Rumbling in bowels — IGNATIA AMARA.

Rumbling in — CICUTA VIROSA.

Rumbling of flatus on first rising, but disappears with continued  motion — RHUS TOXICODENDRON.

Rumbling with contraction of recti muscles, colic, incessant diarrhœa with  purging


Rumbling, griping, colicky pains, starting from back, spreading over abdomen — MOMORDICA BALSAMICA.

Rumbling,  gurgling — MAGNESIUM CARBONICUM. Rumbling, offensive flatus — ALLIUM CEPA.

Rumbling, pinching, and griping–ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE.

Rumbling, with emission of much flatus — DIOSCOREA VILLOSA.

Scanty, yellow, frothy urine — MYRICA CERIFERA.

Scaphoid abdomen — IODOFORMIUM.

Sensation as if bowels were falling out — KALIUM BROMATUM.

Sensation as if bowels were sinking down — ABROTANUM.

Sensation as if hernia would protrude (Nux) — VERATRUM ALBUM.

Sensation as if intestines were bitten  off — PALLADIUM METALLICUM.

Sensation as if stones were being ground together in the abdomen, and would   burst


Sensation of a plug behind umbilicus — RANUNCULUS SCELERATUS.

Sensation of bubbles bursting in  bowels — TARAXACUM OFFICINALE.

Sensation of plug between symphysis pubis and os coccygis, with urging to stool — ALOE SOCOTRINA.

Sensation of something alive in abdomen, stomach, etc., especially on left side (Calend) — CROCUS SATIVUS.

Sensation of something alive in abdomen, stomach,  etc — CROCUS SATIVUS.

Sensation of weakness or sinking — PODOPHYLLINUM.

Sensation of weight, of fullness; borborygmi; abundant emission of wind — LACTUCA VIROSA.

Sensitive to slightest pressure — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Sensitive to touch — ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Sensitive, bruised, swollen, knife – like pains — CONIUM MACULATUM.


Severe abdominal pains, pulsation in abdominal aorta, and epigastric  constriction


Severe aching in and around the  liver — CONIUM MACULATUM.

Severe pain following an abdominal  operationSTAPHYSAGRIA.

Sharp pain in abdominal muscles, griping pain in bowels — STRYCHNINUM PURUM.

Sharp pains from liver, shooting upward to right nippleDIOSCOREA VILLOSA.

Sharp stitches in left side — TARAXACUM OFFICINALE.

Sharp thrusts through abdomen — ARNICA MONTANA.

Sharp, cutting pains — PHOSPHORUS.

Shifting, flatulent pain along colon several hours after meals — ALFALFA. Shooting in liver — COBALTUM METALLICUM.

Shooting pain from navel to pelvis — PALLADIUM METALLICUM.

Sinking and empty feeling — VERATRUM ALBUM.

Sore pain in liver goes through to shoulders and spine — ARSENICUM METALLICUM.

Sore spot in right hypochondrium — PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA.

Sore, bruised on pressure, when sneezing — APIS MELLIFICA.

Sore, tender, tympanitic — CADMIUM SULPHURATUM.

Sore; sharp sticking pain as if stool was coming on; diarrhœa, sharp pain in left iliac region going over to right–APIUM GRAVEOLENS.

Soreness of abdomen, in region of liver — BALSAMUM PERUVIANUM.

Soreness of abdomen, swelling in right groin — PALLADIUM METALLICUM.

Soreness of abdominal walls and of  uterusBELLIS PERENNIS.

Soreness over liver — FLUORICUM ACIDUM. Soreness over liver — FLUORICUM ACIDUM.

Soreness over region of gall – bladder, with diarrhœa — BALSAMUM PERUVIANUM.

Spasmodic cholera — CAJUPUTUM.

Spasmodic colic, much flatus–ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM. Spasmodic pain in rectum — BARYTA MURIATICA.

Spasmodic retraction — ACTAEA SPICATA.

Spasms in bowels after food and at night in bed — VALERIANA OFFICINALIS.


Spleen swollen, sore — AGNUS CASTUS.

Splenic stitches, especially in the morning, with difficult   breathing — AMMONIUM MURIATICUM.

Splenitis; pain all up the left sideCEANOTHUS AMERICANUS.

Spluttering diarrhœa with forcible expulsion of noisy flatus, bearing down pains and tenesmus — ACALYPHA INDICA.

Stabbing pain, with chilliness — MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS.

Sticking deep in ilium — BERBERIS VULGARIS.

Sticking in abdominal ring — STRONTIUM CARBONICUM.

Sticking pain and distension of hypogastrium — ACTAEA SPICATA.

Stitches in liver — OXALICUM ACIDUM.

Stitches in region of gall – bladder; worse, pressure, extending to stomach — BERBERIS VULGARIS.

Stitches in region of liver — KALIUM CARBONICUM.

Stitches in spleen, sore,  enlarged — BELLIS PERENNIS.

Stitches through perineum towards rectum and genitals — BOVISTA LYCOPERDON.

Stitches under false ribs — ARNICA MONTANA.

Stitches under short ribs, left side — AGARICUS MUSCARIUS.

Stitching in liver region — BENZOICUM ACIDUM.

Stitching in region of liver when walking, coughing, breathing, or touching it (Bry; Merc) — HEPAR SULPHUR.

Stitching pain in front of kidneys extending to liver, spleen, stomach, groins, Poupart’s ligament — BERBERIS VULGARIS.

Stitching pains in liver, spleen (Ceanothus) and abdomen — AGARICUS MUSCARIUS.

