solids. Dr. S., 10m.

Accumulation of mucus in the throat, causing hawking, afternoon; this causes a tickling and slight cough. Dr. D,. cm.

Right side of throat sore. Dr. S., cm.


65. Desires strong-tasting things, even Alcohol. Dr. Hn., 30.

Desires strong-tasting things J., 1m.

Desires for beer; it relieves the goneness. M., 5m.

Desires for fried eggs, J., 1m; for eggs, M., 50m.

Aversion to bread and butter, yet formerly found thereof; very persistent for weeks. Dr. D., 10m., cm.

70. Not very hungry for meals, yet enjoys them; most appetite for supper. Dr. D., cm.

No desire for food; sick, gone feeling. Dr. S., cm.


Before breakfast, pressure from spine to stomach, A., 10m.; headache better. Dr. S., cm.

After breakfast; nervous, went to bed again. Dr. S., cm.

Before dinner; 11 to 12 o’ clock sick feeling, nervous; empty gone feeling; pulse quick, jerking. Dr. S., cm.

75. After eating a little, feels full M., 50m.

After dinner, headache. Dr.S., cm.

Fulness in the stomach all the time, but worse after eating. Dr.D., cm.

Sensation of heaviness in the epigastrium, better after eating. P., 30th.

Feels weak and cross after dinner, would like to lie down, Dr. D., cm.; empty feeling in the chest and abdomen, M., 1m., empty, gone feeling all day, but worse after eating, Dr. S., cm.


80. Eructations after eating. M. 1m.

Eructations frequent, tasteless. 10m., 50m.


Heavy feeling in the stomach, causing a restless feeling; third day after tea. A., 10m.

Constant feeling of fulness. Dr. D., cm.

Awakens, 2 A.M.., with pressure in the stomach; feels, as if a stick was pressing up and forward from about the last dorsal vertebra into the stomach. A. 10m.

Goneness in the stomach and abdomen, even in the chest. M., 1 m. 10., 50m, cm.; H., 10m. See also symptom by Dr. S.; goneness at 4 p.m. M.

85. Goneness in stomach and abdomen, with a feeling of weight above the ensiform. See Chest and Arms. M., 50m.; H.,10m.

ABDOMEN Anxiety felt through the abdomen, lasting only a few moments. Dr.K., 1m.

Bloated feeling, worse evening; wind in the bowels; must loosen the clothing; urging to stool. Dr. S. cm.

Pain in the bowels ascends to the stomach; flatulence; at the same time return of pain in left orbit.

Goneness. See 85.

95. Colic, as from wind pressing on the bladder, causing frequent micturition; urging to stool. M., 50., cm.


Distressing, burning, contracting pain in anus and lowest part of rectum; feels it after awaking from a troubled dream. Dr. D.,


Diarrhoea, colicky pains before morning. M., 50m.

Three or four diarrhoeic stools a day, with much flatus; crampy pains in stomach and abdomen; is afraid to pass flatus lest faces escape also. Dr. D., cm.

One day costive, next day diarrhoea. M., 50m.

95. Costive M., 1m.; Dr. D., 10m, cm.

Urging to stool two evenings, 8 P.M. in succession. M., 10m., cm.

While at stool, sensation, as if a marble dropped in left abdomen (descending colon) two evenings, 8 P.M. M 10m.

Itching of the anus. Soreness. M., 50m.

Urging to stool; feels often, as if bowels would move, but they do not.

100. Itching about the anus.


Fine stitching pains in left renal region. Dr. D., cm.

Urine dark-red; no sediment. 1m.

Constant urging. M., 10m.

Burning during urine apparently normal. M., 50m.

105. Obliged to urinate, but pressure not hereby relieved. A., 10m. Frequent micturition, 90m., cm; Dr.S., cm.

MALE PARTS Sexual desire, but no erections, 1m.; later, total absence of desire. M. 10m.

Great sexual excitement. Dr. S., 70m.

Sexual desire diminished; drawing in the right spermatic cord. M., 5m.

110. Seminal emissions without erotic dreams; two in one night Dr. S., cm.

Emission of semen some hours after coitus; no dream or erection. M., 50m, cm.

