Mind chapter from Joseph’s Repertory, based on Boericke’s Materia Medica….

Abject despair, uncompromising  melancholy — SELENIUM METALLICUM.

Abnormal consciousness, as if having committed some evil deed — CINA MARITIMA.

Absence of all moral restraint–ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE.


Absentminded, forgetful, lack of courage — AGNUS CASTUS.

Absent-minded, incoherent, silly and nonsensical, memory impaired — DUBOISIA MYOPOROIDES.

Absent-minded, irritable, irresolute, lacks  self-confidence — CALCAREA SILICATA.

Absolute lack of fear — GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Abstracted — SILICEA TERRA.

Active delirium — KALIUM BROMATUM.

Acute mania, generally of a sexual type; amorous frenzy; fiery sexual  desire — CANTHARIS VESICATORIA.

Acuteness of all sensesBELLADONNA.

Affections vitiated; very selfish, no regard for others — SULPHUR.

Afraid of sharp, pointed things, pins, needles,  etc — SPIGELIA ANTHELMIA.

After mental strain or shock — ARNICA MONTANA.

After shocks, grief, disappointment — IGNATIA AMARA.

Agoraphobia (fear of space) — ARNICA MONTANA.

Ailments from long-lasting grief, sudden emotions — CAUSTICUM.

Ailments from suppressed emotion — COTYLEDON UMBILICUS.

Aimless wandering from home — VERATRUM ALBUM.

Aimless, hurried manner; must keep busy — LILIUM TIGRINUM.

All mental excitement increases suffering — COBALTUM METALLICUM.

All thoughts appear in a moment as if seen in an inner mirror — CARBONEUM HYDROGENISATUM.

Alternating moods — KALIUM CARBONICUM.

Alternation of happy, hopeful states with depression and weaknessSULFONALUM.

Always wants to go somewhere — CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA.


Amelioration of pains for a time by diverting  attentionPIPER METHYSTICUM.

Amnesic aphasia; can pronounce any word told, but cannot speak otherwise — KALIUM BROMATUM.


Anger, with indignation (Cham; Bry; Nux) — COLOCYNTHIS.

Angry at every little attention–ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM.

Anguish in the evening and night, with thoughts of  suicide — HEPAR SULPHUR.


Animals especiallyTUBERCULINUM.

Anthropophobia — AURUM METALLICUM.

Anxiety and fear — SPONGIA TOSTA.

Anxiety at night, with orgasm of blood — CARBO ANIMALIS.

Anxiety felt in stomach — KALIUM CARBONICUM.

Anxiety when quiet — IODIUM.

Anxiety when walking, as if pursued–ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE.

Anxiety with palpitation; starting as if frightened — MOSCHUS.

Anxiety with palpitation — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Anxiety, nervous dread, lethargy — KALIUM PHOSPHORICUM.



Anxious about health — BUFO RANA.

Anxious and restless during thunderstorm; worse from music (Ambra) — NATRIUM CARBONICUM.

Anxious depression; constant fear of becoming  insane — CANNABIS INDICA.

Anxious expression of face during the downward motions, starts and throws up hands on laying patient down, as if afraid of  falling — BORAX VENETA.

Anxious restlessness, ending in rage — CANTHARIS VESICATORIA.

Anxious toward evening; indolent — SEPIA.

Anxious; fears some organic and incurable diseaseLILIUM TIGRINUM.

Apathetic, depressed, with sleepinessSAPONARIA OFFICINALIS.

Apathetic, indifferent, disobedient, taciturn,  despondent — CHINA OFFICINALIS.

Apathetic, indifferentPHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Apathetic; feels as if going insane or being paralyzed — SYPHILINUM.

Apathy regarding his illnessGELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Apathy, indifference, and unconsciousness — APIS MELLIFICA.

Apprehensive, depressed; fear of being alone in the dark; great desire to be with people — RADIUM BROMATUM.

