Rectum chapter from Joseph’s Repertory, based on Boericke’s Materia Medica. Symptoms related to Rectum….

A lot of mucus, with pain in rectum after stoolALOE SOCOTRINA.


A musty, glutinous moisture exudes — CARBO VEGETABILIS.

Aches, as if full of broken glass — RATANHIA PERUVIANA.

Aching in anus and hypogastrium — COLLINSONIA CANADENSIS.

Acrid, corrosive moisture from rectumCARBO VEGETABILIS.

After great straining only partially expelled; recedes, crumbles at verge of anus (Mag mur) — SANICULA AQUA.

After stool, long-lasting pain (Nit ac) — HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS.

Almost constant oozing from anusSEPIA.

Alternate constipation and diarrhœa, and great  flatulence — COLLINSONIA CANADENSIS.

Alternate diarrhœa and constipation — ABROTANUM.

Alternating constipation and loose movements — RADIUM BROMATUM.

Anal fissuresLEDUM PALUSTRE.

Anal itching and prolapsusani while urinating — MURIATICGALLICUM ACIDUM.

Anus aches and burns for hours after stool — RATANHIA PERUVIANA.

Anus contracted, torn, bleedingNATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Anus drawn up with constrictionPLUMBUM METALLICUM.


Anus  sore — JALAPA.

Anus fissured; painful to touch with warts — THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Anus red and inflamed — ZINGIBER OFFICINALE.

Anus very sore and burning — EUONYMUS ATROPURPUREA.

Arms and legs feel as if asleep — ARANEA DIADEMA.

Aroused at night with horrible itching at  anus — INDIGO TINCTORIA.

Ascarides, with nightly restlessnessTEUCRIUM MARUM VERUM.


Atrocious pains with and after each stool — PAEONIA OFFICINALIS.

Bearing-down pain in rectum — XEROPHYLLUM.

Before stool, unsuccessful urging to urinate — RHEUM PALMATUM.

Biting, itching in anus; orifice swollen — PAEONIA OFFICINALIS.


Bleeding at stool and fullness of rectum — SEPIA.

Bleeding from rectum — LYCOPUS VIRGINICUS.

Black, offensive clots of blood from bowels — CADMIUM SULPHURATUM.

Bleeding from rectum — PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA.

Bleeding hæmorrhoids (Hamam) — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Bleeding piles — CARLSBAD AQUA.

Bluish, burning piles, pain after stool — CARBO VEGETABILIS.


Bright blood with stool — CASCARILLA.

Burning and itching of anus, caused by piles — COPAIVA OFFICINALIS.

Burning at anus, burning varices (Mur ac) — CARBO VEGETABILIS.

Burning in anus after slimy diarrhœa — PRUNUS SPINOSA.

Burning in anus after stool; then internal chilliness — PAEONIA OFFICINALIS.

Burning in anus and rectum — ALOE SOCOTRINA.

Burning in anus with chills up and down  back — AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM.

Burning in rectum and anus — CARLSBAD AQUA.

Burning in rectum and anus — KALIUM CARBONICUM.

Burning pain and pressure in rectum and anus — ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Burning pains and stitching after stool — NATRIUM MURIATICUM.


Carcinoma affecting lower bowel — RUTA GRAVEOLENS.

Catarrhal dysentery, with rheumatic pains all overASCLEPIAS TUBEROSA.

Child afraid on account of pain — SULPHUR.

Cholera infantum and morbus — PODOPHYLLINUM.

Cholera infantum, with tenesmus; green mucous discharges — ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Choleraic discharge with collapse, anxiety, and  restlessness — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Chronic constipation, with hæmorrhoids and continual urging to stool, without result — PARAFFINUM.

Chronic diarrhœa; discharge bloody — TRILLIUM PENDULUM.

Chronic diarrhœa, stools brownish, liquid, undigested, offensiveGRAPHITES.

Chronic diarrhœa, worse after breakfast — THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Chronic diarrhœa; stools greenish, watery, undigested, with irritable temperIODOFORMIUM

Chronic mucous discharges — GALLICUM ACIDUM.

Colicky, even ineffectual urging to evacuate altered fecal  stools — RHEUM PALMATUM.

Constant bearing down in rectum; bleeding, sore, and hot; relieved by cold water — ALOE SOCOTRINA.

Constant dropping of blood from the anus, no blood from the stools — COBALTUM METALLICUM.

Constipation — KALIUM SILICICUM.

Constipation in infants — CROCUS SATIVUS.

Constipation after confinement — MEZEREUM.

Constipation alternating with diarrhœa (Ant  crud) — PODOPHYLLINUM.

Constipation always before and during menses; with irritable sphincter ani — SILICEA TERRA.

Constipation during pregnancy; with membranous dysmenorrhœa, following labor (Nux) — COLLINSONIA CANADENSIS.

Constipation from inactivity of rectum, with heat and headache — VERATRUM ALBUM.

Constipation of babies, and when produced by very cold weather — VERATRUM ALBUM.

Constipation of the most aggravated  kindALUMEN.

Constipation, alternating with mucous, frothy stools; discharge of blood with stool — RUTA GRAVEOLENS.

Constipation, stools hard and knotty — AURUM METALLICUM.

Constipation, stools hard, small lumps — XEROPHYLLUM.

Constipation, with hard, knotty stools — BARYTA CARBONICA.

Constipation, with heavy pressure in lower part of abdomen — ALOE SOCOTRINA.