Emission almost every night (married man); preceded by slight pains in the testicles, mostly left. M. 50m.

Three emissions in one week; unconscious thereof until morning. J., 1m.; M., 10m.

Emissions every night; no lascivious dreams; semen thin, watery, smells like stale urine. J. 10m.

115. Emissions every other night. Dr. S., cm.

After coitus, burning and itching at meatus urinarius; urging to stools, and urine; bowels loose; stools small. M., 50m.

After emissions, melancholy; pain through right groin next day. M, 50m., For weeks dull drawing in testicle and cord. M., cm.

Pains in left spermatic cord. M., cm.

Pain in left testicle and about the chin. M., cm., 120. Itching of the prepuce. Dr. D., cm.


Great and unusual excitement; not able to get to sleep until near 1 A.m.; awoke at 5 unrested. A., 10m.

Three nights later sexual dreams; thinks she is with her husband. But the act is prevented by the unbidden entrance of some stranger. A., 10m

Menses five days too early. A., 10m.

Menses five days too early (always regular before,) feet icy-cold by day, burn at night in bed; flow pale (dark in health), with pressure over right eye, and desire to take a long breath, as if room was too close. Three days later, headache over left eye; all worse 3 to 4 P.M. Fifth day, flow dark as usual.

125. After menses much worse. Trembling about the heart; worse walking upstairs; pressure in pit of stomach; better eating; headache returns every afternoon, how over one, now over other eye; sleep restless, tosses from side to side. F., 30th.

Next period three days too early. Same symptoms as before but flow stopped two days and returned with headache. chilliness, restless sleep, and paralytic aching in right wrist; knees felt, is if the cords were shortened. F. 30th. (Was under treatment eighteen months before symptoms were all removed.)

BREATHING Constant tendency to sigh; menses. F., 30th.

COUGH Cough after drinking water. J., 10m Cough from tickling in the throat, See 63.


130. Like a weight above the ensiform, with feeling in stomach and abdomen. M., 50m.

Empty feeling in the chest and abdomen after a meal M. 1m. Heaviness in epigastrium and lower third of sternum, worse going upstairs; during menses. F., 30th.

Lower third of sternum pains, as if torn in two. J., 10m Sudden feeling of fulness in upper part of chest. P. 6th 200th

135. Burning deep in chest, worse right side; evening in bed Dr. S., cm.

Pain from right clavicle diagonally to stomach, so intense that it made her start, followed. by hoarseness. P. 6th. Pain through left chest and in left shoulder. Dr. S., cm. Pain through chest after dinner, especially left side. Dr. S.,



Trembling about the heart going upstairs; after menses. F. 30th.

140. Heart feels uneasy and pains especially about its base when pains in limbs and great toe are better. P. 6th. (Twenty years ago had pains in toe and heart relieved with Lycopodium; no return until now.

Every strange noise causes palpitation. Dr. D., cm. Lying down at night, hears the heart beat, as though it came from under the pillow. M., cm.

Feels the pulse all over the body. J. 1 m. Pulse is felt in different parts of body, as if shot were rolling through the artery. M. 50m.

145. Feels as if a lump or bubbles started from the heart and were forced through the arteries J., 10m.

Pulse quick, jerking. See 74; Dr. S., cm.


Intercostal muscles feel sore, and as if drawn when sitting erect or moving chest, not in ordinary breathing. M., 50m.

A spot in right chest feels bruised. P. 200th.

Sore, pressing pain, as after a contusion, about cartilages of fourth to sixth ribs, right side; worse from deep breathing, deep pressure; later in the evening, cannot breathe deeply, or move the arms, or bend body backwards. Dr. D., cm.

150. Contracted feeling in walls of right chest, lasting only a few moments. Dr. D., 10m.

NECK, BACK Rheumatic pain in right shoulder; feels nervous. M., 50m.

Crick in both sides of neck. M., 1m, 50m.

On taking a deep breath, stitches to right of spine, morning. Dr. D., 10 m.

Lying in bed, 11 P.M. week feeling in small of back, most felt when lying in back, but not relieved by lying on the side; diminishes in a few minutes, and is followed by an annoying deep- seated twitching in left inguinal region. Dr. D., cm.

