These take a little cold in the larynx, and sometimes it is purely from a nervous attack. Sometimes spinal irritation, spinal cough in those that have curvature of the spine.

“During cough, spasms in the larynx.

Cough worse after midnight; wakes the patient from sleep.

Cough in cold air, and from eating and drinking.

Cough after measles.

Violent spasmodic cough.”

The cough is most exhausting. A cough will sometimes last until the patient is covered with sweat and is exhausted, and leans forward to get a little relief; and he coughs until he is exhausted.

“Spasms of the muscles of the chest.

Contraction of the muscles of one side of the neck.

Spinal meningitis with convulsions.”

Paralytic weakness of the limbs. Convulsions of the muscles. Twitching. Frequent twitchings of the muscles of the hands and feet.

Sleep: Many complaints come on during sleep.

The sleep is a great tribulation to this nervous patient. There are times of sleeplessness. Again, profound sleep.

“Sleepless, or constant sleep.”

Either awake or asleep, there may be muttering,

“Long continued sleeplessness.

Lascivious dreams.

Lying on the back he suddenly sits up and then lies down again.”

That means that the patient wakes out of sleep, looks all around, wonders what terrible thing he has been dreaming about; his dreams seen real. He looks all about and sees nothing of the objects of his dream, he lies down and goes to sleep again.

He keeps doing that all night. Starts up in a fright. jerks in sleep, and cries out. Grates the teeth. Laughing during sleep. With so much brain trouble as belongs to this medicine, we would expect the dreams and the fright, the disturbances, the twitching and trembling in sleep. Its fevers are low forms of fever, the continued fever, the typhoid.

James Tyler Kent
James Tyler Kent (1849–1916) was an American physician. Prior to his involvement with homeopathy, Kent had practiced conventional medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. He discovered and "converted" to homeopathy as a result of his wife's recovery from a serious ailment using homeopathic methods.
In 1881, Kent accepted a position as professor of anatomy at the Homeopathic College of Missouri, an institution with which he remained affiliated until 1888. In 1890, Kent moved to Pennsylvania to take a position as Dean of Professors at the Post-Graduate Homeopathic Medical School of Philadelphia. In 1897 Kent published his magnum opus, Repertory of the Homœopathic Materia Medica. Kent moved to Chicago in 1903, where he taught at Hahnemann Medical College.