Summary of how to select the remedy, how to administer the remedy and what auxiliary treatment is required….


Select that remedy from the class of drugs which the provers have demonstrated possesses the following :

1st, The strongest ” elective affinity” for the affected tissue or organ.

2nd, Which has the power of producing any of the four conditions found in the affected tissue or organ.

3rd, Which has the ranking subjective symptoms and modalities of the individual patient.

Administer the selected remedy according to the following rules:

1st, Use the same preparation which produced the symptoms on the provers, giving a higher potency than that used by the provers.

2nd, The repetition of the dose should be determined by the condition of the patient and what is expected of the remedy.

3rd, The active principle of the remedy should be so liberated by a solvent or other means and of sufficient quantity to reach the cells of the affected tissue.

The auxiliary treatment should be :

1st, Supply the deficiency of phosphorus, iron, lime., etc., in the patient’s body.

2nd, Secure a proper amount of fresh air and sunshine.

3rd, Secure a proper amount of exercise, rest and recreation.

George Royal
George Royal M. D, born July 15, 1853, graduated New York Homœopathic Medical College 1882, served as president of the American Institute of Homœopathy, professor of materia medica and therapeutics, and also dean of the College of Homœopathic Medicine of the State University of Iowa.