In other words, they must be for this object, at least, and to this extent, physicians. More especially is this necessary as regards the symptoms produced upon the sexual apparatus of women, since, in the work of defining and comprehending these symptoms, at least, they can receive no aid from professional men. . . .” Science of Therapeutics. Dunham.


Homoeopathy has been taunted before now with its very moderate or non-success in the treatment of certain baffling disease : and the fact that they are equally baffling everywhere else is no excuse. And now, it is just here that one is glimpsing a faint dawning of day, even in regard to the most terrible and baffling of them all. Hence this pointing finger, trembling with hope.


We are indebted to Emeritus Professor Walker Hall and Dr. D. M. Stone, clinical pathologist in the Preventive medicine Laboratories, for advice and permission to report this case; to Dr. Peters of Ham Green Isolation Hospital for the progress notes and for pointing out the rarity of such a young patient entering the carrier state; and to Mr. T. J. Shields, B. M. A. librarian, for obtaining the references for us.


Some of his lectures have always enthralled me, especially one on Lachesis. It appears that a number of homoeopathic physicians refused to use LAchesis. One group of doctors objected to it because it was not available in any dilution below the sixth, and they were committed against infinitesimals. Others threw discredit upon the proving of LAchesis, because the symptoms were too numerous.


Overwhelming de sire for sweets which always aggravate cysts. Great desire for water, will sit in the river on a cold day. Skin suppurates after cut,. bruise, or bee sting. Cysts always worse after running about in wet grass, etc. The chilliness and desire for sweets were so outstanding that they were used to throw out all remedies not common to both. Remedies in low type were ignored.


PRACTICE teaches us that a single one of these smallest doses will, perhaps, in some very light cases of disease, especially in small children and delicate and very susceptible adults, be sufficient to do all that medicine so far can do; that, however, in other cases, indeed in most cases of continued as well as too far progressed, often by previous drugging complicated, as also in grave acute diseases, plainly such a minimum dose of a remedy, even in our highly dynamized potency, is insufficient to produce all the curative effects which we can possibly expect to be produced by this same remedy; for here it is undoubtedly necessary to give several of such small doses, so that the life- force may be pathogenetically changed to that degree, and the curative reaction so increased that it may be enabled to eradicate all of the original disease, which the well-selected homoeopathic remedy has the power to eradicate and completely obliterate the same through its counter action.


Extreme irritation of stomach. Vomiting of everything taken, even a teaspoonful of water. Extreme sensitiveness of stomach : he does not want to be touched. Vomiting of bile and blood. Everything that comes up or goes down burns. Extreme restlessness, anxiety, prostration.


Besides the weakness he was very sleepy, there was no doubt of it. One thing was peculiar, when well he never cared to have people near the cage except children. He was very fond of children and would meet them at the side of his cage at any time, but now he was positively comforted by the older ones. Instead of rebelling against being picked up as formerly, now he seemed to be comforted by it and liked to rest in the hand as if it comforted him.