Nash gives the symptoms of homeopathy drug Ferrum in relation to Catarrh, Laryngitis, Croup, Bronchitis, Asthma, Pertussis, Pneumonia, Pleuritis, Tuberculosis & Cough. Leaders in Respiratory Organs by E.B. Nash, 1909….

Respiratory organs

Ferrum is particularly useful in those cases of congestive anaemia, eristhitic chlorosis, or phthisis florida so common in young people, especially girls. The old school stumbled upon that as they did upon the antimalarial properties of Quinine, and knowing nothing of the law of similars and the small dose, better than the large one, accomplished much harm with both. It seems to me that nothing but the most pig – headed prejudice could have hindered an honest investigation of Hahnemann and his methods, which would have resulted in showing them when and how to use these agents wisely and well. The subject for Ferrum is the pale, chlorotic, weak, delicate woman, who easily flushes in the face on the least excitement. There is great paleness of the lips and cavity of the mouth, in fact of the mucous membranes generally. The young of both sexes, notwithstanding the anaemic condition, are very prone to local congestions or a severe type. This is especially true of the chest, and there are pains flying from one point to another. Blood spitting, epistaxis, profuse menstruation is common. The breathing is oppressed as from orgasm of blood, and the expectoration is blood streaked; or haemoptysis of bright blood interspersed with dark coagula like the profuse menses which it sometimes takes the place of vicariously, is often present. Ferrum is a bleeder like China, and the bleedings are the result of the local congestions aforementioned. The cough like that of China is varied, but the bloody expectoration is very apt to be in evidence. The exploded theory that the anaemia is to be cured by Iron as a blood food is notto be considered, for if this element is deficient the fault lies in the assimilative processes, and must be corrected by the homoeopathically indicated remedy, if at all. Out of this theory have come all the abuses of this truly valuable medicine. Hence, it follows that Iron like all other remedies must be given in the homoeopathic form to get really curative results. Ferrum is especially useful for splenic troubles, which are almost always coupled with anaemic states, from the abuse of Quinine. Sometimes the entering wedge that opens the way for the ingress of the little microbic devil to gain a foothold, by weakening the vital force, so as to render it incapable of defending the citadel in which it rightfully resides, is some liver trouble. The pulmonary trouble is secondary, but nevertheless fatal, and as truly tuberculous as from other beginnings.

Haemorrhage in connection with the other Ferrum symptoms given under that remedy. Bleeding with pain flying around the chest, or between the shoulders, blood bright – red, anaemic persons or those who flush fiery red in the face by spells.

Dr. E.B. Nash 1838- 1917, was considered one of our finest homeopaths and teachers. He was Prof. of Materia Medica at the N.Y. Homoeopathic Medical College and President of International Hahnemannian Assoc. His book Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics is a classic. This article is from: :The Medical Advance - A monthly magazine of homoeopathic medicine - edited and published by H.C. Allen, M. D.