Apprehensive, despondency, indecision — GRAPHITES.

Apprehensive; worse towards evening; fears loss of reason, misfortune, contagious diseases — CALCAREA CARBONICA.


Arrogant, proud — PLATINUM METALLICUM.

Attacks of pain, with delirium driving to madness — VERATRUM ALBUM.

Attacks of rage — LAC CANINUM.

Averse to business; loafs-too lazy to arouse himself — SULPHUR.

Averse to company, but wants some one  present — TARENTULA HISPANICA.

Averse to occupation, to familySEPIA.

Averse to undertaking new things — LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Averse to work or exertion — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Averse to work, to talk — ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Aversion to darkness — CARBO VEGETABILIS.

Aversion to strangers — BARYTA CARBONICA.

Aversion to talking — NAJA TRIPUDIANS.

Aversion to work — AGARICUS MUSCARIUS.

Awkward, hasty — NATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Awkward; drops things readilyAPIS MELLIFICA.

Awkward; everything falls from handsBOVISTA LYCOPERDON.

Bad effects from fright, fear, exciting news — GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Band-like feeling over forehead–ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM.




Becomes angry when questioned — COLOCYNTHIS.

Begins with paroxysm of yawning — AGARICUS MUSCARIUS.

Better as day advances — ALUMINA.

Bewildered sense, as in a dream — NUX MOSCHATA.



Blurred speech — NAJA TRIPUDIANS.


Brain feels tired — PHOSPHORUS.

Brain-fag; hysteria; night terrorsKALIUM PHOSPHORICUM.


Brain-fag — SILICEA TERRA.

Broods constantly over imaginary troubles — NAJA TRIPUDIANS.


Busy all the time — SULPHUR.

Calls things by the wrong name — DIOSCOREA VILLOSA.

Can neither sleep nor work — MEPHITIS PUTORIUS.

Can speak, but cannot understand speech — ELAPS CORALLINUS.

Cannot bear contradiction — COCCULUS INDICUS.

Cannot bear noises, odors, light, etc — NUX VOMICA.

Cannot bear solitude or darkness; must have light and companySTRAMONIUM.

Cannot bear to see anything new — LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Cannot collect his thoughts or find the right  word — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Cannot concentrate mind when attempting to read or study — APIS MELLIFICA.

Cannot concentrate mind — ALETRIS FARINOSA.

Cannot do anything in presence of others — AMBRA GRISEA.

Cannot do things fast enough — AURUM METALLICUM.

Cannot read what he writes — LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Cannot realize her identity, chronic vertigo as of floating off — CANNABIS INDICA.

Cannot speak without weeping — MEDORRHINUM.


Cannot tell whether dreaming while awake or asleep — PYROGENIUM.



Cerebral softening — PICRICUM ACIDUM.

Changeable disposition — VALERIANA OFFICINALIS.

Changeable mood; introspective; silently brooding — IGNATIA AMARA.


Changeable; laughing and crying — NUX MOSCHATA.

Changeableness — BELLADONNA.

Changes place continually — ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Child can only be quieted when carried about and petted  constantly — CHAMOMILLA.

Child cannot bear to be touched or looked  atANTIMONIUM CRUDUM.

Child cries for many things, and refuses them when offered — STAPHYSAGRIA.

Child does not want to go to bed alone — CAUSTICUM.

Child repeats everything said to itZINCUM METALLICUM.

Child starts and grasps the nurse, and screams as if afraid of falling (Bor) — GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Child very cross; does not want to be touched, or crossed, or  carried — CINA MARITIMA.

Child wants everything but throws it away when given — KREOSOTUM.

Child wants many things which he refuses  again — CHAMOMILLA.

Child will not be touched without whining–ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM.

Childish peevishness in grown people — SULPHUR.

Childish; grief over trifles — BARYTA CARBONICA.

Children like fuss and caresses — PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Clairaudient, hears voices far away or of the dead–ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE.

