NO dog lover cares to have the sentence of death passed o…

NO dog lover cares to have the sentence of death passed on an old friends, so when the “Vet.” advised “putting to sleep” a twelve year old fox terrier suffering with rheumatism, I determined to give him a chance of life through homoeopathic remedies, and course tried Rhus tox. I was uncertain as to the dose necessary for a dog, so followed “Ruddock” and gave the same as a human.

The first dose gave relief and after three day seemed quite all right. The vet. told me that he could give him relief and he would appear cured but the disease would recur after two or three weeks on the cold clay soil, so at the first sign of stiffness he has a dose 5 drops 3x in milk and in ten minutes he is as nimble as ever and ready for a days ratting or rabbiting.

After a hard day he has a dose of Arnica.

Ruddock again came to the rescue in the case of a fox terrier bitch puppy with fits. Bromide was tried, but being only a palliative could not cure. The symptoms pointed to true hysteria and one in particular pointed to Ignatia ; this was she could not hold urine. The other symptoms were these she would suddenly race into a shed or thick hedge yelping and snapping, stiffen and froth at the mouth, then relax and sleep. After several days dosing with 1 gn. 5 pilules t.d.s. the urine trouble lessened, but the fits came on again in a different form, slobbering. vomiting and passing involuntary motion.

It seemed like failure, and she would have to be killed. Turning back from hysteria to Chorea in Ruddock, as sometimes the fits appeared like Chorea “from fright” when Stramonium is indicated. Gave her a weak of Stramonium 1x 5 pilules three times say. Since the treatment three weeks ago not fit has occurred so am hopping she is cured. She is better in general health. keener and lively.

I reckon to give her a dose now and again of Stram., with a dose of Ign. if the urine troubles come on again.

In the case of the old dog I used tincture as I keep all my stock in that form and Rhus is a real standby “on our clod clay” but as I had to buy the other two remedies Ign. and Stram. I guessed that pilule would be taken easier, which proved to be right. In each case the dose as prescribed for “adults” worked out effectively, so no need to experiment further.

P. Elcock