CHAPTER FIVE: Inimical Remedies with Arg-n. Argentum Nitricum is Inimical with Coff. and Vespa

CHAPTER FIVE: Inimical Remedies with Arg-n. Argentum Nitricum is Inimical with Coff. and Vespa.

Figure 7 Arg-N. inimical with Coff. & Vespa

Figure 8 Coff. and Vespa

Argentum Nitricum 

Silver nitrate, AgNO3

It is both an anti-psoric and anti-sycotic remedy. It is also a medium, long and deep acting remedy. So it is useful in acute and chronic cases.

Arg-n. is a constitutional remedy for the following types of patients:

  1. Who are anxious, suffer from anxiety neurosis, are easily excited from emotions, suspense, anticipation, diarrhea from anticipation going to any exciting place, when ready for church, mosque or opera, breaks out often in a sweat from anxiety.

  2. Neurastenic: mental exertion aggravates; brain fag; headache from mental exertion.

  3. Fearful: from being alone, desires company; frightened easily; apprehensive of some serious diseases; predicts time of death. Dread of crowd (Acon).

  4. Impulsive : wants to do things in a hurry; has desire to run instead of walking; time passes slowly; is afraid of being late.

  5. Nervous: does not undertake anything lest he should not succeed; tremulous nervousness so long the thing is not done. (Sil.)

  6. Who is excitable and gets angry easily; strange notions and ideas; does foolish things; has strange impulses, thoughts and fears.

  7. Who are sad and melancholic.

  8. Who are confused and have defective memory.

  9. Who are warm blooded; desire cold, open air, cold drinks, cold food; suffocates in warm clothings, ill ventilated or closed rooms; feels suffocated if other people are in the room.

  10. Chilly when uncovered, yet feels smothered if wrapped up.

  11. Feeble dried-up looking women.

  12. A child who looks like an old man.

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