Homeopathy treatment for Glossitis from the Homeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal. Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Glossitis…

Aconite [Acon]

Phlegmonous glossitis, with high fever, hot and dry skin, headache, delirium, restlessness; piercing and tingling pains in tongue, with burning and swelling; salivation with stitches in tongue; face swollen red and hot, with quick pulse; choking, with inability to swallow; constipation; scanty, high-colored urine.

Apis-mell [Apis]

Sensation of rawness on tongue, it feels as if it had been scalded; rawness, burning and blisters along the edge of tongue; swelling of tongue, is scarcely able to talk; absence of thirst or great thirst, but can only drink a little at a time or inability to swallow; tongue red, swollen, even to suffocation.

Arnica [Arn]

Tongue coated and swollen; foetid, putrid smell from mouth; general sinking of vital power.

Arsenicum [Ars]

Glossitis, with constant thirst, drinking but a little at a time; gangrene of tongue, SPOTS ON TONGUE, BURNING LIKE FIRE; gangrene of tongue, SPOTS ON TONGUE, BURNING LIKE FIRE; gangrenous ulcers of mouth and fauces; malignant aphthae of children.

Belladonna [Bell]

Tongue hot and dry, with red edges; painful, especially to the touch; papillae of a deep-red color, inflamed and much swollen; feeling in tip of tongue as if vesicle were on it, with burning pain when touched; red inflammatory swelling of mouth and fauces; suppression of stool and urine.

Benzoic-acid [Benz-ac]

Soreness and inflammation of back part of tongue, felt most while swallowing; EXTENSIVE ULCERATIONS ON TONGUE, with deeply chapped or fungoid surfaces; ulcers on left side of mouth, behind left last molar (the constant irritation of a rough, broken tooth is a frequent cause of ulcerating glossitis.)

Calcarea-carb [Calc]

Tongue sore on tip, sides and back, preventing eating; violent burning of tongue and mouth; little blisters on tongue, with burning pain and heat in mouth.

Cantharis [Canth]

Inflammation, swelling and suppuration of tongue; sore, burning and smarting vesicles in mouth; aversion to drink as it increases the pain; dryness of mouth, extending into posterior nares; FIERY RED TONGUE AND SUBLINGUAL GLANDS SWOLLEN AND RED; burning pains in mouth, throat and stomach; salivation.

Causticum [Caust]

Painful vesicles on tip of tongue; tongue white on sides, red in centre; pain and swelling at the root of tongue; salivation and flat taste in mouth.

Conium [Con]

Soreness of tongue, especially about the root; stiff, swollen painful tongue, with dryness of mouth and impeded deglutition; tongue and lips dry and sticky.

Lachesis [Lach]

CANCER OF TONGUE; blisters on inflamed tongue, which change into ulcers, threatening suffocation; gangrene of tongue, which change into ulcers, threatening suffocation; gangrene of tongue, on both edges; glossitis with titillation inducing cough; disposition to empty swallowing, (<) evenings with dryness of throat (Crotal., Naja Vip.).

Manganum-acet [Mang]

Burning vesicles on left side of tongue; nodosities on tongue; (<) at night, (>) in fresh air.

Mercurius [Merc]

Inflammatory hard swelling of tongue, with ulcerated edges, which become indented by the impressions of the teeth; hollow, ulcerated tongue (carious teeth), with prickings; foul breath; profuse salivation; stiffness of jaws; difficult deglutition. (Mercurius cyn.).

Petroleum [Petr]

Inflamed tongue with foetid salivation.

Silicea [Sil]

Tongue dry or coated with a slimy mucus, swollen and numb; difficult swallowing; rigors and suppuration; anxiety and despondency.

Sulphuric-acid [Sul-ac]

Ulcers on inflamed tongue; talking difficult, as from want of elasticity in those parts.

Samuel Lilienthal
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal (1815-1891) was from Germany, and became a pioneer homeopath in America. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Munich in 1838. After he moved to the United States, he was hired as Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York College for Women, and also as Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Homeopathic College.
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal was the author of many great books including “Homeopathic Therapeutics”. For many years, with the support of Dr. Constantine Hering, he was the editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy. Dr. Lilienthal passed away on February 2nd 1891 in San Francisco.