Clairvoyance — CANNABIS INDICA.

Clairvoyant state — PHOSPHORUS.

Complains about his condition — BISMUTHUM SUBNITRICUM. Complaints from anger and vexation — CHAMOMILLA.

Complete loss of consciousness; apoplectic stateOPIUM.

Complete unconsciousnessHELLEBORUS NIGER.

Confounds present with the past; feels like a child — CICUTA VIROSA.

Confused as to personal identity — ALUMINA.

Confused feelings — ALETRIS FARINOSA.

Confused, impaired memory — NUX MOSCHATA.

Confusion of ideas; patient must talkSTICTA PULMONARIA.

Confusion, delusions, illusions — CALCAREA ARSENICOSA.



Consequences of grief — AMMONIUM MURIATICUM.

Consolation aggravates — LILIUM TIGRINUM.

Consolation aggravatesNATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Constant desire to do something great, to undertake vast feats of strengthCOCAINUM HYDROCHLORICUM.

Constant fear of breaking down under  stress — LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Constant  fretfulnessSAMBUCUS NIGRA.

Constant inclination to weep — LILIUM TIGRINUM.

Constant interchange of mental moods — COBALTUM METALLICUM.

Constant rapid questioning without waiting for  reply — AURUM METALLICUM.

Constantly attempts to do something, but accomplishes nothing — CANTHARIS VESICATORIA.

Constantly theorizing — CANNABIS INDICA.

Contradictory characteristics of Tuberculinum are mania and melancholia, insomnia and sopor — TUBERCULINUM.

Could not articulate for some time on awaking — COTYLEDON UMBILICUS.

Craves company — THYMOLUM.

Cross and contradictive; whatever is done fails to give satisfaction–ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM.

Cross, irritable, anxious, depressed — ABROTANUM.

Cross, irritable, restless — ARAGALLUS LAMBERTI.

Crying, barking; worse touching larynx or drinking water — CANTHARIS VESICATORIA.

Cursing, howling all  night — VERATRUM ALBUM.

Defective expression in writing — ARAGALLUS LAMBERTI.

Dejected and sad — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Delirious on falling to sleep — GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Delirious talking, with wide open eyes — OPIUM.

Delirious, restless, sad; fears death; despondent — MYGALE LASIODORA.

Delirium and hallucinations — EUPHORBIA LATHYRIS.

Delirium associated with restlessness,  loquacity — OPERCULINA TURPENTHUM.

Delirium characterized by singing, shouting, and muttering; rhymes and prophesies — AGARICUS MUSCARIUS.

Delirium is characterized by unhappiness worry, fear, raving, rarely unconsciousness — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Delirium tremens; tries to injure himself — CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA.

Delirium tremens — CANNABIS INDICA.

Delirium tremensCAPSICUM ANNUUM.

Delirium, wandering, muttering — BALSAMUM PERUVIANUM.

Delirium, with attempt to run away — HYOSCYAMUS NIGER.

Delirium, with desire to escape (Bell; Bry; Rhus) — STRAMONIUM.

Delirium, with fear of being poisoned  (Hyos) — RHUS TOXICODENDRON.

Delirium, with great stupefaction — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Delirium, with singing, dancing and funny  gestures — CICUTA VIROSA.

Delirium; frightful images; furious; rages, bites, strikes; desire to escapeBELLADONNA.

Delirium; wants to go home; talks of  businessBRYONIA ALBA.

Delusion that strange persons are looking over patient’s shoulder and that she would see some one on turning — BROMIUM.

Delusions about his identity; thinks himself tall, double, a part missing — STRAMONIUM.

Delusions of cerebral decay — CROTALUS HORRIDUS.

Delusions of impending misfortunesVERATRUM ALBUM.

Delusions; thinks every one is looking at her, fears to talk loud, and wants to run away, etc — MELILOTUS OFFICINALIS.

Delusions; thinks rags beautiful things-that he is immensely wealthy — SULPHUR.

