CHAPTER THIRTY ONE: Millefolium Inimical with Coffea

Millefolium is inimical with Coffea Cruda.

Millefolium is inimical with Coffea Cruda.



An invaluable remedy for various types of hemorrhages; blood bright red. Incarcerated hernia; smallpox, with great pain in pit of stomach. After operations for stone. Bad effects from fall from a height; overlifting. Continued high temperature.


Head.Vertigo when moving slowly. Sensation as if he had forgotten something. The head seems full of blood.

Convulsions and epilepsy from suppressed menses. Piercing thrusts of pain.

Nose.–Nosebleed (Erecht). Piercing pain from eyes to root of nose.

Stool.Hemorrhage from bowels. Bleeding hemorrhoids. Urine bloody (Senec aur).

Female.Menses early, profuse, protracted. Hemorrhage from uterus; bright red, fluid. Painful varices during pregnancy.

Respiratory.Hemoptysis in incipient phthisis. Cough, with bloody expectoration, in suppressed menses or hemorrhoids. Violent palpitation.

Relationship.Compare: Ficus venosa (Pakur). Hemorrhage from bowels and lungs. Acalypha and Helix tosta-Snail–(in

hæmoptysis, diseases of chest, consumption); also, Secale; Ipec; Erecht; Geran; Hamam.

Dose.–Tincture, to third potency. It acts equally well in 30 c potency.

( Mathur)

Duration of Action: 1-3 days. (Clarke J.H.)

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