Analysis of Forty Homoeopathic Remedies

Your Arnica patient is full of chills; chilly, with heat and redness of one cheek; head hot, body cold; internal chill with external heat; thirst during chill (resembling Eupatorium), he will drink and drink, becoming more chilly all the time, and will have the characteristic stomach symptoms, and finally vomit a bitter, sour fluid.

Chilly on only one side of the body, and that of the side lain upon. Many of the intermittent symptoms closely resemble Eupatorium, but the general and stomach symptoms will allow you to differentiate in this disease.

Remember the generals of this remedy and you will find its greatest usefulness after mechanical injuries, no matte what disease name you may give to the condition arising from this source. Arnica will help not only to remove the disease condition, but if given early will prevent many of the resultant symptoms of shock from appearing. Most of the particular symptoms of this remedy can be figured out by applying the general state of the remedy to all organs or parts of the body. Keep these in mind and you will see how often many symptoms or disease conditions can be removed by this remedy alone; given internally and without recourse to any adjuvants. If it has the generals of Arnica it is an Arnica case, and does not require Baptisia, Bryonia, Rhus or anything else to be curative.

Glen Irving Bidwell