Dementia alternating with excitement — CARBONEUM SULPHURATUM.

Dementia with prostration, sits still and  listless — PICRICUM ACIDUM.

Depressed, melancholy — TUBERCULINUM.

Depressed, particularly in chronic diseases — NATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Depressed, timid, averse to society, and afraid of being alone — CONIUM MACULATUM.

Depressed; hypochondriacal — LATHYRUS SATIVUS.

Depressed; imagines he hears someone talking; dreads to be left alone — ELAPS CORALLINUS.

Depressed; sure of death, and desires it — HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS.


Depression of spirits — PODOPHYLLINUM.


Derangement of the time senseLACHESIS MUTUS.


Desire for company — CALCAREA ARSENICOSA.

Desire for solitude — BUFO RANA.

Desire to be alone, sad and reflective, avoids conversationCARBO ANIMALIS.

Desire to be quiet, to be left alone — GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Desire to cry, but cannot — AMMONIUM MURIATICUM.

Desire to use foul language, curse and swear — TUBERCULINUM.

Desires many things, but rejects everything offered — CINA MARITIMA.

Desires to be alone — OXYTROPIS LAMBERTI.

Desires to be alone — ARAGALLUS LAMBERTI.

Despair drives him from place to place — ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Despair, loathing of life — AMBRA GRISEA.

Despondency; fearful; anxious about the future — DIGITALIS PURPUREA.

Despondency; forgetful, apathetic — CARDUUS MARIANUS.

Despondent, irritable, indifferent — MYRICA CERIFERA.

Despondent, sensitive, easily offended, ill humored and  taciturn — SARSAPARILLA OFFICINALIS.

Despondent; thinks her disease incurable — LAC CANINUM.


Despondent — SENECIO AUREUS.

Destructive impulses; moral relaxationTARENTULA HISPANICA.

Devout, earnest, beseeching and ceaseless talkingSTRAMONIUM.

Difficult comprehension — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Difficult concentration — MEDORRHINUM.

Difficult enunciation–ANHALONIUM LEWINII.

Difficult thinking — SULPHUR.

Difficulty in concentrating mind, absent-minded — ARAGALLUS LAMBERTI.

Directions appear reversed, i — CAMPHORA BROMATA.

Directions appear reversed, north seems south, and east seems west — CAMPHORA BROMATA.

Discernings are lethargied — GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.


Discontented — TABACUM.

Discouraged and anxious about domestic  duties — CARLSBAD AQUA.


Disinclined to talk — BELLADONNA.

Disinclined to work or talk — OXYTROPIS LAMBERTI.

Dislikes to speak, or to be spoken to — NATRIUM SULPHURICUM.

Disposed to curse, strike, think obscene things — LILIUM TIGRINUM.

Disposed to reproach others — NUX VOMICA.

Disposition to hurt other people’s feelings — CHINA OFFICINALIS.

Distrust and resentment–ANHALONIUM LEWINII.

Does not want to be touched — NUX VOMICA.

Dread of a storm; particularly afraid of thunder — RHODODENDRON FERRUGINEUM.

Dread of death when alone — PHOSPHORUS.

Dread of people, and desire to be alone — AMBRA GRISEA.

Dread of seeing people — STANNUM METALLICUM.

Dreads to be alone — SEPIA.

Dreads to be left alone — NAJA TRIPUDIANS.

Dream-like stateMORPHINUM.

Dull headache; worse, ascending, hawking — CONVALLARIA MAJALIS.


Dull, cannot concentrate mind for study; forgets names; writes last letters of words first; misspells common words — XEROPHYLLUM.

Dull, drowsy, stupid (Gels); gloomy and irritable, worse during evening — ALFALFA.

Dullness of sense — DIGITALIS PURPUREA.

Dullness, languor, listlessGELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Dwells on sexual matters; prefers solitude — STAPHYSAGRIA.

