Food cravings and aversions- the resistless desire for salt, for sweets, for fats-or the reverse, the unconquerable loathings. Why, a mere baby will open its round mouth and promptly eject anything too sweet, too warm, or too cold to its taste, or tighten its lips obstinately against-say milk. But one remembers always that change in any characteristic, during or due to illness, is of the greatest importance in prescribing.


This shed a light upon the case and allowed its true aetiopathology to be understood. The disease evidently was an en-exanthem, an eruption on the lining membrane of the throat and gut, due to the vaccination, and the vomiting, diarrhoea and sore throat started just as these inside pustules broke and discharged their contents, and the feverishness was synchronous therewith.


Under these circumstances,he applied to me to be cured of his deafness. His present condition is as follows : He is quite unable to hear ordinary conversation, and has never heard a sermon in his life. A loud-ticking lever watch can be heard at a distance of three and a half inches from either ear. On application of the watch to his forehead, or to his teeth, he hears it distinctly.


Full of discharges; catarrhal, watery, from different places, even watery stools: and all these discharges are horribly offensive and ichorous. Bloody discharges, horribly offensive, from nose, eyes, ears, chest, bowels, fistula openings, ulcers. The phlegmatic person who is purple, who gets no sympathy when sick, and is almost distracted about the horrible fetid discharges. Even the discharges from the eyes may be bloody and offensive.