Wilhelm Karo gives a detail description of the female symptoms of homeopathy remedy Nux Vomica, in his book Homeopathy in Women’s Disease, published in 1942….

General Indications.

      The Nux vomica women are very careful, over-sensitive, easily frightened and inclined to get angry and excited; their temperament being irritable, malicious; they are leading sedentary lives, they are suffering from over-indulgence in coffee, spirituous liquids and condiments. They are usually thin, irritable, choleric with dark hair. All their troubles are aggravated in the morning and after eating.

Special Symptoms.

      Too early, too profuse menstruation, very irregular, accompanied with fainting spells, great debility and restlessness. Menstrual flow dark or black, coagulated. Prolapsus of the womb, burning pains in the sexual organ. Yellow leucorrhoea with itching eruptions on the vulva. Increased sexual desire.

Wilhelm Karo
Wilhelm Karo MD, homeopath circa mid-20th century, author of the following books - Homeopathy in Women's Diseases; Diseases of the Male Genital Organs; Urinary and prostatic troubles - enlargement of the prostate; Rheumatism; Selected Help in Diseases of the Respiratory System, Chest, etc; Selected Help in Children's Diseases; Diseases of the skin.