HOW TO DEAL WITH ACUTE PAIN. While dealing with acute pain consider the following:

    1. Exciting cause
    2. M…

While dealing with acute pain consider the following:

    1. Exciting cause
    2. Maintaining Cause
    3. Physical Generals
    4. Pathology
    5. Expression, Tongue & Color of

You can select your remedy in acute case just by glance of patient. For example:


Hippocratic face will lead you towards Arsenic, Veratrum, Aethusa, China, etc.


Chapped face leads you Graphites, Petroleum, Silicea etc


Any discolorations in skin is also favorable for drug selection.

For. Example :

Blue and Black discolorations around mouth will give the clue for Cina. Very fare complexion is clue towards calcarea or ammonia. Dark complexions is clue for Nitric Acid, Graphitis etc. Beautiful eyelashes recall Phosphorus. Bloody red lips make you think about Tuberculinum.


Red congested face reminds you Belladonna.


Tongue itself tells medicine ex. Fissured tongue reminds you of Nitric acid, Flouric acid, Arsenic, Spigelia etc. Even Touch plays an important role ex. any patient suffering from fever just touch his head and nose if you get hot head with cold nose immediately prescribe Arnica. If one cheek is hot and red and other one is cold and pale think of Chamomilla. Hot feet and cold hands is Sepia. After getting these clues you have to confirm rest of the symptoms from the patient and family. It will save your time and patient will get quick relief with prevention of further pathology. Every patient demands his own medicine. your job is to find it only. The most important thing while prescribing for acute pain is  FIND  OUT  WHAT  IS  PECULIAR  AT  THAT  MOMENT.  Hit that

peculiar and cure the patient.

Kavita Chandak
Dr. Kavita R. Chandak (BHMS, PGNIH, PG(HOM), MD [HOM]) is a Classical Homoeopath who has been practicing for 16 years. She runs two offices at Nagpurand and takes cases online from patients worldwide. She has published 127 Marathi articles, 42 Hindi articles and 61 English articles in various newspapers. She has a health column in G-Nine magazine and Ayurhomoeo magazine and presents a talk, “Diet in Different Diseases” in Nagpur Akashwani once a month. Dr. Chankak was interviewed on television regarding “The exact mechanism of Homoeopathy and its benefit to the Society”. She has been a Lecturer on Anatomy and Pathology in Anterbharti Homoeopathy Medical College. She was Guest of Honor at the 11th Cancer Cure Homoeopathic Conference at New Delhi in Dec 2014. Over the years she received various awards, including the International Status award in Health Excellence given by the Vice President of Nepal in 2009, and Outstanding Woman of the Year in 2011 by Dainik Bhaskar. Her book Health vs Disease is available on Amazon.