Dwells upon unpleasant things — AMBRA GRISEA.

Early morning or afternoon sadness — COCCUS CACTI.

Easily discouraged — PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Easily vexed — PHOSPHORUS.


Effects of grief and mental shock — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Effects of shock — HYPERICUM PERFORATUM.

Emotional excitement, fear, etc, lead to bodily ailments — GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Emotional excitement; rapid change of  mood — CANNABIS INDICA.

Emotional sensitiveness; music causes weeping and trembling — THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Energy gone — THYMOLUM.

Enlarged sensation (Arg n) — BOVISTA LYCOPERDON.

Epilepsy; moaning and whining — CICUTA VIROSA.

Errors of perception — ARGENTUM NITRICUM.

Euthanasia — LACHESIS MUTUS.

Even the least ailment affects her greatly — NUX VOMICA.

Every excitement increases the cough — SPONGIA TOSTA.

Every shock strikes in epigastrium — DIGITALIS PURPUREA.

Everything appears strange and terrible — CICUTA VIROSA.

Everything seems changed — PLATINUM METALLICUM.

Exaltation of mind — PIPER METHYSTICUM.

Exceedingly irritable; everything puts him out of humor — BRYONIA ALBA.

Excessive loquacity; exuberance of  spirits — CANNABIS INDICA.

Excessive peevishness — CAPSICUM ANNUUM.

Excessively nervous; easily frightened — BORAX VENETA.

Excitable, produces heat all over — PHOSPHORUS.

Excited from slightest opposition — FERRUM METALLICUM.

Excited, full of fancies — MEPHITIS PUTORIUS.

Excitement causes mental depression — CONIUM MACULATUM.

Extraordinary sensation of contentment — CARBONEUM HYDROGENISATUM.

Extreme anxiety, especially from motions which have a downward direction, rocking, being carried downstairs, laid  down — BORAX VENETA.

Extreme irritability — SULFONALUM.

Extreme lassitude and depression — KALIUM PHOSPHORICUM.

Extreme restlessness, with continued change of positionRHUS TOXICODENDRON.


Extremely irritable — COLOCYNTHIS.

Face pale and sunken–ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM.

Failing brain-power (Anac; Phos; Baryt) — LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Fainting, with vertigo — ALETRIS FARINOSA.

Faintish and tremulous — ARGENTUM NITRICUM.

Falls asleep while being spoken to — BALSAMUM PERUVIANUM.

Fantastic illusions — AMBRA GRISEA.

Fear in the dark and of some one behind her — MEDORRHINUM.

Fear of becoming crazy — CHLORUM.

Fear of becoming insane; nervous anxiety; hallucinations of sight and hearingANTIPYRINUM.

Fear of becoming insaneMANCINELLA.

Fear of being alone–ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM.

Fear of being assassinatedPLUMBUM METALLICUM.

Fear of being poisoned (Hyos) — KALIUM BROMATUM.


Fear of death — AGNUS CASTUS.

Fear of death — NITRICUM ACIDUM.

Fear of dogs — TUBERCULINUM.

Fear of ghosts — CARBO VEGETABILIS.

Fear of imaginary troubles — HYDROCYANICUM ACIDUM.

Fear of people, shuns every one — IODIUM.


Fear of rain — NAJA TRIPUDIANS.


Fear of thunder — BORAX VENETA.


Fearful and nervous; impulse to jump out of  window — ARGENTUM NITRICUM.


Fearfulness, as if something were creeping out of every  corner — PHOSPHORUS.


Fears and anxieties and hidden irrational motives for actions — ARGENTUM NITRICUM.

Fears apoplexy — ELAPS CORALLINUS.

Fears arrest on account of a supposed  crime — ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Fears death but believes that he will soon die; predicts the  day — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Fears everything-horses, wagons, houses falling, etc — HYDROCYANICUM ACIDUM.

Fears going insane (Mancinella) — MEDORRHINUM.

