Burning in mouth and stomach — FORMALINUM.

Burning in œsophagus and stomach — ASTRAGALUS MOLLISSIMUS.

Burning in pit of stomach — SEPIA.

Burning in stomach and abdomen; tympanites — SECALE CORNUTUM.

Burning in stomach and œsophagus — VERATRUM VIRIDE.

Burning in stomach extending to œsophagus — DIGITALIS PURPUREA.

Burning in stomach, causinghungerGRAPHITES.

Burning in stomach, extending to back and along  spine — CARBO VEGETABILIS.

Burning in stomach, extending up œsophagus, throat, and mouth, which is full of canker sores — SINAPIS NIGRA.

Burning in stomach, heartburn from sweet things — ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Burning in stomach — BERBERIS AQUIFOLIUM.

Burning in stomach — GUAJACUM OFFICINALE.

Burning in stomach — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Burning in tip of tongue — CAPSICUM ANNUUM.

Burning in tongue, extending to stomach — MEZEREUM.

Burning of whole alimentary canal — IRIS VERSICOLOR.

Burning or icy coldness in stomach and  abdomen — COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE.

Burning pain, extending upwards; slightest touch causes excruciating pain — OXALICUM ACIDUM.

Burning pain — URANIUM NITRICUM.


Burning pains and black vomit — MANCINELLA.

Burning sensation of œsophagus and stomach (Carb) — CANTHARIS VESICATORIA.

Burning sensation, better cold application — NYCTANTHES ARBOR TRISTIS.

Burning thirst for cold drinksDULCAMARA.

Burning thirst, nausea, and vomiting — KALIUM SULPHURICUM.

Burning thirst, with aversion to all fluids — CANTHARIS VESICATORIA.

Burning, hot gas from stomach to throat, causing profuse secretion of tenacious mucus, worse smokingLACTICUM ACIDUM.

Burning, painful, weight-like pressure — SULPHUR.


Burning; feeling of a loadBISMUTHUM SUBNITRICUM.

Can swallow but small morsels at a timeALUMINA.

Can swallow only liquids, vomiting due to spasm of œsophagus — BALSAMUM PERUVIANUM.

Cancer of stomach with vomiting of bloody, slimy  mucus — CROTALUS HORRIDUS.

Cancer of stomach — AMMONIUM MURIATICUM.

Canine appetite for sweets and farinaceous food — SABADILLA.

Canine hunger, even when stomach is  full — STAPHYSAGRIA.

Canine hunger, with hurried eating, without appetite — OLEANDER.

Canine hunger — COLOCYNTHIS.

Canine hunger — ALLIUM CEPA.

Canine hunger — ARNICA MONTANA.

Canker sores, with burning soreness and fetid breath — SALICYLICUM ACIDUM.

Canker, copious salivation and water-brashLACTICUM ACIDUM.

Cannot bear sight or thought of meat — MURIATICUM ACIDUM.

Cannot bear smell or taste of tobacco — LOBELIA INFLATA.

Cannot bear the sight or smell of food — ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Cannot bear tight clothing around trunk — SPONGIA TOSTA.

Cannot digest meat — KALIUM BICHROMICUM.

Cannot eat bread or vegetables — HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS.

Cannot eat onions — THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Cannot eat oysters — LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Cannot eat strawberries — OXALICUM ACIDUM.

Cannot endure slightest pressure of clothes  (Laches) — LITHIUM CARBONICUM.

Cannot lie on right side, without vomiting dark-green  matter — CROTALUS HORRIDUS.

Cannot stand smallest quantity of wine — ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Carcinoma, helps the persistent vomiting — CADMIUM SULPHURATUM.

Cardiac opening seems contracted, too narrow; the food  scarcely  swallowed,  comes up again (Bry; Alum) — PHOSPHORUS.

Cardiac orifice contracted convulsively and ulcerative inflammation  of stomach  and bowels — BALSAMUM PERUVIANUM.

Cardialgia, spasms of stomachCAULOPHYLLUM THALICTROIDES.

Catarrh of stomach — BALSAMUM PERUVIANUM.

Catarrhal gastritis with profuse secretion, tendency to ulceration and passive hæmorrhage — GERANIUM MACULATUM.

Child vomits curdled milk in large lumps after nursingVALERIANA OFFICINALIS.

Chilliness during vomiting — DULCAMARA.


Chronic gastritis; aching pain in pit of stomach and shooting in the chest; extends towards the throat-pit, worse any motion or  talking — RUMEX CRISPUS.

Chronic gastritis; burning, corroding pain; nausea, vomiting, chocolate color — MEZEREUM.

Cirrhosis of liver with ascites — QUASSIA AMARA.

Clean tongue — ASARUM EUROPAEUM.

Coffee ground vomiting — CADMIUM SULPHURATUM.

Coffee-grounds vomiting — PYROGENIUM.

Cold food and drink, especially milk, aggravate — KALIUM IODATUM.

Cold, empty feeling in stomach — SABADILLA.

Coldness in stomach — ARUNDO MAURITANICA.

Coldness of stomach relieved by applied heat Nausea with  chilliness — SULPHURICUM ACIDUM.

Coldness, followed by burning — CAMPHORA.

Colic and cramps — PIPER NIGRUM.

Colic with backache — COCHLEARIA ARMORACIA.

Colic with much rumbling and ineffectual urging to stool–APHIS CHENOPODII GLAUCI.


Colic, umbilical region sensitive to touch — GENTIANA LUTEA.

Colic; pains come on while bent forward; better, sitting up straightSINAPIS NIGRA.

