Therapeutic symptoms of homeopathic remedy Aurum Muriatcum Natronatum, described by E.B. Nash in his book, Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics, published in 1898….

When writing of AURUM MET we might have said something of this combination as a remedy for jaundice or liver troubles. Several years. ago I was troubled with frequent attacks of derangement of liver characterized by, first, a white the faecal stool for several days in succession, with dullness of the head, bad tasting mouth, coated tongue, fullness and pain in right side and shoulder and jaundiced skin. This would either culminate in an attack of bilious vomiting and diarrhoea, or in faecal stools as black as tar, for several days in succession, with gradual relief of the general bilious symptoms. I tried various remedies, as well as I was able to choose them, among which were MERC., lEPT., pODO., LYC., and others, with nothing more then temporary relief, and sometimes not even that. While on a visit to NEW YORK. city I called upon Dr. M. Baruch, partly to see the man who had been reported to me as both very skilful as a prescriber and eccentric as a man. During my call I stated to him my case. He prescribed for me AURUM MURIATICUM NATRONATUM 1000th. followed by a powder each of VERONICA OFFICINALIS 500th,200th, and 30th, and directed me to take them in order named once in sixty hours and said: ” In three months you will be well.” I took the powders as directed and have never been troubled in that way since. Since then I have prescribed the AURUM MUR NAT., for some obstinate cases of jaundice, with the alternating white and black stools, and have been successful in relieving them.

Dr. E.B. Nash 1838- 1917, was considered one of our finest homeopaths and teachers. He was Prof. of Materia Medica at the N.Y. Homoeopathic Medical College and President of International Hahnemannian Assoc. His book Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics is a classic. This article is from: :The Medical Advance - A monthly magazine of homoeopathic medicine - edited and published by H.C. Allen, M. D.