155. Pain in the articulation of the lumbar vertebrae and sacrum, left side; pressing the spot causes a pain down the thigh to knee, 10m. Later this spot grew more painful, and the leg seemed to give way walking, as though knee was weak J., 50m.

UPPER LIMBS Slight drawing in the left deltoid, morning. Dr. D. cm.

Heaviness of the right arm. M., 50m.

Numbness or right hand and arm. P. 200th.

Arms (left) feel gone tired. J. 10m.

160. Arms so weak she must let them drop. P. 6th.

Synovial crepitation. P., 6th, J., 10m M., 1m.,10m 50 m Drawing in right wrist-joint. Dr. D. cm. Sudden drawing crampy pain in left wrist, at various times, extending over dorsum of hand to fingers; index finger intensely painful Dr. D., cm.

Slight crampy pain in left hand, particularly in index finger Dr. D., cm. 165. Pain in right index finger in an old gouty joint. P., 5th.

Deep-seated pain in right wrist going to centre of palm. P. 6th- Sharp pain, like a needle, in middle finger of right hand. Dr. D., cm. Rheumatic pains in joints of little finger, left hand. M.50m. Pains darting in little finger, left hand, then in the right; worse riding P. 6th.

170. Pain in little finger of right hand M., 5m 10m.

While writing cannot keep the hand from trembling; the pen moves further than he designs; thus he makes a “t” or a “y” too long. J. 10m. See also Skin.


Sudden giving way of legs while walking, as though they would be paralyzed; fears she will have Typhoid Fever. P. 6th 200th.

Unsteady gait. Hn., 10m.

After getting up for several mornings, legs feel from knees down heavy, as if paralyzed. M., cm.

175. On getting up after sitting awhile, knees tremble. Dr. S., cm.

Tired in the morning, weak feeling in the legs seemingly relieved by forcibly stretching. Dr. D., cm. Slight drawing in left ischiatic nerve from foramen to middle of thigh. Dr. D., cm.

When walking, calves feel, as if pulled right. M. 10m. Muscles of left knee pain, as if hamstrings were too short. M. 10m.

180. Feeling, as if cords were shortened; after menses. Hamstrings feel stiff when he attempts to rise; he Kicks out to limber up. M. cm.

Drawing in the hamstrings of left leg while walking. J.10m.

Twitching in joint of left knee. Dr. D., cm Pain in left popliteal space going upstairs. P., 6th. 185. Synovial crepitation. P. 6th. J.,1m., 10m., 50m. Bruised pain inside of things when walking upstairs. M., 10m Pains about the patella. M., cm.

Dull aching in right thigh, very severe. M. 10m., Drawing in inner side of left thigh. M., 50m.

190. Sensation, as of a needle piercing calf while walking. M.,


Right calf feels, as if tightly bandaged. M., 1m.

Pains between knees and ankles when walking fast. M., cm.

Slight pains about shin and left testicle. M., 6th.

Aching along the shins while walking, P. 6th.

195. Big toe pains. p., 6th 200th. When rubbing it, it prickles, as if going to sleep. p., 200th.

Right big toe pains; as this gets better, pain in heart. p.6th. Pain in ball of left foot. M., cm.

Pain in hollow of left foot, worse walking or exercising; alternates from foot to foot. M.,50 m.

Muscle pain when flexing left foot. M. cm.

200. Ball of left foot pains; pain in calf, worse on first rising M., cm., Pain in ball of left foot walking. M. 10m.

Pain in hollow of right foot after going upstairs; also while riding. p., 6th. See also Skin.


Right wrist and left ankle weak, and ache, as if paralyzed; after menses.

E. A. Farrington
E. A. Farrington (1847-1885) was born in Williamsburg, NY, on January 1, 1847. He began his study of medicine under the preceptorship of his brother, Harvey W. Farrington, MD. In 1866 he graduated from the Homoeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania. In 1867 he entered the Hahnemann Medical College, graduating in 1868. He entered practice immediately after his graduation, establishing himself on Mount Vernon Street. Books by Ernest Farrington: Clinical Materia Medica, Comparative Materia Medica, Lesser Writings With Therapeutic Hints.