Stitchy ulcerative pain on left side of stomach, below short  ribs — ARGENTUM NITRICUM.

Stool color of coffee – grounds (worse at night), with brown and dry tongue, and dark – green vomiting — TARTARICUM ACIDUM.

Strained feeling in groin — AMMONIUM MURIATICUM.

Straining at stool; thin, dark, bloody, with tenesmusSENECIO AUREUS.

Strangulated hernia (Op) — NUX VOMICA.

Sudden cramps and colic painsVIBURNUM OPULUS.

Sudden diarrhœa before breakfast — BACILLINUM BURNETT.


Sunken; spasmodic, flatulent colic — EUPHORBIUM OFFICINARUM.

Swelling and suppuration of inguinal glands — AURUM METALLICUM.

Swelling in right groin — APIS MELLIFICA.

Swelling of gall bladder with painful tenderness — CARDUUS MARIANUS.

Swelling of glands with large abdomen in children — MEZEREUM.

Swelling of inguinal glands  (Merc) — DULCAMARA.

Swelling of inguinal glands — RHUS TOXICODENDRON.

Swelling of liver — DOLICHOS PRURIENS.

Swelling resembling umbilical hernia — GRANATUM.

Swollen abdomen in children, with much flatus — STAPHYSAGRIA.

Swollen, painful to  touch — HELLEBORUS NIGER.

Tabes mesenterica — TUBERCULINUM.

Tearing pains during  stools — NITRICUM ACIDUM.

Tender to pressure about umbilicus — VIBURNUM OPULUS.

Tender,  swollen — BELLADONNA.

Tenderness  and tympanites — CADMIUM SULPHURATUM.

Tenderness in left inguinal region; bearing – down pain, extending down thigh — FRAXINUS AMERICANA.

Tenderness of abdominal walls — BRYONIA ALBA. Tenderness  of liver — NYCTANTHES ARBOR TRISTIS.

Tenesmus with soft stool; chronic diarrhœa, with debility and loss of flesh–ANGUSTURA VERA.

Tense, hot and tender to touch;  contractedCUPRUM METALLICUM.

Tense, inflated, and sensitive — AETHUSA CYNAPIUM.

Tense, painful, rumbling — GINSENG QUINQUEFOLIUM.

Thin, watery diarrhœa, with lumps of coagulated milk, with violent screaming in childrenVALERIANA OFFICINALIS.

Thin, watery stool, intermingled with hard lumps of feces (Ant crud) — SENECIO AUREUS.

Thread – worms, causing itching at the  anus — KALIUM MURIATICUM.

Throbbing (Selen); induration of pancreas; abdominal aneurism — BARYTA MURIATICA.

Throbbing in abdomen (Aloe; Sang) — IGNATIA AMARA.

Transverse colon protrudes like a pad — BELLADONNA.

Trembling; weakness, as if sprained — CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Twisting pain about navel  (Spig) — CINA MARITIMA.


Tympanitic abdomenCHINA OFFICINALIS. Tympanitic distention — SABINA.


Tympanitis — MORPHINUM.

Typhoid diarrhœa — EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS. Umbilical hernia of infants — NUX VOMICA.

Umbilical   hernia — CALCAREA CARBONICA. Unable to lie on left side — CEANOTHUS AMERICANUS.

Uncomfortable fullness and swelling of  abdomen — STRONTIUM CARBONICUM.

Undigested feces — OLEANDER.

Urine increased, with soreness and aching in bladder — STICTA PULMONARIA.

Urine smells like cat’s urine — CAJUPUTUM.

Very fetid gas preceded by colic — GRAPHITES.

Very heavy; contractive, pinching, pain in right illiac  region — MAGNESIUM CARBONICUM.

Very sensitive to pressure; internal feeling of rawness and soreness — SULPHUR.

Violent abdominal pain — CUPRUM ARSENICOSUM.

Violent cutting pains after stools, lasting for hours (Ratanh) — NITRICUM ACIDUM.


Violent pain in liver and  spleen — MEDORRHINUM.

Violent pains, relieved by lying on abdomen — RHUS TOXICODENDRON.

Violent purging and cramp in  bowels — ALSTONIA SCHOLARIS.

Violent urging to urinate — JATROPHA CURCAS.

Vomiting of fecal matter — RAPHANUS SATIVUS.

Wants  abdomen uncoveredTABACUM.

Watery diarrhœa, profuse with sinking sensation, Cholera morbus — OPERCULINA TURPENTHUM.

Weak feeling in upper  abdomen — IGNATIA AMARA.

Weak feeling, as if diarrhœa would come  on — ALOE SOCOTRINA.

Weak feeling, with dragging into the hips and small of  back — SULPHURICUM ACIDUM.

Weakness of abdominal ring regionNUX VOMICA.


Wind seems to rise up to chest — RHEUM PALMATUM.

Worm colic, with itching of nose, pale face, blue rings around eyes — FILIX MAS.


Yellow, painless diarrhœa, foul odor, worse at night — BELLIS PERENNIS.

Yellow, slimy diarrhœa — KALIUM SULPHURICUM.

Joseph Fernandez
Joseph S Fernandez started his career as an assistant in the High Court of Kerala after obtaining a master’s degree in English language and literature. Later, he opted for a banking career.
Even as a student, Joseph was deeply interested in homoeopathy and made an in-depth study of the subject. He uses his expertise for the management of an occasional minor ailment in the family or among friends. It is in this context that he decided to compile a handy and easy-to-use repertory. The task required deep study and a sentence-by-sentence analysis of Boericke’s Materia Medica. Joseph’s Repertory is the result of this work.