• Diphtheria and Tonsilitis form Lt to Rt – Sabadilla, Lach, Can.
  • Quinsy eradication – Psorinum.
  • Painless sore throat – Baryta carb
  • Difficult deglutition for solid & liquid – Medorrhinum
  • Spasm in oesophagus while To swallow water is just like to die. – Lyssinum.
  • Can swallow liquids only – Baryta car
  • Can swallow liquids only but has aversion to it –
  • Constant desire to swallow – Sol.
  • From empty swallowing – Kali Carb.
  • Pain in back when swallowing – Kali
  • Deep eating ulcers in fauces, often syphilitic – Kali
  • Painless Diphtheria –
  • Membrane above bronchi in diphtheria. Chest pain running upwards –
  • Hospital sore throat – Kali
  • ‘Globus Hystericus’ – Asfoetida, Moschus,
  • Sore throat of drunkard person –
  • Tonsillitis just in But in dark complexioned people – Ginseng.
  • Pricking below Rt lower jaw during deglutation –
  • Estachian deafness is future of
  • Can not swallow anything hot –
  • S/o skin hanging loosely in throat —
  • Priking S/o in Tonsils –
  • Stiching pain in Lt side till ear while swallowing –
  • Left paroditis, Lt mumps – Rhus
  • It cures peri tonsillitis if given frequently –.
  • Goiter of puberty & pregnancy –
  • To stop bleeding after surgery in nose & throat – Phos.
  • S/o fish bone in throat – Apis
  • Gangrenous ulceration of tonsils, putrid sore throat – Carb.
  • After breakfast, to clean throat, pt clear his throat so vigourously that suffer from vomiting. – Euphrasia.
  • In Diphtheria membrane forms from above downwards – Kali Bich, Lac. Cam
  • Mumps, Diphtheria, tonsillitis with profuse offensive saliva – Merc Sol.
  • Offensive smell from mouth; throat choke from solid food, but no pain in throat –Diphtheria agg by sleep and cold drink – Lycopodium
Kavita Chandak
Dr. Kavita R. Chandak (BHMS, PGNIH, PG(HOM), MD [HOM]) is a Classical Homoeopath who has been practicing for 16 years. She runs two offices at Nagpurand and takes cases online from patients worldwide. She has published 127 Marathi articles, 42 Hindi articles and 61 English articles in various newspapers. She has a health column in G-Nine magazine and Ayurhomoeo magazine and presents a talk, “Diet in Different Diseases” in Nagpur Akashwani once a month. Dr. Chankak was interviewed on television regarding “The exact mechanism of Homoeopathy and its benefit to the Society”. She has been a Lecturer on Anatomy and Pathology in Anterbharti Homoeopathy Medical College. She was Guest of Honor at the 11th Cancer Cure Homoeopathic Conference at New Delhi in Dec 2014. Over the years she received various awards, including the International Status award in Health Excellence given by the Vice President of Nepal in 2009, and Outstanding Woman of the Year in 2011 by Dainik Bhaskar. Her book Health vs Disease is available on Amazon.