Fears in evening to be alone, dark, ghost — PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Fears riding in a closed carriage, of being obliged to jump  out — CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA.

Fears the future, a crowd, crossing the  street — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Fears the night, and the suffering from exhaustion on awakening — SYPHILINUM.

Fears touch, or the approach of anyone — ARNICA MONTANA.

Fears, of death, of being left  alone — ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Feeble-mindedBUFO RANA.

Feeling as if a part of the body were  absentCOTYLEDON UMBILICUS.

Feeling of self-condemnation and utter  worthlessness — AURUM METALLICUM.

Feels as if floating in air (Daturaarborea;  Lac — STICTA PULMONARIA.

Feels as if lifted high in air, or anxiety lest he fall from heights — HYPERICUM PERFORATUM.

Feels as if what had just been done was a  dream — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Feels if crowded with arms and legs — PYROGENIUM.

Feels light, as if floating in air — VALERIANA OFFICINALIS.E

Feels that death is near, and must hurry to settle affairsPETROLEUM.

Feels too large — PARIS QUADRIFOLIA.

Felt mean towards everyone — SKATOLUM.

Ferocious — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Fidgety while sitting at work — GRAPHITES.

Fixed ideas, as if a strange person were at his side; as if soul and body were separated; as if something alive in abdomen  (Croc) — THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Fixed ideas; thinks only of pins, fears them, searches and counts them — SILICEA TERRA.


Forebodings and fears — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Forgetful, confused, low-spirited — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Forgetful, dull, confused — LECITHINUM.

Forgetful, ill-humored, gloomy during stormy  weather — AMMONIUM CARBONICUM.

Forgetful, lack of concentration — ICHTHYOLUM.

Forgetful; thoughtless; staring — GUAJACUM OFFICINALE.

Forgetful; wavering long between opposite resolutions — BARYTA ACETICA.

Forgetful — IODIUM.


Forgetful — TABACUM.


Forgets what has recently happened — ABSINTHIUM.


Frenzy of excitement; shrieks, curses — VERATRUM ALBUM.

Fretful, impatient — SULPHURICUM ACIDUM.

Fright followed by suffocative attacks — SAMBUCUS NIGRA.

Frightful fancies, daring, gay, bright — OPIUM.

Frightful persecutory hallucinations; sees and feels bugs and  worms — COCAINUM HYDROCHLORICUM.

Frightful visions — ABSINTHIUM.

Full of anxiety and insane notions — PYROGENIUM.

Full of desires, for what they know  not — IPECACUANHA.

Full of fear and imaginations — KALIUM CARBONICUM.

Full of ideas, quick to act — COFFEA CRUDA.


Gaiety, easy comprehension, irritability, excited; senses  acute — COFFEA CRUDA.

Garrulous,  prattling,  vivacious — PARIS QUADRIFOLIA.

General sensibility increased (Hep) — ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Given to extremes of pleasure and pain — PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Gloomy forebodings; depressed — STILLINGIA SILVATICA.


Great anguish and restlessness — ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Great apprehension at night, cannot remain in bedRHUS TOXICODENDRON.

Great depression, with dream of impending  evilCIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA.

Great depression; groundless fears of financial ruin — CALCAREA FLUORICA.

Great depression; worse in morning or  evening — ARAGALLUS LAMBERTI.

Great depression — CALCAREA ARSENICOSA.

Great desire to work and to be doing something useful — CEREUS BONPLANDII.

Great despondency about business — KALIUM PHOSPHORICUM.


Great fear of death — AURUM METALLICUM.

Great fear, anxiety, and worry accompany every ailment, however trivial — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Great fear, with cold sweat — ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Great hilarity; inclined to laugh at everythingHYOSCYAMUS NIGER.

Great loquacityLACHESIS MUTUS.

Great lowness of spirits — PHOSPHORUS.

Great melancholy; no desire to live, gloomy — RHUS VENENATA.

