Orchitis & testicles affections of

Homeopathy treatment for Orchitis & testicles affections of from the Homeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal. Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Orchitis & testicles affections of…

Aconite [Acon]

Violent orchitis, bruised pain in testicles, which felt swollen and hard; painful fugitive stitches in gland.

AEsculus-hip [Aesc]

VARICOCELE, disturbance in portal system, with constipation and piles; testicles feel sore and itch.

Agnus-cast [Agn]

Testes cold, swollen, hard and painful, penis small, flaccid; induration of testicles from suppressed gonorrhoea; drawing along spermatic cords.

Antimonium-tart [Ant-t]

Very painful orchitis after checked gonorrhoea.

Apis [Apis]

HYDROCELE, IN MULTILOCULAR CYSTS; dropsy of scrotum; erysipelatous swelling of scrotum, following bee-stings on face and neck.

Arnica [Arn]

Testes indurated, swollen and tender, and spermatic cords painfully swollen; hydrocele from a bruise; penis and testes purple-red after injuries; erysipelas of scrotum extending to anus.

Arsenicum [Ars]

OEdema scroti; rawness of scrotum, with a bluish look, in small children, hydrocele of scrofulous infants.

Aurum-met [Aur]

ATROPHY, TESTES MERE PENDENT SHREDS, especially in pining boys; chronic induration of testes, especially of right one; sensation as if a knife were drawn through the swollen testicle; pressive pain when touched or rubbed, as from a bruise; itching of scrotum; mercurial cachexia.

Baryta-mur [Bar-m]

Hypertrophied testicles after suppressed gonorrhoea, painless or with hard painful stitches.

Belladonna [Bell]

Orchitis, drawing pain in one of the testicles and spermatic cord, as if the testicle were drawing up into the abdomen, with violent stitches.

Berberis [Berb]

Sensation of COLDNESS IN TESTES (Agn.); constricting pain in testes, wit contraction and retraction of scrotum; cold feeling in prepuce and scrotum.

Bromium [Brom]

Swelling and induration of testes; with sore pain or sensation of coldness; hard painless swelling and coldness of felt testicle; painful when driving.

Bufo [Bufo]

Atrophy or hypertrophy of testicles; pains in testicles as if they were pulled and twisted, and sometimes as if they would return in the abdomen; penis swollen, red and burning.

Calcarea-carb [Calc]

Induration of testicles, with bruised, contusive pains; aching of testes, with spasmodic retraction; spermatic cords swollen.

Calc-fluor [Calc-f]

Induration of testicles, with bruised, contusive pains; aching of testes, with spasmodic retraction; spermatic cords swollen.

Capsicum [Caps]

COLDNESS OF SCROTUM AND IMPOTENCE; dwindling of testicles and shrivelling of spermatic cords; crampy pains in testicles after emission.

Carbo-an [Carb-an]

Testes gradually dwindle away, with complete relaxation of genitals and felling of weakness in them.

Clematis [Clem]

Testicle indurated and as HARD AS A STONE; drawing pain in testes and spermatic cords, from below upward; painful, inflamed and swollen testicles, with a clawing pain when touching it or when walking; orchitis with much urethral irritation from mismanaged gonorrhoea.

Collinsonia [Coll]

Varicocele, with extreme constipation, stools very sluggish and hard, accompanied by pain, flatulence and heavy dragging pain in pelvis.

Conium [Con]

Swelling and induration of testes, particularly after contusion; firm haematocele, like a stone; syphilitic sarcocele.

Fluoric-acid [Fl-ac]

Varicocele and hydrocele, sequelae of syphilis.

Gelsemium [Gels]

Genitals cold, relaxed; dragging pains in testicles, scrotum always sweating; warm sweat; useful in the very beginning of the disease.

Graphites [Graph]

Hydrocele, left side; herpetic eruption on scrotum, groins or lower extremities preceding or accompanying it, or arising from suppression of a skin disease.

Hamamelis [Ham]

SEVERE NEURALGIC PAINS IN TESTICLES, suddenly shifting to bowels, with nausea, faintness and profuse cold sweat on scrotum, (<) nights and during rainy weather; orchitis (gonorrhoeal), intense soreness and swelling; gonorrhoeal orchitis or epididymitis, testes exquisitely sore to touch; varicocele, circocele, from ciliary stasis, fluid blood in haematocele.