Constipation, with hepatic and uterine  inertia — MEZEREUM.

Constipation, with sinking feeling in stomach, and dull headache — HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS.

Constipation; clay-colored, hard, dry,  difficult — PODOPHYLLINUM.

Constipation; large, hard stools; feeling of a ball in rectum, cannot strain; with great tenesmus and pains shooting  upwardSEPIA.

Constipation; rectum paralyzed, prolapsed — TABACUM.

Constipation; stool dry, crumbling (Am m; Mag m) — NATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Constipation; stools hard, covered with mucus  (Graph) — CASCARILLA.

Constipation; stools hard, lumpy, black with urging and spasm of anusPLUMBUM METALLICUM.

Constipation; stools large, dry knotty, with tendency to bruise and fissure — MORPHINUM.


Constipation — SABINA.

Construction of anus during stool — KALIUM SILICICUM.

Constriction of anus; stitches and prolapse of rectum — MEZEREUM.

Contraction and spasm — HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS.

Copious stool; anus feels constricted — GALLICUM ACIDUM.

Crawling in rectum after stool — TEUCRIUM MARUM VERUM.

Crawling in rectum — BARYTA CARBONICA.

Dark-brown, round balls glued together with  mucus — SEPIA.

Diarrhœa (worse in morning), yellowish, followed by exhaustion, as if flatus and feces were hot — DIOSCOREA VILLOSA.

Diarrhœa alternating with hard, lumpy stool, with backache and lassitude, preceded by griping — CASCARILLA.

Diarrhœa from beer — ALOE SOCOTRINA.

Diarrhœa from fright — IGNATIA AMARA.

Diarrhœa and tenesmus after  milk — NICCOLUM METALLICUM.

Diarrhœa in morning, with irresistible desire to urinate — CICUTA VIROSA.

Diarrhœa of blood, slime, and reddish  mucus — RHUS TOXICODENDRON.

Diarrhœa of cadaverous odor — SILICEA TERRA.

Diarrhœa of long standing; early in morning; during teething, with hot, glowing cheeks while being bathed or washed; in hot weather after acid fruits — PODOPHYLLINUM.

Diarrhœa of tough mucus — ASARUM EUROPAEUM.

Diarrhœa watery, brown, or black with horrible tenesmus — MORPHINUM.

Diarrhœa with very offensive flatus — ALLIUM CEPA.

Diarrhœa, extremely offensive, with meteorism, and regurgitation of food — ASAFOETIDA.

Diarrhœa, fetid, black, with sour odor of body, and empty faint feeling in abdomen — SULPHURICUM ACIDUM.

Diarrhœa, with sudden and forcible ejection of bilious stools — GAMBOGIA

Diarrhœa, sudden, watery, with nausea and vomiting, prostration, and cold sweat; discharges look like sour milk, thick, curdled,  watery — TABACUM.

Diarrhœa, very painful, watery, copious, and forcibly evacuated, followed by great prostration — VERATRUM ALBUM.

Diarrhœa, with small, white particles — MEZEREUM.

Diarrhœa; bearing down in abdomen and rectum — CEANOTHUS AMERICANUS.

Diarrhœa; changeable in character and color; after eating — SANICULA AQUA.

Difficult feces, evacuated only with  straining — RUTA GRAVEOLENS.

Difficult, soft stools, with much straining — XEROPHYLLUM.

Discharge of blood from rectum — CARBO VEGETABILIS.

Discharge of fetid liquid with gangrenous odor — MERCURIUS CYANATUS.

Distended, griping, with hunger — ASAFOETIDA.


Dry heat at anus, with sudden knife-like  stitches — RATANHIA PERUVIANA.


During and after stool, burning and smarting in rectum — AMMONIUM MURIATICUM.

During stool, smarting pain in rectum — HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS.

Dysentery, with retained scybala, with pain in sacral region — GAMBOGIA.

Dysentery, with tearing pains down thighs — RHUS TOXICODENDRON.

Dysentery, with tenesmus — COLLINSONIA CANADENSIS.

Dysentery,; passage almost pure blood — TRILLIUM PENDULUM.



Easy prolapsus (Graph; Pod) — KALIUM CARBONICUM.

Enemas very painful — SYPHILINUM.

Evacuations of cholera morbus and true cholera when vomiting accompanies the purging — VERATRUM ALBUM.

Excoriation of skin about anus, perineum, and genitals — SANICULA AQUA.

Faint feeling after stool — GALLICUM ACIDUM.

Falling of rectum — INDIGO TINCTORIA.

Feces discharged involuntarily during  spasms — STRYCHNINUM PURUM.

Feces held backCARLSBAD AQUA.

Feces remain a long time in  rectum — SILICEA TERRA.

Feeling of weakness and loss of power of sphincter ani — ALOE SOCOTRINA.

Feels constricted — RATANHIA PERUVIANA.

Feels full of small sticksAESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM.

Feels paralyzed — SILICEA TERRA.

Joseph Fernandez
Joseph S Fernandez started his career as an assistant in the High Court of Kerala after obtaining a master’s degree in English language and literature. Later, he opted for a banking career.
Even as a student, Joseph was deeply interested in homoeopathy and made an in-depth study of the subject. He uses his expertise for the management of an occasional minor ailment in the family or among friends. It is in this context that he decided to compile a handy and easy-to-use repertory. The task required deep study and a sentence-by-sentence analysis of Boericke’s Materia Medica. Joseph’s Repertory is the result of this work.