Great restlessness — LACTUCA VIROSA.

Great restlessness — MURIATICUM ACIDUM.

Great sadness, anxiety, and dread — MUREX PURPUREA.

Great tendency to start — GRAPHITES.

Great tendency to start — PHOSPHORUS.


Guided by whims — TARENTULA HISPANICA.

Hallucinations and delusions — PLUMBUM METALLICUM.

Hallucinations at night — VALERIANA OFFICINALIS.

Hallucinations of hearing — COCAINUM HYDROCHLORICUM.

Hallucinations of sight and hearing — CARBONEUM SULPHURATUM.

Hallucinations of smell and sight — ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Hallucinations; sees monsters, hideous faces — BELLADONNA.

Hallucinations; thinks he is possessed of two persons or willsANACARDIUM ORIENTALE.

Hallucinations — ABSINTHIUM.

Hammering in head — CADMIUM SULPHURATUM.

Happy and affectionate; then angry — CROCUS SATIVUS.

Has erroneous notions about himself — SABADILLA.

Hasty speech — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Hasty, hurriedALUMINA.

He is acutely alive and crazed by a flood of subjective visual impressions and fantastic illusions — BELLADONNA.

Head strong and haughty when sick — LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Headache as from a band compressing (Nit ac)–ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM.


Heavy and stupid — COCCULUS INDICUS.

Highly emotional — PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Homesickness, with sleeplessness and disposition to suicide — CAPSICUM ANNUUM.

Hopeless despair — NITRICUM ACIDUM.

Hopeless of recovery — MEDORRHINUM.

Hopeless; despairs of recovery — PSORINUM.

Hopeless; despairs of recoverySYPHILINUM.

Horrid illusions — KALIUM BROMATUM.

Howling; impatient; nervous; imbecile — BUFO RANA.

Hurried feeling; time passes slowly;  melancholy — ARGENTUM METALLICUM.

Hurried when eating — LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Hypo-sensitive, indifferent — PHOSPHORUS.

Hysteria; weeping and laughing alternately — CAMPHORA BROMATA.

Hysterical manifestations — CONVALLARIA MAJALIS.


Ideas crowd in mind; prevent sleep — CHINA OFFICINALIS.

Idiocy may alternate with furor and irritability — AETHUSA CYNAPIUM.

Ill-humor — CINA MARITIMA.

Illusion of divided personality — BALSAMUM PERUVIANUM.

Illusion of smell-herrings, musk — AGNUS CASTUS.

Imaginary foul smells — PARIS QUADRIFOLIA.

Imagination acute, clairvoyance — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Imagines he is singled out as an object of divine  wrath — KALIUM BROMATUM.

Imagines that he is very sick; that parts are shrunken; that she is pregnant; that she has cancer; delirium during intermittents — SABADILLA.

Imagines, on waking at night, that pieces of furniture are persons; that the hears footsteps in next room — NATRIUM PHOSPHORICUM.

Imagining giving wrong things to people, causing their death — SULPHUR.

Impaired memory (Anac) — PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.


Impatient and vehement; desires many things and cries  (Cina) — RHEUM PALMATUM.

Impatient, intolerant of being spoken to or interrupted; extremely sensitive to every pain; always complaining — CHAMOMILLA.

Impetuous, violent outbursts of passion, hypochondriacal, sad — STAPHYSAGRIA.

Joseph Fernandez
Joseph S Fernandez started his career as an assistant in the High Court of Kerala after obtaining a master’s degree in English language and literature. Later, he opted for a banking career.
Even as a student, Joseph was deeply interested in homoeopathy and made an in-depth study of the subject. He uses his expertise for the management of an occasional minor ailment in the family or among friends. It is in this context that he decided to compile a handy and easy-to-use repertory. The task required deep study and a sentence-by-sentence analysis of Boericke’s Materia Medica. Joseph’s Repertory is the result of this work.

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