Helleborus [Hell]

Hydrocele after suppressed eruptions, either side.

Iodum [Iod]

Swelling and induration of testes and prostate gland; painless swelling of testes, with offensive sweat; bearing down or twisting of seminal cord.

Kali-carb [Kali-c]

Swelling of testes and spermatic cord, scrotum feels as if bruised; dragging in left testicle and penis.

Lycopodium [Lyc]

Chronic orchitis; pain in perineum when sitting; soreness between scrotum and high; dropsical swelling of genital organs.

Mercurius [Merc]

Testicles swollen, hard, shining, yellow-green gonorrhoeal discharge; soreness between scrotum and thighs; skin chafed, sore.

Mercurius-iod-rub [Merc-i-r]

Sarcocele of left testicle from syphilis; sensitiveness of right testicle and cord.

Natrum-carb [Nat-c]

Heaviness and drawing in testicles, with feel bruised.

Nux-vomica [Nux-v]

Orchitis, with stinging and spasmodic contraction extending into the cords, testicles hard and retracted; gonorrhoea.

Osmium [Osm]

Varicocele, produced or aggravated by a deep, hollow, low cough, seemingly coming from way down in body.

Oxalic-acid [Ox-ac]

TERRIBLE NEURALGIC PAINS IN SPERMATIC CORD, (<) from slightest motion; on lying down erections without any cause, and afterwards testicle and cords pain and feel contused.

Phosphorus [Phos]

Hydrocele after gonorrhoeal orchitis, with sexual debility; also after seminal losses.

Phosphoric-acid [Ph-ac]

Swelling of testes, with swelling and tension in spermatic cords; testes tender to touch; gnawing pain and feeling of excoriation in testes; scrotum inflamed and swollen; formication of scrotum.

Phytolacca [Phyt]

Orchitis from gonorrhoea or secondary syphilis.

Pulsatilla [Puls]

Orchitis or epididymitis from suppressed gonorrhoea; TESTICLE RETRACTED, ENLARGED, DARK-RED AND VERY SENSITIVE TO TOUCH; sharp, dragging pains along the course of spermatic cord; as the swelling increases the pain is relieved and often the discharge returns. Varicocele, with varicose veins on limbs or about testes, bluish-red, with soreness of stinging pain.

Rhododendron [Rhod]

Testes, especially epididymitis, intensely painful to touch, soreness extending into abdomen and thighs; drawn up, swollen and painful; induration and swelling of left testicle, after gonorrhoea; chronic orchitis, INDURATION, OF TESTICLE, TENDING TO ATROPHY, and feeling in gland as if it were being crushed.

Rhus-tox [Rhus-t]

Scrotum becomes thick and hard, with intolerable itching; oedema of scrotum; humid eruptions between scrotum and thighs.

Silicea [Sil]

Hydrocele of scrofulous children; slight swelling of penis and testicles; itching humid spots and sweat on scrotum.

Spongia [Spong]

Testicle swollen, hard, screwing, squeezing pain, with stitches up the cord, throbbing from any motion in bed or clothing, in cases of maltreated orchitis or after checked gonorrhoea.

Staphisagria [Staph]

Atrophy of testicles; testicles inflamed, with burning, stinging and pressing-drawing pains; shooting in the cord; right testicle feels as if compressed; aching in outer side of left testicle when walking, (<) from touch; voluptuous itching of scrotum.

Thuja [Thuj]

Aching in testes, as if contused, (<) when walking; left testicle drawn up by the cremaster; sweet-smelling sweat on scrotum; checked gonorrhoea causes prostatitis and articular rheumatism. Sycosis.

Zincum-met [Zinc]

ATROPHY OF TESTICLES. Orchitis from a bruise, with drawing and retraction of one or the other testicle, goes from right to left; after checked otorrhoea.

Samuel Lilienthal
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal (1815-1891) was from Germany, and became a pioneer homeopath in America. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Munich in 1838. After he moved to the United States, he was hired as Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York College for Women, and also as Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Homeopathic College.
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal was the author of many great books including “Homeopathic Therapeutics”. For many years, with the support of Dr. Constantine Hering, he was the editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy. Dr. Lilienthal passed away on February 2nd 1891 in San Francisco.