Complaints from eating melons and drinking impure  water — ZINGIBER OFFICINALE.

Complete loss appetite, but with a feeling of fullness in the stomach after a hearty meal — MYRICA CERIFERA.

Complete loss of appetite — THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Complete loss of, or excessive appetite — SULPHUR.

Constant belching, nausea, vomiting, dark olive  green — CARBOLICUM ACIDUM.

Constant   belchingANTIMONIUM CRUDUM.

Constant desire for water — BALSAMUM PERUVIANUM.

Constant feeling as if stomach were full of waterKALIUM CARBONICUM.

Constant hiccough, attended with pain in  back — TEUCRIUM MARUM VERUM.

Constant hungerGRANATUM.

Constant nausea and vomiting–AMYGDALUS PERSICA.

Constant nausea and vomiting every month, after  menstruation — CROTALUS HORRIDUS.

Constant nausea and vomiting, with pale, twitching of face — IPECACUANHA.

Constant nausea, vomiting; burning pain in  epigastrium — CYTISUS LABURNUM.

Constant nausea; relieved by eating — VIBURNUM OPULUS.

Constant pressure at the cardiac end of the stomach, and a burning pain there —   FORMICA RUFA.

Constant retching — STRYCHNINUM PURUM.

Constant sensation of corrosion, heat and burning in stomach — PTELEA TRIFOLIATA.

Constant vomiting — PLUMBUM METALLICUM.

Constipation, with constant dull pains in bowels — ALLIUM SATIVUM.

Constipation — INDOLUM.


Constricted epigastric region — GUAJACUM OFFICINALE.

Constricted epigastric region — GUAJACUM OFFICINALE.

Constriction of œsophagus — ALUMINA.

Constriction, pulsation, or heaviness in stomach — CACTUS GRANDIFLORUS.

Constriction; pain runs to spine — BELLADONNA.

Constrictive pain in stomachGRAPHITES.

Constrictive pain; increased by warm drinks — VERATRUM VIRIDE.

Continual choking sensation rising from  stomach — MANCINELLA.

Continued rising of while froth into mouth Cannot digest milkMAGNESIUM MURIATICUM.

Contraction in œsophagus and stomach; pressure and tightness — PLUMBUM METALLICUM.

Contractive pain extending to chest, with distention of abdomenCARBO VEGETABILIS.

Cool feeling in stomach before and after  eating — CISTUS CANADENSIS.

Cool feeling in whole abdomen — CISTUS CANADENSIS.

Copious salivation — DIGITALIS PURPUREA.

Copious vomiting and nausea; aggravated by drinking and least motionVERATRUM ALBUM.

Copious, painful vomiting — SARRACENIA PURPUREA.

Coppery taste and eructations of sulphuretted hydrogen — MEDORRHINUM.

Cramp in abdomen below umbilicus — BUTYRICUM ACIDUM.

Cramp, in stomach during and after meal — COCCULUS INDICUS.

Cramps after eating a little; epigastrium painful to  pressure — ARANEA DIADEMA.

Cramps and colic after supper and during night, with swelling of abdomen and constipation — GRATIOLA OFFICINALIS.

Cramps in pit of stomach, worse at night — BUTYRICUM ACIDUM.

Cramps in stomach; worse slightest contact — IGNATIA AMARA.

Cramps in stomach; worse, pressure, cold water — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Crampy pains forcing patient to bend double — CARBO VEGETABILIS.

Craves acids and coffee — ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Craves acids — THEA CHINENSIS.

Craves alcoholSYPHILINUM.

Craves cold water, hungry — FLUORICUM ACIDUM.

Craves cool drink — CUPRUM METALLICUM.

Craves fruit, juicy and cold things, ice, salt — VERATRUM ALBUM.

Craves juicy things — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Craves milk — ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Craving for acid things — IGNATIA AMARA.

Craving for alcohol, oysters — LACHESIS MUTUS.

Craving for alcohol — SULPHURICUM ACIDUM.

Craving for apples — TELLURIUM METALLICUM.

Craving for bacon, ham, salted or smoked  meats — CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA.

Craving for meat — MAGNESIUM CARBONICUM.

Craving for milk (Rhus) — APIS MELLIFICA.

Craving for piquant things — SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS. Craving for salt — NATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Craving for sweets — CINA MARITIMA.

Craving for tobaccoSTAPHYSAGRIA.

Craving for various things, but is averse to then when smelling them, seized them with nausea — COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE.

Craving for wine — HYPERICUM PERFORATUM.

Cravings for liquor, salt, sweets, etc, warm drinks — MEDORRHINUM.

Cutting pain in epigastrium — THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Cyclic vomiting of infants (Cup ars; Iris) — MERCURIUS DULCIS.

Darting pain crosswise in hypogastric  region — CHINA OFFICINALIS.

Deficient appetiteIRIS VERSICOLOR.

Depressed after eating — NATRIUM CARBONICUM.

Desire for acids, picklesANTIMONIUM CRUDUM.

Desire for alcoholic drinksASARUM EUROPAEUM.

Desire for apples and other fruits — GUAJACUM OFFICINALE.

Joseph Fernandez
Joseph S Fernandez started his career as an assistant in the High Court of Kerala after obtaining a master’s degree in English language and literature. Later, he opted for a banking career.
Even as a student, Joseph was deeply interested in homoeopathy and made an in-depth study of the subject. He uses his expertise for the management of an occasional minor ailment in the family or among friends. It is in this context that he decided to compile a handy and easy-to-use repertory. The task required deep study and a sentence-by-sentence analysis of Boericke’s Materia Medica. Joseph’s Repertory is the result of this work.