Therapeutic symptoms of homeopathic remedy Croton Tiglium, described by E.B. Nash in his book, Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics, published in 1898….

Stool yellow, watery, coming out like a shot, all at once; worse after least food or drink.

Excruciating pain, running from nipple to scapula; of same side when child nurses.

Eczema, especially of the scrotum; itches intensely but is so sensitive to touch and sore that he cannot scratch.

When the Allopaths, in any case where they considered AN OPERATION OF THE BOWELS imperative, had exhausted all other resources, CROTON TIGLIUM was their “biggest gun for the last broad side.” In other words, this is a most violent cathartic. Now if Similia, etc., is not true, CROTON TIG. ought utterly to fail to cure diarrhoea; but it is true, and notwithstanding this remedy has proven its truth over and over again the Allopaths deny and reject Homoeopathy. As in PODOPHYLLUM and ALOE, CROTON TIG. cures its kind and no other. Its guiding symptoms are:

First; “Yellow watery stool.”

Second: “Sudden expulsion, coming out like a shot, all at once.”

Third: “Aggravation from the least food or drink.”

In this combination CROTON TIG. leads all of the remedies. The first symptom is found notably under APIS MEL., CALCAREA OST., CHINA, GRATIOLA, HYOSCYAMUS, NATRUM SULPH., AND THUJA. The second under JATROPHA, GRATIOLA, PODOPHYLLUM and THUJA The third under ARGENTUM NIT. and ARSENICUM ALB. The CALCAREA OST. is found in the CALCAREA temperament and CHINA in cases weakened by loss of fluids, and all the others have strongly marked symptoms which distinguish them from CROTON TIGLIUM. For want of space we cannot give them here. ALOE has rumbling before the stool, while CROTON TIG. has swashing in the intestines as from water. Both of these remedies having aggravation after eating or drinking, we would have to look further for the symptoms deciding between them. Another symptom that has frequently been verified in this remedy is__”Excruciating pain running from nipple to back (scapula) of the same side when the child nurses.” I have cured bad cases of mastitis guided by this one symptom. CROTON TIG. cures eczema especially of the scrotum, where the eruption itches intensely, but is so sensitive and sore to touch that he cannot scratch. This comprehends the main uses of this valuable remedy.

Dr. E.B. Nash 1838- 1917, was considered one of our finest homeopaths and teachers. He was Prof. of Materia Medica at the N.Y. Homoeopathic Medical College and President of International Hahnemannian Assoc. His book Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics is a classic. This article is from: :The Medical Advance - A monthly magazine of homoeopathic medicine - edited and published by H.C. Allen, M. D.